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People are like what in your area? PeopleAreLike.com
People differ from place to place. Different personalities from one area to the next. Differences such as climate and history play a part. It is good that there are differences. Differences make things interesting. Now we can list these differences by zip code at peoplearelike.com
People are like cookies!  PeopleAreLike.com - National Cookie Day
People are like cookies! Cookies come in different appearances and flavors. Some cookies are only good to look at, without any good filling inside. When getting to know someone we try to learn what’s inside, can be good or bad. Most of the time we have an option in picking a cookie just like in picking the people we associate with. Sometimes we will try a different flavor of a cookie only to put it back or to have some more. Sometimes similar cookies will live or spend time in one area. Tell us what people are like in your area at PeopleAreLike.com

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