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Jack Parson's Dajjalic Technology - Belarion Armillus Al Dajjal Antichrist Story Revealed
He died in an explosion in 1952, most likely due to an experiment, which went wrong, a black magic box, was discovered after his death with unusual symbols. His close friends said that on the day of his death, he was working on creating a homunculus, a mythical minature human. In his honour, a crater on the moon was named after him, and the crater is situated on the dark side of the moon, Jack Parsons, scientist by day and satanist by night, father of American space age. Jack Parsons professed to embody an entity named Belarion Armillus Al Dajjal, the Antichrist - who he said he met in a dream and Jack Parsons saw dajjal as his motivation to move forward with science and witchcraft. Oath means a solemn promise and abyss means a bottomless pit, a hole, - straight after taking this oath, Jack Parsons wrote in his book, the book of the antichrist. We can't be sure whether Jack Parson's actually communicated with the antichrist, however, one thing we can be sure is, there were satanic entities behind him. And he wasn't just the father of the American space race, but he was also the brains behind Israeli rocket technology. A pro-Israel group of scientists offered Parsons a job within the Israeli rocket program, which Parsons gratefully accepted. So all these new technological advances by Israel, may not be just human brain power afterall, but actually something even more sinister. This is the scene of the blast in which Jack Parsons was killed. The official story is that it was an accident due to an experiment. Jack Parsons was declared dead around 37 minutes after the explosion. When his mother was informed, she overdosed on pills and died, distraught at losing her son. Friends, colleagues and former lovers were unsatisfied with the official police report into Parsons’ death. Instead, some believed he was killed by the American government, as he was giving away too many secrets about technological advancements through magic. Dajjal, Masih ad dajjal, antichrist, technological advancement, antichrist dajjal technology, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
SACRILEGIOUS!!! DEAL OF THE CENTURY IS SATANIC!!! Trump's Antichrist Awakening!!!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSxdtcefxpI&t=277s - MBS Puppet video So far nobody knows the real details of the so called deal of the century, which is meant to bring everlasting peace between Israeli's and the Palestinians. Turkey has called it a hoax and nothing more than pro Ziopig colonial agenda, Iran and Lebanon has dismissed it as fake and not fit for purpose.. The secret plan is said to be uneveiled after the holy month of Ramadan. Pakistani political commentators are writing against the deal of the century, and are calling for Pakistan not to be trapped in the deal. Pakistan must not recognise the state of Israel in the wake of the ‘Deal of the Century’ - these words are echoing everywhere on social media, No doubt, Netanyahu already knows the details to the deal of the century, he's only pretending not to know. The fake elections in Israel has ensured, Netanyahu will be surrounded by right winged politicians, and whatever deal that's drawn up, is definitely going to be on Israeli terms, and not for Palestinians, their ultimate plan is to buy the palestinian cause and ultimately shift the palestinians away from the holy land. Jared Kushner the son in law of Donald Trump is best friends with Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia - who's said to have met Mahmood Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, recently and offered him $10 billion dollars to accept the deal of the century. I spoke about this over a year ago in my "MBS puppet video - the links in the description. I said they'd use the Saudi influence to shift the Palestinians away and that's exactly what they're doing. However, this news of meeting between MBS and Abbas, where Abbas reportedly said he rejects the money as it would end his political career, is most probably not true. It's fake news to put pressure on the Palestinians to accept the deal. We are dealing with a doomsday cult. The Trump regime behind the deal of the century want to fulfil a prophecy of the antichrist, some even call him Dajjal. Trump has huge evangelical zealous people who call themselves christians but they are not.. these people are backing this deal of the century, because it means,the sooner the deal happens, the sooner, the earth will plunge into a period of time that the Bible describes will be the most horrific in all of human history. And to them, that's a great thing, as they believe, it will harness the coming of the Messiah. We are dealing with lunatics! Trump, Mike Pomep and Pence, the trinity of evil, this doomsday cult is causing chaos everywhere, from Syria, Libya to Venezuela, yet the evangelicals can't see it. We have similar sort of among us too, those who worship the Saudi monarchy thinking they are absolutely wonderful... These people have eyes, but they don't see, they have ears but they don't hear... Wake up people, if the deal of the century goes ahead, it could open up another chaotic platform...dajjal, antichrist, false messiah
