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Howto Use Linear Regress on Staff Evaluation
0:00 The current practice for employee review 0:11 The need to reduce bias 0:22 Using simple Linear Regression 0:32 The problem with existing practice 0:43 The bias that exists 1:03 Using R script for data analysis 1:25 What the data can reveal 1:39 How the bias can be minimize 360 degree review is a common method used to feedback from colleagues so to evaluate employees for that Pay Rise or Promotion. But how do you reduce personal bias from the collected data? Simple linear regression can infer further information to us & may reduce some form of bias behavior. ***RScript: inputdata = read_excel("C:/data.xlsx") summary(inputdata) data_lm = lm(Y_Score_ByManager ~ X_Value_ByStaff, data=inputdata) print(data_lm) print("::::Apply Simple Linear Regress::::") predict(data_lm, inputdata) plot(Y_Score_ByManager ~ X_Value_ByStaff, main="Staff Review vs Manager Review", col.main="blue", data=inputdata) abline(data_lm, col="blue") ...
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How is Square Inc Performance
0:00 Overview of Square business 0:21 The role Square plays in payment service 0:29 Looking into the Financials 0:49 Estimation of making profit 1:17 The landscape of the POS industry In this video i am looking into Square Inc. Their technology is a hybrid of in store Payment Processing & Point Of Sales systems.
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How Not To Get Scam In Crowdfunding
0:00 My Question to You 0:16 Demographics of crowdfunding firms 0:26 Risk of Crowdfunding Investors 0:31 Questions to Evaluate the firms 1:16 Key Perspective for Investors Sharing with you a simple 5 Questions Checklist to Pre-Qualify crowdfunding investment before you even think of getting in any further. Hope it will help you....
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Howto Shorten Property Trade Process
0:00 Issue at hand 0:17 What is Matching Order system 0:27 The FIFO method 0:35 My simple program example 0:57 Pro Rata system as alternative 1:08 Overview of Pro Rata system The buying & selling process of properties is quite long & tiring, considering all the administrative work involved. So the question is, can property market apply the Matching order algorithm used in stock market exchange? Matching order is a system used in the exchange to execute matching buy & sell orders for the same asset within the set price range. One of the basic methods is based on First In First Out, whereby the system will match up and the highest bid takes priority. I created a simple program to show you a seller & bidder example. Illustrating a seller with only 1 property. It will filters & compute the results of submitted prices then informing whether is there a full or partial match. So what if the seller has multiple properties & buyers? A Pro-Rata system works to benefits the buyers and sellers equally. Pro-Rata system allocates proportionally according to size of each order. Giving priority to highest bids first. Example there is a seller that has 4 properties and two buyers successfully bid it. Since there are more buyers than seller. The system will partially fill both orders. One of the buyer gets 3 properties while the other party gets 1. ***My simple demo Matching Order program in the video: https://sft.netlify.com/matchingorder.html ...
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Howto Minimize Entrepreneur Identity Gap
0:00 The Classic Myth 0:10 Redfin as case study 0:15 The add-on confusion 0:27 Customer expectation gap 0:35 Redfin initial identity 0:43 Employees unhappiness 0:54 The change in direction 1:05 Entrepreneurs get stuck 1:14 A listening mind Many times we heard this, "When you are everything, you are Nothing". Well that was what Glen Kelman thought as well. Redfin started as a software company listing real estates. To grow the business, he change the site into real estate brokerage whereby customers can buy & sell physical properties but this confuses a lot of customers. Since its a brokerage firm, customers expect the viewing of actual homes but Kelman did not agree. In his mind, Redfin is a software company & he is not willing to involve with physical human interaction. Employees started to get agitated as customers demanded why Redfin does not provide such services when Real estates are expensive assets. In 2006 Redfin finally decided to employ agents to suit market expectation & they went public in 2017. Sometimes startups tend to get stuck in their own identity but it is so important to listen to the market. Listen to what sales people has to say because customers are ones that paying & they know what is best for them. ***Link to my free community programs: - Javascript: https://sft.netlify.com - PHP: http://sft.epizy.com ...
