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Install Apache PHP Mysql on ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Install PHP to an Apache web server in Ubuntu Linux. How to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL on ubuntu 14.04. In this tutorials we will show you how to Install The Apache HTTP Server with PHP. Beginner PHP Tutorial -1-Introduction to PHP - PHP Installation in Ubuntu. TheRootAcademy.. How to install APACHE in ubuntu . How to install mysql-server in ubunto. How to install PHP5 in ubuntu.how to install php5 in Linux. How to run PHP in ubuntu. How to install LAMP in ubuntu by terminal. How to install PHPMYADMIN in ubuntu by terminal. Brief introduction to PHP. Therootacademy php tutorials. Therootacademy PHP Tutorials for beginners.
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PHP Info function
Give All the Relevant information about Php pakage you have installed on your system by using phpinfo(). It will provide PHP version, GD library, Curl http Header information.
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Output HTML using ECHO Or PRINT
PHP is server side scripting languages. you can embedded HTML inside the PHP . When you wants to output an HTML Tag to screen then you can enter HTML Element like input,strong,BR etc in the PHP. and this will give output to the Screen
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PHP Indentation
This tutorial talks about .PHP Code Indentation. In Computer Programming Code INDENTATATION is very important domain.This will beautify your code.Anybody can understand your code easily. So Code INDENTATION make your code Perfect to looks . More flexible.
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AngularJs Introduction
Introduction to Angular Js. AngularJs Directives. AngularJs work flow. Angular Js TheROOTAcademy. About AngularJs Features. How AngularJs Woks. AngularJs is a completly javascript Framwork. It is Open Source framwork owned by Google. TheRootAcademy
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Creating First PHP File
How to PHP. PHP is a server side scripting language.WE can Embed HTML inside it. Learn PHP At TheRootAcademy. PHP is Web Development language . IT is highly used to create Rich Websites.
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First AngularJs Application
AngularJs First Example. This will show you how we can initialize and define an AngularJS application.How AngularJs Framework Load in a Application.TheRootAcademy. This Video will Show you how ng-model is bind to Input Elements of HTML. Then how ng-model is bind to Output Element using ng-Bind
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PHP Echo And Print
PHP ECHO and PRINT, THERE are minor differences between echo and print. Both are use to output to the SCREEN.ECHO HAS no return Value while PRINT has 1. ECHO Is more faster than print.
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