Iran Knows There Will Be NO War And NO Negotiations - Empire Will Fall! Saudi/Israel DESPERATE
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 A state-aligned Saudi newspaper is calling for "surgical" U.S. strikes in retaliation against alleged threats from Iran. The Saudis along with the Israeli’s are trying their best to push Trump – but the question is, will it happen? When all this madness started I released a video saying there’s going to be a false flag attack – and here we are, Saudi claiming it’s oil pipeline was attacked by drones. Remarkable really, although we haven’t seen much evidence of the extent of damage, neither do we know whether it actually happened! Why would Iran do something silly like that to Saudi pipeline, when it could easily close the Strait of Hormuz and stop the oil – Iran has been clear, it will shut the strait of Hormuz and hold America and Saudi Arabia by the balls. What Trump and his neocon thugs aren’t realising is, the entire Middle East has changed. It’s not easy to do something to Iran, when Iraq won’t allow it and Lebanon would certainly not hold back as well as of course Syria and Yemen. The center of gravity in the Middle East has shifted dramatically in the past few decades from the Arab heartland comprising Egypt and the Fertile Crescent to what was once considered the non-Arab periphery—Turkey and Iran. Turkey and Iran continue to be pivotal and important states in the volatile region and much of the security dynamics of Middle East continues to revolve around these two countries regardless of the nature of their strategies. No stable security order in the region can be built without the participation of Turkey and Iran. This is a lesson that Washington has still to learn before it’s too late. Trump's attempt to rally allies against Iran has fallen flat with officials from the United Kingdom who are saying there's no threat from Iran. Furthermore, Trump has not even attempted to persuade some of his senior and close workers. That’s because there’s people behind Trump, who show no allegiance to anybody, not even Trump, and he must do whatever it takes to please them If Senator Lindsey Graham has no idea of what’s going on, then the American public for certain have no clue. What is the extent of the threat from Iran? And how serious is it? If it’s serious at all? Or has the threat been written in a dossier by an undergraduate like we saw, prior to the invasion of Iraq and handed over to 10 downing street? World is watching the Trump regime crumble with it’s lies! Waging war against Iran will literally spell out doomsday. Russian influence is growing, it will pull Russia further down South, and this cannot be checked without the cooperation of Iran and Turkey. Unfortunately, Trump has done exactly the opposite by alienating Iran for the last four decades and Turkey during the past several years. A war against Iran would drag not just proxies but nations will come together. If this war happened, America will be left with no friends in the region. Turkey’s decision to buy S-400 anti-missile defense systems from Russia has further soured relations between America and Turkey, two NATO allies. The major beneficiary of this escalation in American-Iranian tensions is Russia. It has implicitly supported Iran’s announcement about partially withdrawing from the JCPOA by holding the United States responsible for the current situation referring to Trumps behaviour as “irresponsible.” The current belligerent American policy toward Iran will push Tehran further into Russian arms. And Turkey being in the vicinity, will definitely follow suit. I feel the end of American dominance in the region is coming. But a war with Iran would definitely put all power in the hands of Russia-Iran and Turkey.. All this war mongering by US, Saudi and illegal state of Israel must stop, before things really get out of hand. Iran has maintained a peaceful and logical stances so far. There will be no war and there will be no negotiations with America. KGB.
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Christian Orthodox Priest Exposes Arab Spring, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Iraq... End Game Soon
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Orthodox Christians and Muslims, Sheikh Imran Hussain, Yemen, Palestine, Antichrist, Dajjalist West, Yemen, Israel, Golan Heights, Arab Spring, Christian Orthodox Easter Message, Saudi Israeli friendship, Netanyahu latest
Ayatollah Khamenei Slams 'Steal Of The Century' - Support Palestinian Resistance!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSxdtcefxpI&t=277s - MBS Puppet video Iran news, Ayatollah Khamenei, Deal of the century, Palestine news, Al Quds, Jerusalem eternal capital of Palestine, Palestinian State, آیت الله خامنه ای معاهده پلاتین قرن аятолла хаменеи палестинское дело века صدی کی آیت اللہ کاہمینیی محلات کے معاملہ déileáil Phalaistín kymeollah ayatollah an chéid
Putin Invites Erdogan To Crimea's Mosque Opening (Biggest In Europe) Will Erdogan Accept?