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Howto use QR BarCode in Marketing
0:00 Case set 0:13 Interactive activities plan 0:17 The problem faced 0:36 Benefit of QR Codes 0:41 Storyboarding flow in event 0:54 My simple demo barcode print program 1:05 The benefit of offline printing 1:14 My question to you Imagine you are doing an outdoor Road Show event to promote your Youtube channel. Instead of the usual, you talking and the rest sitting down, you want something more interactive. You want to create some quiz & show some of your videos but there is a problem. You do not have so many touch screen devices for so many people along your event space. So what's the solution? Well, you can embed your videos links & stories in the QR codes and stick them along certain section of the event space. The main point of using QR code is that it provides accuracy. And you need that in crowded situations. Most people just put their company web page in QR codes but you can do story boarding & lead them to your virtual reality page. You will need a portable barcode printer. Here i created a simple demo program in android. It uses bluetooth for communication, you add the address of the printer & your links for the print out. The benefit of this, is that it will allow you to make changes and print on the spot. Click on the link below if you like to get the codes to my simple demo program. Are you also using QR codes in other ways? ***Link to my simple demo program source codes: https://sft.netlify.com/qr.html ...
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How Financial Analysis Can Be Fun & Easy
0:00 Issue at hand 0:09 The frustrations 0:17 The Question 0:31 Using Drag & Drop model 0:36 My simple demo data analysis program Are you faced with the conventional way of handling data, with all the charting, formula & sorting just to get an indicator? Many times, its just doing the same thing again & again. Its just so boring. So the question is, can we make Data Analysis more easy & fun so everybody will know how to use it? What if we can do it using drag & drop that should make things easy. So i created a demo program that does simple analysis based on the drag & drop model. This simple demo program takes four data points. I can drag & drop into the relevant functions for some simple statistics calculations, draw some external price files, Trend movement and then present it in a table. I will change some data points for rework here & there. So i guess data analysis won't be that difficult isn't it? Now because its easier for others to do analysis, i can have more free time to enjoy myself. Hope this video gives you some idea. ***Links My simple demo program from the video: https://sft.netlify.com/dragger.html ...
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Howto use JSON for Forex Quotes
0:00 The problem that arises 0:14 The simple framework using JSON 0:25 What is JSON 0:38 Overview of my program 0:58 Code glance As a currency dealer you will display your FX quotes to clients but without wanting them to have direct access to your server. A simple idea would be placing the price quotes in a separate JSON file whereby clients can draw data from it using PHP. ***Link to my example program: http://sft.epizy.com/json.php ...
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How About a Drink at Chijmes Singapore
Happy New Year 2019, my Friends !!! May You Have a Wonderful Year Ahead... Giving you a short tour of Chijmes Singapore. Chijmes is the film site of the movie, Crazy Rich Asians. This place is the full of higher end restaurants and bars, which is a great place for gatherings. The Church commonly host weddings and events. Find out more at: www.chijmes.com.sg Music from: www.bensound.com
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Howto Hedge via T-Bills
0:00 Intro to T-Bills 0:13 The primary main market participants 0:31 Secondary market investors returns example 0:45 Application for individual investors 0:56 Application for Business 1:08 Application of the simple hedge 1:30 Advantages of using T-Bills against other instruments Beside using T-Bills for short term gains, you can use it for tactical reasons in business, like Forex fluctuation risk reduction. Example: Your business is in South Korean & import goods from the US which months later you need to pay the invoice amount in USD. With this method, you would have protected yourself from future FOREX fluctuations.
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What To Measure In Human Capital
0:00 Intro to human capital 0:20 The top 10 countries in Human Capital ranking 0:39 Output of these countries 0:48 The current problem 1:03 The reason proposed by WEF 1:24 What are the new measures needed? 1:43 New measures proposed by WIPO 1:53 My question to you Current education systems forces narrow career decisions in early years. Therefore skills deployment in the workplace becomes limited. So now the big question is, what Human Capital index are better measures for the future? WEF suggest in the future, it should be: - capacity to collaborate, - innovate, - self-direct, - problem-solve. A separate report by WIPO, they based their measures on: - Institution, - Knowledge & Technology Output, - Market & Business Sophistication.
