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Director / Editor: Gavin Filipiak Story: Leafar Seyer Music: Prayers Starring: Leafar Seyer, Dave Parley, Travis Barker Police: Al Marchesi & Greg Borzilleri Director of Photography: Alejandro Miyashiro Assistant Director / Camera Operator: Nico Mengin Producer: Jennifer Atlas Animator: Rachel Alberto Aerial Camera: Alex Fuller - KINOFLY.com Sound Design: Mike Ault 1st AC: Jourdan Villalon Gaffer: Nicholas Marino 2nd Camera Op: Andrew Real 3rd Camera Op: Jeremy Fabunan Production Assistant: Britney Small Still Photography: Ryan Kuratomi Police Car provided by: Code 3 Props
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Imagine Dragons  Believer  for Make the Cut
Editor: Nico Mengin
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Dinosaurs visit San Diego
Here's a fun spot I filmed for The NAT (Natural History Museum of San Diego) We shot it in only two days and ventured around the hot spots for tourists to go in San Diego. From Balboa Park to the Hotel Del. It was such a fun shoot and I love how it came out. Creative Director: John Robertson Producer/Filmmaker: Aly Bucholz Neely Editor: Aggie
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Big R Spring Commercial
Producer/Director: Aly Bucholz Neely Cinematographer: Jeff Cunningham Agency: Fidelitas Development Client: Big R
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Astroglide   Go Ahead, Explore  30
Director: Jeffrey Brown Creative Directors: Bradley Copeland & Patrick Cinco Producer: Aly Bucholz Neely Editor: Gavin Filipiak Agency: Red Door Interactive
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Deranged   A 48 Hour Film 2013
This film was made for the 48 hour Film Festival in San Diego. Production Team: Society Art Talent: Driver / Patient : Randy Davison Doctor: Stephen Walters Mother / Nurse 1: Janea Leaf Friend / Nurse 2: Veronica Moreno Detective / Security guard: Russell Neely Female patient / Ghost: Liz Casillas Radio Voice over: Beau Runnells Production Crew: Director: Aly Bucholz Executive Producer: Aly Bucholz Producer: Britney Small Production Coordinator: Jeni Atlas Talent Manager: Liz Casillas Production Assistant: Shane Moise Production Assistant: Justen Palmer Production Assistant: David Buntz Director of Photography: Aly Bucholz Camera #2: Michael Novido Camera #3: Josell Mariano Camera #4: (RED)Jeffrey Brown Audio: Dan Smith Boom: Jesse Salazar Hair/MUA : Veronica Moreno Wardrobe : Venita Offutt Behind The Scenes Photographer: Joni Stidham Post Production: Lead Editor: Marci Pascua Editor: Mena Habeeb Asst. Editor: Alex Orlina Asst. Editor: Aly Bucholz Animation Editor: Beau Runnels Music Producer: Joseph Carrillo Audio: Dan Smith Sound Effects: Jesse Salazar Big thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible! I'm proud to say that we won 3rd place for Audience Choice and we have been nominated for "Best Of" San Diego Lineup!!!! ...fingers crossed! :)
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Introducing MediMeals Commercial
Director: Aly Bucholz Neely DP: Jeffrey Cunningham Editor: Gavin Filipiak
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Hipster Party   It's Your Town Short Film Series
This film was made for New Amsterdam Vodka's 48 hour film contest - yes that means it was created in only 48 hours! It was made to screen at the San Diego 48 Hour Film Awards and it won BEST COMMERCIAL!! Our mission was to make a film that really shared the vibes of our town, and what better way to show the town than to show the lives of the brilliantly creative people who live here? My idea was to give you a taste of every day San Diego life, then show you how we all come together to have fun. Here's who made it all possible... Film Team: Society Art Director / Producer: Aly Bucholz Neely Writer: Aly Bucholz Neely Lead Camera: Aly Bucholz Neely Camera 2: Nico Mengin B-roll Camera's: Brad Copeland, Lis Casillas Production Assistants: Jordan Gregonis, Angellyne DePerio, Patrick Ciri, Rachel Alberto, Josell Mariano Editors: Aly Bucholz Neely, Beau Runnells, Nico Mengin, Marci Pascua, Rachel Alberto Music: The Silent Comedy Music Editor: Joseph Carillo Seamstress: Martha Martin Tattoo Artist: Alonzo Villa Tattooee: Eric Garcia Mural Painter: Jason Feather Skater: Cameron Franco Dude: Michael Ficek Surfboard Artist: Bill Sager Dancing Girl: Laila Salvador Dancing Guy: Melvin Fojas Extras: Vanessa Lillegren Jon Wavrin Robert Brown Dastia Bond Travis Burleigh Tony Cairo Michael Novido Justen Palmer Danielle Hans Robert Ramirez Stephen B Lori Jones Dallas Cyr Sylvana Wick Josh Zimmerman Chad Lee Natalie Lorck Jeremiah Zimmerman Adam Lanser Josell Mariano Lee Allison Cody Brady Todd Allison Reginal Generoso Veronica Moreno Thank you everyone for helping me share what I know of San Diego - it's beautiful and creative artists ...and how we like to party ;)
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Animation Demo Reel
Animator: Rachel Alberto
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Download Share Executive Producer: Taboo Directed and Edited by Gavin Filipiak Co Directed and Cinematography by Nico Mengin Produced by Christiaan Almazan Choreography by Kinjaz Story by Morgan Gould and Taboo Music Produced by Blk Tea Visual Effects by James Camanyag Sound Design by Mike Ault Assistant Camera by Keith Van Orden Jib Operator and Gaffer: Mario Ortiz Best Boy: Tim Stonk Wardrobe: Junlyn Delas Alas Dance creative direction: Jon Shih
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Little White Dress
Animator: Rachel Alberto Editor: Gavin Filipiak Production for: Tallgrass Pictures
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Astroglide   Go Ahead, Explore  15
Director: Jeffrey Brown Creative Directors: Bradley Copeland, Patrick Cinco Producer: Aly Bucholz Neely Editor: Gavin Filipiak Agency: Red Door Interactive
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Nico Mengin : Director, Videographer, Editor
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