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Sources: https://www.TheHijazPost.com https://www.apnews.com/e40386d7452749a8886d9196751f66c4 Dhikr brought to you from Khabib's land Dagestani Mehfil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G870PUO3rQ President Putin invited his Turkish counterpart to the opening of the Central Mosque in Crimea. The offer was made over the weekend when the Russian leader visited the peninsula to commemorate the fifth year of its historic reunification with the Motherland, during which time he said in response to the idea publicly raised by the Mufti of Crimea’s Muslims that “He knows about that and, as far as I understand, he is very positive about this invitation. We’ll wait and see if he has the time and opportunity to arrive here.” President Erdogan has yet to indicate his intent to accept the invitation by the end of the year when the mosque is expected to be completed, but the fact that he was even invited to attend its opening is significant in and of itself because it confirms the intimate depth of the Russian-Turkish Strategic Partnership that both Great Powers are now harmonizing their inter-religious relations with one another after centuries of fighting over this very issue. Not only that, but it also suggests that President Erdogan has tempered his previously critical comments about Crimea’s reunification and is open to de-facto recognizing this geopolitical fact if he does indeed attend the opening ceremony. He might not, though, because of Western pressure upon him to at least notionally retain unity with NATO’s position that this historic event was a so-called “illegal annexation”, which is why President Putin preemptively included a face-saving excuse to opt out of the invitation by saying that “we’ll wait and see if he has the time and opportunity to arrive here”. Even so, the message is clear, and it’s that one of the world’s most well-known Muslim leaders is apparently on such excellent terms with Russia that President Putin thought it fitting to invite him to such a symbolic event. Zikr from Russia, Dhikr from Russia, Chechen Zikr. Islamic zikr, Turkey and Russia, NATO
Heavy Sandstorms To Batter Iran, Pakistan And Afghanistan - HAARP?
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Sources: www.TheHijazPost.com Pakistan Iran and Afghanistan are suffering from some freak weather recently. These are the scenes from Lahore I believe, where the situation developed rapidly with strong sandstorms coming from the Middle East... Locals reported as saying, it could be the work of HAARP - a technology to manipulate the weather. It's not just Pakistan, but Indian Punjab has also reported strange happenings to their crops, something they've never seen before. I don't speak Punjabi, so I don't know what this man's saying, video was shared by Zaid Hamid from Pakistan. This video was also shared by Zaid Hamid - according to him, HAARP has been activated in coastal areas to make things difficult for oil drilling in the future....It's plausible... but is it persuasive? We know, according to CIA documents, during the Vietnam war, the Americans declared Operation Popeye, to prolong the monsoon season by manipulating the weather with chemicals, so we know they've been working on this technology for a long time. Back in the 60's they even dropped a bomb in the sea to create a man made tsunami... But things have definitely developed a lot since then And now, according to senior meteorologists Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, are set to face new round of dangerous thunderstorms this week. Well, I am not surprised, with the negotiations between the Americans and Talibans failing and Iran and Pakistan getting into the picture, it just sounds so fishy that the region starts to suffer from freak weather...
Dr Zakir Naik From Malaysia Indirectly Condemns Saudi Arabia - Shocking Condemnation!
Dr Zakir Naik New Lecture, Condemns Saudi Arabia, Leaves Wahhabism. Malaysia - Islam And Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump And Reform Of Saudi Arabia.Zakir Naik Saw The Truth, Too Little, Too Late!
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The Rise Of Ilhan Omar Shaking American Politics!
https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 When you oppress people, the people rise up, increase and progess, that's what's happening in the United States. It's becoming increasingly difficult to control the political drama. Ilhan Omar is roaring, raising Trump's eyebrowse, MSM is barking, one thing is for sure, she's winning friends across the world and the United States of America. Congresswoman Ihan Omar — is one of the first Muslim women to serve in Congress — has created a splash in Washington since joining Congress in January, she's being targeted by the Ziopig lobby as an antisemite over a tweet, the alleged, anti-semitic remarks date back to at least 2012, with a tweet when she wrote: “Israel has hypnotised the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” - I personally endorse the tweet, I feel there's many who are waking up to the lies of the deceptive, shambolic, rogue, state of Israel and this should continue. It's surprising isn't it that, Ziopig lobby is going mental over Ilhan Omar, however, were silent, when Ilhan tweeted about Saudi Arabia. Ilhan wrote. The Saudi government might have been strategic at covering up the daily atrocities carried out against minorities, women, activists and even the #YemenGenocide, but the murder of #JamaKhashoggi should be the last evil act they are allowed to commit. #BDSSaudi #murderedjournalist - notice she hashtagged BDS - hinting on boycotting the Saudi Arabia. Following Ilhans tweet about saudi arabia, gulf trolls, started to use threats, racism and bigotry to target her. Things they are best known for... apart from the oil of course the American political system is “so reliant on money that there are always questions about the extent to which it influences politicians. federal election records available on the Center for Responsive Politics’ OpenSecrets website suggest a correlation between pro-Israel and Saudi lobby campaign contributions and various politicians position on the Ilhan Omar controversy. Those candidates who have taken little money from these lobbies defended Ilhan Omar, while those who received the most money criticized her - Ilhan Omar is right...I'm enclosing a link to the website in the descriptions section. https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/ President Donald Trump commented not once but twice— declaring that Ilham Omar's “terrible comments” meant it was a “dark day for Israel.” - question is, if you were to stop the average ziopig in Israel and show them a picture of Ilham Omar, would they recognise her? I doubt it, for now anyway. This is why, it's very important for us all to back Ilhan Omar and promote her message as widely as possible.. יגן על פלסטין, על אזרחיהן, על עריהן ועל מדינתן, נוסיף לרוח זו ונבטיח את נצח פלסטין
World Is Run By Psychopaths - Tony Blair and Co!