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How Crowdfunding Sites Works
0:12 Applications of Crowdfunding 0:30 Loans of Crowdfunding Platform 0:35 Loans Specs Overview 0:50 What is Invoice Financing 0:56 Breakdown of Fees & Costs 1:06 Business Accounting Journal Crowdfunding platform providers mainly has three types of loans: - Fast Loans, you can get it within hours but with highest interest cost. - Terms Loan, you can get it within days and with higher interest rate. - Invoice Financing, has lowest interest cost and with a loan up to 80%. Showing you how to use Invoicing financing and what will be the charges & fees breakdown for all parties. Also i will be showing you a simple accounting journal for such loan operation.
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How is Snap Inc Performance
0:00 Intro to Snap business 0:31 Looking into the Financials 0:43 My views of Snap position 0:58 Info graphic of Snap customers This week i am looking at Snap Inc. The Augmented Reality software company on their Q2 - 2018 results. I love their interactive technology in mobile VR arena. Snap lenses & story board combination for advertising method.
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Howto Use S.M.A.R.T for KPI
0:00 My question to you 0:19 Overview of the framework 0:41 Application of the framework with example 1:09 The output of the measurement 1:29 The participants for the output Are you been given any unrealistic targets by your boss or client? Sweeping statements makes you feel frustrated. You may be a hard-working and dedicated but whats the point if it cannot be measured objectively by all parties? I will introduce you to the SMART Framework for setting KPI: Specific = Singular objective. Measurable = Quantitative. Action = Tools or methods. Relevant = Beneficiary / Benefit. Time = Completion Dates. This framework makes the KPI clearer & allow you to track the progress more objectively with your clients or boss.
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What is the Chance Of Striking Lottery
Ever wonder what's the Chance of Striking Lottery? Here's an example using Dependent Event Probability. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks
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Howto Easily Rent an Office for Startup
0:00 My Thoughts 0:10 The WeWork Founders 0:17 Workspace Amenities 0:24 Indication of Invested Expertise 0:26 Tenants Selection Types 0:31 My Question to You 0:38 Short WeWork Office Video Tour This week, I been to a few co-sharing work space but i feel WeWork is one of the best so far. Their two founders had a vision of a collaborative entrepreneur environment for the startup community. WeWork invest in all areas, from lighting design to communication technology. I think that's why they are one of the best in the co-sharing workspace business. Tenants can select from hot desks to dedicated workspace. What do you think of co-sharing workspace as the Future for Startup Firms? Do you think it will also affect the future of commercial properties? Music: www.Bensound.com
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How Pearsons R Correlation Works
If you want to know the correlation of 2 currency pairs and how they move together, Pearson's R is an easy measure. Here's a simple explanation of Pearson's R Correlation, with FX trading example using IQ Option. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks
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What is a Pip in Forex
Do you often hear this "Pip" term? Here's a simple explanation on Pip and calculating your returns, with FOREX trading example using IQ Option. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks
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Howto do a Quick Business Valuation
0:00 Issue at hand 0:10 External affecting factors 0:20 Internal economic factors 0:28 My app for business valuation 0:54 Common valuation methods 1:04 Video objective Imagine your walking thru all these shops and one day you would like to buy one of these businesses. So the question is how you do a valuation? In order for an estate to boom, you need external factors. Like infrastructure & marketing for the area with unique selling point. Internal factors would include like the goods & service of the business, branding & target audience. Here is a quick valuation app that i created to valuate just the business itself. Taking data using Cost of equity, financing mix & mainly cash flow for estimation. Calculated Results will be at the bottom. Like all financial models, it has weaknesses however it can be used as a quick method for valuation, before all the detailed work. Analysis using book value are the usual practice & also finding intrinsic value but its out of the scope of this video. This video is only to provide you a simple & quick method to do a business valuation. ***My simple demo Business Valuation program in the video: https://sft.netlify.com/quickvaluation.html ...
