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Totally Awesome Patchwork Circle-Skirt DIY!
Always save your scraps!
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Seam Powered Giraffe-Hold Me ASL Cover
I'm not fluent in ASL. Feel free to correct any wrong signs I do. And sorry for the low quality, I had to film on my phone, and the song is playing on my laptop.
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Craft Fails!
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Asuna Pixel Art! SAO
Sword Art Online is owned by A-1 Pictures, Aniplex USA, and Reki Kawahara. I did not come up with, nor do I own the character of Asuna, or any other aspect of the show. I just love it! Smoother video, thanks to me finally wising up, and deleting some of the old crap that was cluttering up my computer! Finally the clips converted, and I could adjust the speed the correct way! Thank you so much for watching!
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Sewing A Backpack DIY!
Always save your scraps!
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Sherlock, You Make Me Smile
Song- You Make Me Smile Uncle Kracker. Show clips- Sherlock.
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Our Last Vocal Warmup.
The Wizard of Oz is an amazing show, and we had an amazing cast and crew. Thanks to all of my friends, I love you all and I'm going to miss you so much. God bless. Aaron Robinson Alyssa Flaherty Amber Hagin Amelia Witherell Andrew Beaucage Antyna Gould Ariel Haskins Brendan Lash Caitlin Brekenfeld Catherine Shelmerdine Chelcie Luce Claire Lupien Dacey Holland Daisy Lee Eileen Monroy Elizabeth Flanagan Ella and Linda Grant Finley Ganz Hailie Brown Jacob Seigel Jayla Robinson Joel Morin Jordan Hays Juno Buendia Kalina Chazin-Knox Keith Siegel Kerry Weber Kerry Weber Lara Lupien Logan Butler Matt Kopishke Micah Morin Michelle Morin Myles,Cathy, Peach Fredericks Noah Dean Oliver Brown Peter Stuart Rhiannon Gould Richard Kinney Sirenna Grabinski susan jones Will Cox Wyatt/Robin Sykes Zac Cushman Zoe Zoe Gammon Mindy Gould
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MVHS Talent Show 2016
I won first place, $50, and sold the painting for $100. The guy was all like, "How much you want?" I was like, "IDK... $25?" And he was like, "Nah, fam. I'll give you $100" And I was like, "Uhh... Mkay... Thanks, fam."
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Antisepticeye Pixel Art! #septicart
Sorry for the gigantic watermark, but in the middle of me making this, they shut down the servers for maintenance. So I had to record the video in two parts, and the feature that lets you cut two clips together leaves that obnoxious thing in the middle of the screen. To make up for it, I may do another one. If you have any suggestions I'd love to see them. Thanks for watching.
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Trio Of YouTube Gamers Pixel Art! #septicart
I missed going to a movie to finish this picture, so you better appreciate it! It took just about 7 hours to complete, and its for the #septicart event that Jack is doing right now. I really hope you like it. It's the biggest thing I've ever pixel-ed... Is that a word...? Sure.
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Hetalia Doodles.
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Lela Growling!
She's the cutest little thing!
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Porcupine Climbing A Tree!
It would only movie when I was moving! 😂
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SPG 10 Year Show Pixel Art: Part 6.
To celebrate the Steam Powered Giraffe 10 year anniversary show, I decided to recreate the EPIC poster in pixel form on Everybody Edits. Sorry I'm so socially awkward. I did ask again after I stopped recording, and the dude was cool with being in the video.
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Jam Session With Joey!
Joey has his own channel! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCnKC3R9ENa0VIWe3JQ6czSw
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Halloween Costume 2016! Ring Master!
I made the bloomers, and the tutu. The hat is from a festival, and the rest is from the thrift store, and Goodwill. Happy Halloween!
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SPG 10 Year Show Pixel Art: Part 7.
To celebrate the Steam Powered Giraffe 10 year anniversary show, I decided to recreate the EPIC poster in pixel form on Everybody Edits. This is the last one! I'm all done! I'll post a picture of the final thing on my Tumblr, (https://dizzzylizzzy98.tumblr.com) and Twitter, (https://twitter.com/BethyAnnPrescot). Thanks so much for watching, and go see if you can get a digital ticket for this concert!
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Jitterbug Rehearsal.
They were just playing around with the choreography for the Jitterbug.
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Circus 2
Sequel!!! XD Hope you like it!
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Prom Dress Planning: Redesigning.
Really, I just wanted more ruffles.
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This Is Halloween ASL
Learned a fast song for my Interpretive Communications class.
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Chibi Iggy EE Pixel Art! (real time)
Okay, so here's what happened... I got a new laptop, and downloaded some screen recording software. I've never tried it before, so I assumed it ONLY recorded the screen, but it also recorded the sound from the videos that I had on a playlist going on in the background. Plus, I don't know how to use this software to edit the video yet, so this is the completely uncut version, and I apologize for the troll that came in in the beginning and cursed at me. I promise I'll get my life together, and figure out how to do this right next time.
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Circuit City!
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Prom Dress Planning: Getting (most of) The Fabric.
So salty about the lining fabric.
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My B-day Story
Based on a true story, of my, sadness, that's what I get for having my B-day party over February vacation.
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November 17, 2016
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The Spine, Steam Powered Giraffe. Pixel Art!
I had some problems with recording this one, but didn't want to not upload it. So, sorry for the crappy quality. I can't explain how amazing Steam Powered Giraffe is. For so many reasons. One of which is the amazingness that is The Spine.
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Marki-Moo Pixel Art Part 1!
My internet is heckin' slow, so the beginning process of finding, and converting the picture into something I can replicate takes up most of the video. But I figured out how to speed up the actual video, so at least it's not an hour and a half long. So, just stick with me, or skip to about halfway through to see the actual pixel art. Mkay? Good. And if by any chance at all Mark is seeing this, I love you. In a platonic way. You're great. And also anyone else who's watching this is great. Most people are great. Except for Trump. He's not great. Tangent. I have nothing else to say. Bye-bye!
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The View From My House.
You should see it when it's not insanely cloudy! 😝😉
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Prom Dress Planning: Making Lists.
Still upset about you not sending me my lining fabric, Joann. 😒
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SPG 10 Year Show Pixel Art: Part 1.
To celebrate the Steam Powered Giraffe 10 year anniversary show, I decided to recreate the EPIC poster in pixel form on Everybody Edits. This is the footage from the first 20 minutes of recording.
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AmzaingPhil Pixel Art (Part 4/Last)
Finally done! after who knows how long! I apologize for the poor quality, and the long wait. I just hope you enjoyed the video, and Subscribe if you want to. ;)
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Not Today; Pixel Art!
What are you looking at the description for? there's nothing useful here. Go watch ASDF movie. Maybe go play EverybodyEdits. I don't know. Have a good day.
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This Is How My Little Sister Sings.
All the time.
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