Support me on my new Patreon Account: https://www.patreon.com/praecursator Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/praecursator007?lang=en Credits: www.RT.com www.msnbc.com www.africanews.com Barack Obama speech, Obama, Trump, Donald Trump meeting with Polish leader, Gaddafi speech, Tony Blair tryng to make a come back, George Bush latest, bruised eyed politicians, psychopaths, world is run by NWO psychopaths, new world order, Obama GOP speech Donald Trump.
IMF Visiting Pakistan Next Week To Discuss Conditions - Will They Be Transparent?
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 The IMF delegation will arrive in Pakistan next week, China, Beijing, Belt Road Forum. Ministry of Finance. State Bank of Pakistan, Power and Gas Division, Privatisation Commission, Federal Board of Revenue and Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The IMF are money lenders, The IMF demands full disclosure of all financial cooperation between Pakistan and China, nuclear power plants, joint manufacturing of warplanes, and procurement of submarines. - NIGEL FARAGE, Erdogan, IMF chair in Davos, Imran Khan, Dajjalic loans, Dajjal system, NWO
Did Iran Attack The Tanker Or Was It A UFO? America The Great Deceiver! Dajjalic Antichrist Lies!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Was it a UFO or Iran? Saudi, Israeli, American alliance is now in question. Iran and Japan, President Abe, Russia, President Kennedy, President Bush, President Trump latest, Iran and Bernie Sanders, 2020 American elections, America will lose it's soft power by 2022, 313, Imam Mahdi, Dajjal, Antichrist system of America, American presidents are all liars, And then news came out that, an unauthorised flying object was responsible for the attacks. So was it Iran or a UFO? Why couldn’t they just say a drone? Why use the term flying object? Was it not a drone then? The entire narrative from the US, Israeli and Saudi alliance smells really bad!!!! US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton have worked on their skills in deceit and downright lies over many years dedicated to promoting scenarios to justify wars and US Military interventions regardless of the truth and subsequent loss of lives. I am not sure whether I could trust Bernie Sanders either, he’s pitching for the Presidents position in the next elections. My friends, America is the system of Dajjal, it’s the system of the antichrist, it lies, constantly lies! A brother from Pakistan emailed me today, using the word, ‘ehsan faramosh’ to describe American presidents, meaning thankless person, you can never trust a single one of them! Japan and Iran,
Turkey Pivots Towards Russia - Tensions Rise In Europe - End Of NATO?