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Howto Encrypt Your Confidential Data
0:06 Intro to AES 0:14 Overview of my program 0:27 Code glance Are you protecting your confidential data? This is a simple Text Encryption using AES in C# for finance personnel. ***Get my example source code at: https://sft.netlify.com/cipher.html ...
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What is Growth Hacker Marketing
0:00 Issue at hand 0:11 Traditional marketing drawbacks 0:25 Rise of Growth Hack Marketers 0:29 Skill sets of Growth Hackers 0:47 Case example in Instagram 1:11 Case example in AirBnB 1:26 Growth Hackers character 1:36 My Message to you You are a startup. You do not have the support of venture capitalist therefore you work with a shoestring budget. So the problem is, how do you do your marketing? Traditional marketing talks about major release with media coverage so its requires huge advertising budget. Its hopes to interrupt you & get your attention even though it does not always work. Here's the rise of Growth Hack Marketers. So What are their skill sets? They are generally Software Programmers that uses Statistics in their marketing campaign. Using track-able methods rather than traditional marketing. Their key method is by Product Market Fit. So what is Product Market Fit? From Arthor Ryan Holiday, Instagram started off as a location photo app but they realize that users prefers only the filter functions. Hackers as they are, they redesign by removing the location service and change the product to only photo filtering and in 18 months, they were sold for $1 billion. Another example is AirBnB, they started by offering bed & breakfast with air mattress in their own apartment. But the business model was bad so they went back & redesign their site for the niche market. The term Growth Hacker is someone with a combination of business plus engineering mind that gets market share without relying much in traditional marketing. Consider Marketing using Design Thinking & Product Market Fit Process? ***My Mind Lab examples: https://sft.netlify.com ...
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How is WiX Performance
0:06 Intro to Wix Business 0:19 Industry Competitors 0:27 Looking into the Financials 0:44 The reported growth 1:00 Share price chart This week i am looking at Wix.com, the web commerce software company on their Q2 - 2018 results, while their Q3 earnings report will soon be out. So far, the Wix team has done quite a good job for a SaaS e-commerce firm.
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What is Forex Forward Premium
Is the currency moving at a premium that is above its nominal rate? Here's a simple explanation on Forward Premium Concept with trading example using IQ Option.
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How Franchise Works
0:00 Challenge in Building up a Brand 0:09 List of Top Brands 0:21 Warren Buffett on Enterprise 0:30 Franchise as Solution 0:35 Beauty of Franchise business 0:50 How Franchisee Works 0:58 Example of Initial Setup Cost 1:05 Example of monthly P&L 1:15 Franchisee concerns 1:23 My Question to You Building your brand is the most challenging process for any business. Building up that trust is not easy. Do you agree? Look at the top brands, how many years do you think it took them? Maybe 10 or 20 years. So how do you get a business up & running very quickly? In Warren Buffett's quote, he state that there are 2 kinds of enterprise: - a business and a franchise. So our solution is simple. It will be the franchise Model. The beauty of buying a franchise is that you do not need to build the brand from scratch. So recently i went for a meeting regarding the purchase a franchise. Location is definitely important & I will touched on how a Franchisee works. The shop design and suppliers will be picked by the franchise owner so as to follow a certain branding style. You will need pay an initial cost for shop setup and also a franchise fee. Monthly P&L example. With royalties paying to franchise owner for Advertising or as management fees. So now your major concerns will be managing manpower & service quality for your operation. Let me know what do you think of the franchise model?
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What is Macaulay Duration
0:04 Intro to Macualay Duration 0:27 Manual calculation method 1:03 R Script for the calculation Simple explanation on Macualay Duration. ***R Script: FV = 1000000 market_ir = (0.08 / 2) coupon_rate = 0.1 coupon = ((coupon_rate / 2) * FV) last_coupon = FV + coupon coupon_payout = c(0,0,0) pv_xperiod = c(0,0,0) exponent = 0 counter = 0 repeat { counter = counter + 1 coupon_payout[counter] = coupon * (1+market_ir)^(exponent-1) pv_xperiod[counter] = coupon_payout[counter] * counter exponent = exponent - 1 if(counter==3) break } coupon_sum = sum(coupon_payout[1:3]) period_sum = sum(pv_xperiod[1:3]) PV_total = coupon_sum + (last_coupon * (1+market_ir)^-4) xperiod_total = period_sum + ((last_coupon * (1+market_ir)^-4) * 4) duration = (xperiod_total / PV_total) / 2 print(duration) ...
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Howto use Chi Square Before Investing
0:00 Issue at hand 0:12 How statistic can be applied 0:16 Intro to Chi Square 0:32 Case study example 0:43 Using R 0:55 Decision making 1:03 Interpreting the results Making a lending decision can be difficult, do you agree? You do not know the other party but you need to ensure you get back your money. Statistics can help us to predict default rate & i will introduce you to the Chi Square model. Chi Square comes in this formula whereby we can predict the default probability based on critical values. If the value is at the tail end then we will reject giving the loan. Example i am going to make a loan to two parties and i gotten some data set about them. The data set will be for my profiling & risk assessment. Lets do quick computation using R by loading the data & run a chi square test function. The model predicts that Clara may have a higher probability in default so i should reject giving the loan to her. Why? Because as predicted from the distribution table, Clara value has exceeded the normal range as compared to June. ***R Script: testData = read_excel("C:/data.xlsx") summary(testData) chisq.test(testData$MissA) chisq.test(testData$MissB) ...
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Howto Create Filter Table for Finance Pages
0:06 Overview of my program 0:30 Code glance ***Get my source code example: https://sft.netlify.com/filtertable.html ...
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How Forex Triangular Arbitrage Works
Ever wondered if you can make a profit through FX conversion? This is a simple explanation on the Concept of FOREX Triangular Arbitrage. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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Howto Find WACC of Your Firm
With so much costs involved in a business, it is good to know the average "cost" rate of a business, in order to reference an over & above benchmark. Here's a simple explanation to applying the concept of WACC or the Weighted Average Cost of Capital in Business Finance. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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Howto Create a Phone Data Collector
0:00 Issue at hand 0:12 Mobile Phones as Solution 0:19 The function design 0:27 My created App 0:42 Codes of my simple app 1:00 Have Fun Portable Hi-Speed scanners are expensive devices. Do you agree? While the cheaper scanners usually do not store any data. So whats the solution? Well, we can instead turn our mobile phones into a Data Collector. The Idea is simple. We will use Zxing to scan & store the data into a file then allow the contents to be transferred using Bluetooth. This is the simple app that i created will show the barcode type & data scanned. Upon sending, a filename out.txt will be send over to the receiver. The code is simple with object to initiate the scanner. Also writing of data under plain text & the Bluetooth event handler with data processing. ***Link to my demo android source codes: https://sft.netlify.com/zxingscanner.html ...
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Howto Create Fast Mobile Pages in AMP
0:00 The problem on hand 0:11 AMP intro 0:18 Overview of my program 0:50 Code glance Property Brokers spends quite a bit of money for hi-res images and videos. You do not want slow page load time and lose your customers. Here's an alternative solution in using Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). ***Link to my example: http://sft.epizy.com/amp.html ...
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Howto Rely Less On PayPerClick
0:00 The Issue at hand 0:16 Why Ad Words getting more expensive 0:26 The Question 0:33 Using Distinct Factor 0:40 Current trend in most sites 0:45 My Simple Demo program 1:01 Advantage of being at the edges 1:08 Main message of this video 1:15 Brands that adopted "Distinct factors" 1:21 Less reliance on the common beliefs You just started your business & nobody heard about you so you do all that SEO & uses Ad words to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Even if you are short on time, you do all blogging & social media etc. But how do you get noticed, when the fact is everybody is using the same methods? That's why Ad Words is only going to get more & more expensive. So the question is, can you do less of these work, reduce the reliance & yet get a lasting impression? The solution is using "Distinct Factor". So how you do that? Current trend i observed is that most sites has that same template design. Instead of doing the same, you can animate your landing page and add interaction. It is the easiest way to start & others will remember your company at first impression. I am sure you are a content expert in your own field so i created a simple demo program to give you an idea of an animated landing page. This video is not about telling you to animate your site, its about finding "Distinct Factor" in current trend. All these big brands adopted "Distinct Factors" when they first started. Hope you find new perspective so that you will not waste time on the constant updating for SEO, lesser reliance on pay per click and also chasing all the vanity metrics. ***Link to my simple demo program: https://sft.netlify.com/mover.html ...
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How Forex Cross Rate Works
Sometimes we need a quick way to find the 3rd currency FX rates. Here's a simple explanation on calculating Forex Currency Cross Rates. If you have a better method, do share it in the comments section. Thanks. Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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Howto Create a Name Deck for Client Managers
0:00 The problem on hand 0:15 Overview of my program 0:37 Code glance Recently i happen to walk into one of my customer shop but i forgotten his name, so i thought it would be nice to access a Name Deck so here's my simple idea on PHP/MYSQL in AMP for customer name deck creation. ***Link to my example program: http://sft.epizy.com/namedeck.html ...
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Howto Create a T-Bills Price Valuator
0:09 Valuation of T-Bills 0:14 Development platform 0:19 Overview of my mobile application 0:39 The variables 0:44 Code overview 0:56 My question to you I got a recent request to build a T-Bills price calculator for Android Mobile Device. Here is a simple version. Have fun... ***Activity_main.xml: &?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?~ &android.support.constraint.ConstraintLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" xmlns:app="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto" xmlns:tools="http://schemas.android.com/tools" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent" tools:context="com.example.activity.simpletbillcalc.MainActivity"~ &TextView android:id="@+id/textView" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:text="Maturity Value $:" android:textAppearance="@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/et_mv" app:layout_constraintTop_toTopOf="parent" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &EditText android:id="@+id/et_mv" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:ems="10" android:inputType="textPersonName" android:text="97000" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/textView2" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/textView" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &TextView android:id="@+id/textView2" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:text="Interest pa% :" android:textAppearance="@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/et_interest" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/et_mv" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &EditText android:id="@+id/et_interest" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:ems="10" android:inputType="textPersonName" android:text="9.75" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/textView3" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/textView2" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &TextView android:id="@+id/textView3" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:text="Days to Maturity :" android:textAppearance="@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/et_days" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/et_interest" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &EditText android:id="@+id/et_days" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:ems="10" android:inputType="textPersonName" android:text="150" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/bt_calc_b" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/textView3" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &Button android:id="@+id/bt_calc_b" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:onClick="onClick" android:text="Calculate" app:layout_constraintBottom_toTopOf="@+id/tv_results" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/et_days" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &TextView android:id="@+id/tv_results" android:layout_width="368dp" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:text="Purchase Price of this T-Bills $: " android:textAppearance="@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat.Display1" app:layout_constraintBottom_toBottomOf="parent" app:layout_constraintTop_toBottomOf="@+id/bt_calc_b" tools:layout_editor_absoluteX="8dp" /~ &/android.support.constraint.ConstraintLayout~ ...
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Howto Create Web Blog for Fund Managers
0:08 Overview of my program 0:30 Code glance Easy creating a web blog for fund managers informing their services using BootStrap CSS. ***My source codes example at: https://sft.netlify.com/blog.html ...
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How Mobile Payment Works for Retailers
0:00 Intro of Mobile payment service 0:08 Example of use case on a Retailer 0:24 Flow of mobile payment funds 0:51 Role of financial acquirers I am going to give you an overview flow on mobile payment system, the role of financial acquirers & how your funds are routed after consumer scan a QR code for payment at your shop.
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Howto Create Carousel Page on Finance Kiosk
0:00 The problem on hand 0:08 Overview of my program 0:28 Code glance Create a simple image carousel webpage in kiosk device for your local finance events using BootStrap & JQuery. ***Get my example source code at: https://sft.netlify.com/caro.html ...
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How Bond Convexity Works
0:00 Intro to this bond 0:16 Inference from past Interest rate 0:39 Code glance 0:53 Overview of my program 1:08 Data analysis on convexity Goldman Sachs (17/28) one of the most convex A+ bonds? Enter trade when market interest rate is at 6% for max yield? ***Get my example source code at: https://sft.netlify.com/forward.html ...
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What Do You Think Of This Dell Bond
0:00 Intro of this Dell bond 0:14 S&P rating 0:19 R Script on Dell price movement 0:34 Intro to Dell business 0:48 Looking into the Financials 1:13 A Highly leverage business as my conclusion Dell Inc has the highest Coupon Bond at 6% for BB+ rating? Data analysis using R. ***R Script: price = c(110.89, 111.27, 111.43, 110.65, 109.91, 109.4, 107.06, 106.49, 106.97, 105.1, 105.23, 105.55) g_range = range(price) plot(price, type="o", col="blue", ylim=g_range, axes=FALSE, ann=FALSE) title(main="Average Ask Price", col.main="black", font.main=3) title(xlab="Months") title(ylab="Price") box() axis(1, at=1:12, lab=c("Aug 17","Sep 17","Oct 17","Nov 17","Dec 17", "Jan 18", "Feb 18", "Mar 18", "Apr 18", "May 18", "Jun 18", "Jul 18")) axis(2, las=1, at=1*0:g_range[2]) ...
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How NPV Works
Sometimes NPV looks too plain to be useful, however if you combine with WACC, it certainly becomes more useful. Here's a Simple explanation on applying NPV for finance. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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Howto NOT Use Excel for Charting
0:00 The need to do projections 0:11 CanvasJS the plot library 0:19 My alternative to using Excel 0:40 The output using 6 data points 0:47 You can reuse my demo program Imagine you are a Business or Financial analyst so at times, you may need to do some projection based on some current versus future rates. Recently i found this charting library by CanvasJS which is pretty awesome. Although one can use Excel Spreadsheet but i prefer not to. Because to me, it is just too manual & there are a lot of repeated work and i hate that. So i created a HTML form to pass 6 data points for the charting. 3 for spot & 3 for future and it will plot out very nicely. The intercept points can clearly be seen, which is great. I did not embed any calculation in the fields so you can reuse this program. The web link is in the description box to use my demo program. You can make changes to it to suit your requirements. Hope you like it. ***Link to my simple program: http://sft.epizy.com/chart.html ...
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What Affects Bond Value
0:14 How Interest Rate affect bond value 0:25 Valuation using duration 0:32 R Script for the calculation Simple explanation on Bond value change. Data analysis using R. ***R Script: f_pv_total = function(FV, coupon_rate, market_ir) { semi_ir = ((market_ir / 100) / 2) coupon = (((coupon_rate / 100) / 2) * FV) coupon_payout = c(0,0,0) pv_xperiod = c(0,0,0) exponent = 0 counter = 0 last_coupon = FV + coupon repeat { counter = counter + 1 coupon_payout[counter] = coupon * (1+semi_ir)^(exponent-1) pv_xperiod[counter] = coupon_payout[counter] * counter exponent = exponent - 1 if(counter==3) break } coupon_sum = sum(coupon_payout[1:3]) period_sum = sum(pv_xperiod[1:3]) PV_total = coupon_sum + (last_coupon * (1+semi_ir)^-4) xperiod_total = period_sum + ((last_coupon * (1+semi_ir)^-4) * 4) duration = (xperiod_total / PV_total) / 2 results = c(duration, PV_total) return(results) } f_change = function(duration, market_ir_change, market_ir, PV_total) { change = -duration * ((market_ir_change / 100) / (1 + (market_ir / 100))) * PV_total return(change) } before = f_pv_total(1000000, 10 ,8) message("Duration Years before IR Change ", round(before[1], digit=2)) message("PV Total before IR Change $", round(before[2], digit=2)) after = f_pv_total(1000000, 10, 9) message("PV Total After IR Change $", round(after[2], digit=2)) cp = f_change(before[1], 1, 8, before[2]) message("Change in Asset Value per Price Asset Change $", round(cp, digit=2)) net = after[2] - before[2] message("Change in Asset Value if calculated against all PV cashflow $", round(net, digit=2)) error = net - cp message("The error differences $", round(error, digit=2)) ...
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What Do You Think Of This Apple Bond
0:00 Intro to this bond 0:14 Credit Ratings 0:29 Looking into the financials 0:42 Current Coupon rate in market 1:00 R Script for Yield to Maturity 1:09 My Question to you What do you think of the 20 years Apple 2016 issued bonds? Data Analysis using R. ***R Script: f_price_value = function (pa_coupon, FV, ir, years_left) { coupon = ((pa_coupon / 100) / 2) * FV cash_at_maturity = coupon + FV m = (ir / 100) / 2 n = (years_left * 2) price = (coupon * ((1-(1 + m)^-n) / m)) + (FV * (1 + m)^-n) value = c(price, cash_at_maturity, coupon) return(value) } f_ytm_value = function (FV, coupon, ir) { last = FV+coupon payout = c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,50,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,60,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,70,71) exponent = -35.5 counter = 0 repeat { counter = counter + 1 payout[counter] = coupon * (1+ir)^(exponent) exponent = exponent + 0.5 if(counter==71) break } ytm = sum(payout[1:71]) + last*(1+ir)^-36 return(ytm) } y = f_ytm_value(100000, r1[3], 0.044231) r1 = f_price_value(4.5, 100000, 4.0809, 18) message("Coupon Payout of this bond $", round(r1[3], digit=0)) message("Last Payout value $", round(y, digit=0)) message("YTM% of this bond is 4.423%") ...
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Howto Create a Team Task Allocator
0:00 The problem on hand 0:11 Overview of my program 0:33 Code glance Recently i am thinking of how to create a Central Team Task Allocating List so that everyone in the team will know, who's doing what for the day. Therefore here's a simple AngularJS script for the idea. ***Get my example source code at: https://sft.netlify.com/ang.html ...
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How CAPM Works
Want to get an idea of the investor's rate of return? Here's a simple explaination in applying CAPM. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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How Beta Works in Finance
The idea of Beta seems abstract but it does has its application. Here's simple explanation on beta and its concept. Using Facebook stock price as example.
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Howto Understand Forex Currency Quotes
Simple Explanation on Reading Forex Currency Pair. Conversion between the FX pairs. Share your views in the comments section. Thanks Check out my playlist on segmented videos for easy viewing.
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How Loan Amortization Works
Before taking a up bank loan for (e.g. Housing, Cars), you want to know how much is the monthly fixed payment. Here's a simple explanation on Loan Amortization method.
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Howto Buy A Corp Bond
0:08 Buying a bond from SAXO platform 0:14 Buying JP Morgan chase bond 1:04 Value of bond formula 1:14 R Script for bond value Buying bond instruments and your YTM using SAXO Capital platform. Data Analysis using R. ***R Script: f_price_value = function (pa_coupon, FV, ir, years_left) { coupon = ((pa_coupon / 100) / 2) * FV cash_at_maturity = coupon + FV m = (ir / 100) / 2 n = (years_left * 2) price = (coupon * ((1-(1 + m)^-n) / m)) + (FV * (1 + m)^-n) value = c(price, cash_at_maturity, coupon) return(value) } f_ytm_value = function (FV, coupon, ir) { last = FV+coupon payout = c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39) exponent = -19.5 counter = 0 repeat { counter = counter + 1 payout[counter] = coupon * (1+ir)^(exponent) exponent = exponent + 0.5 if(counter==39) break #0.5 x 39 = 19.5 } ytm = sum(payout[1:39]) + last*(1+ir)^-20 return(ytm) } y = f_ytm_value(100000, r1[3], 0.034463) r1 = f_price_value(3.54, 100000, 4.0809, 10) message("Coupon Payout of this bond $", round(r1[3], digit=0)) message("YTM in value $", round(y, digit=0)) message("YTM% of this bond 3.45%") message("Value of bond at Present $", round(r1[1], digit=0)) ...
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