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 SOURCES: https://www.TheHijazPost.com https://www.reuters.com/article/us-turkey-security-usa/erdogan-says-turkey-continues-s-400-payments-criticises-us-stance-idUSKCN1RH1E7 https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/04/lockheed-martin-raytheon-prepare-big-changes-amid-us-dispute-with-turkey-on-russian-arms-deal.html Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan, Türkiye'nin S-400 füze savunma sistemi satın almak için Rusya ile yaptığı anlaşma çerçevesinde ödeme yapmaya devam ettiğini ve ABD’nin Patriot füzeleri satmayı teklif ettiğinde aynı şartları sunmadığını söyledi. - Bununla birlikte, hiçbir haber ajansı ABD’den gelen vatansever füzesinin şartlarını ve koşullarını ve s-400 füze satışları için Rusya’nın şart ve koşullarını yayınlamaz. -400 ... It was only two weeks ago, I was telling you guys, Russia wants Turkey to stay in NATO, that's exactly what Mike Pence is talking about, just a few hours ago, President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey was continuing to make payments under its deal with Russia to buy S-400 missile defence systems and the United States had not presented the same terms when it offered to sell Patriot missiles. - however, no news agency is publishing the terms and conditions of the patriot missile from US and the terms and conditions offered by Russia for the s-400 missile sales.... Because the deal here is important not the patriot missile nor the s-400... Truth is, America is ready to sell their dumb patriot missiles, but they don't want to share the technology behind it... Whereas Russia is willing to sell the weapons as well as share technological know how's, and for Turkey it's very important to have their own air defence system, which they can have control over and not rely on the Americans.. This is what it could boil down to, Turkey is trusting Russia, and being very tactful, Turkey's strategic location is extremely important to Russia,.. The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian nation located between Europe and Asia. Having another ally closer to Europe with the technological know hows to make their own air defence system , means a win win situation for Russia and keeping Turkey in NATO, where Turkey has the second largest army, is also a win win situation to Russia and Turkey to ensure mutual benefit between the two parties... These tensions, which I just showed you are not driven by Russia, nor Turkey... They are driven by America and it's satanic allies.... Russia, Turkey, USA, Tomahawks, S400, Missile Defence, Russia and NATO, Turkey second largest army in NATO, Donald Trump and Europe, Mike Pence, US vice president, CNBC Breaking, CBS, Turkish elections rigged,
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America Is Run By Satanic Secret Societies - They Own Donald Trump! Shocking REVELATION!!!
Follow me on Twitter for the big debate: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Please help YEMEN: https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/how-you-can-help/emergencies/yemen-crisis Get an update on Yemen after you helped: https://www.islamic-relief.org.uk/yemen-emergency-appeal/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz6aalsip4QIVLLHtCh144wdLEAAYASABEgLbQvD_BwE The enemy has marked itself everywhere in America, but the lost sheep don't see it. Riots in America. Let's look at the back of the American dollar bill, on the left hand side you see Annuit coeptis, which means, our enterprise is now a success, what enterprise are they talking about? Riots in America. The enterprise is at the bottom, Novus ordo seclorum, Novus meaning new, ordo meaning order, and seclorum, meaning seclorum, it's where we get the word secular from... put it together it means the new world order - a secular order.. Riots in America. The triangle at the top, with light eminating around it is Horus, the eye of horus - it's where the Talmudic Ziopigs got the idea of their Moshiach from... Any well learned, educated Rabbi would tell you this, this concept of a Moshiach who will rule the planet comes from egypt... the eye is on the pyramid, you won't find pyramids widely available in America, you find them in Egypt, Yellow Vests, The eye as I said represents the Egypt God, in ancient Egypt, he was God, and he symbolised the Sun, every morning when the sun rose, they'd call it Horus, Horus, was their so called Gods son, the light of the world, he was the risen saviour, a rising saviour, American civil war.. Everybody loves speculating about the secret societies that may — or may not — control the world. Their rituals and their inner workings sound so ominous. Riots in America Just look at these psychopaths, after runing half of the Middle East, they smile, they sing, they dance, looks like they sleep well during the night, whilst millions suffer. Almost as if, they don't have a conscience. Surely there is a secret society behind them, telling them what to do and what not to do. Programming them in a RACE RIOTS, certain way, to conceal the satanic societies operating behind them. End of America You bet, these Presidents are just actors, there's something more sinister behind them. However, whether they are actors or not, it's shocking, that they show no empathy at all, whilst creating problems abroad and giving solutions to these problems, just to capture resources, like oil and gas. 2020 American disaster Donald Trump latest speech, Donald Trump Middle East, Donald Trump Israel, Donald Trump speech reversed, Is Donald Trump a part of the deep states, secret societies, illuminati in America, End times news
Why Is Imran Khan Visiting Iran?  - Khorosan Uniting? Imam Mahdi Analysis - NWO On Standby
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Sources: www.TheHijazPost.com The deal has been sealed between Iran and Pakistan. Iranian Ambassador to Islamabad discussed arrangements for Imran Khan’s first-ever visit to Iran. It's now confirmed that Imran Khan will not be landing directly in Tehran, but he will land in the Khorosan province, in the city of Masshad. It's plausible that Imran Khan will be visiting the Imam Reza shrine there, a shrine dedicated to the 8th Shia Imam. However, Khorosan Province is important, it's said that the final Imam of the Muslim world, Imam Mahdi, will march from there durng the end times and capture Jerusalem. It's said, that if one see's the army, they must join, even if they have to crawl over ice. Khorosan encompasses parts of Iran, Afghanistan and edges of Pakistan . What's also very important about Imran Khans visit to Iran is, it actually coincides with the birthday of the Shia 12th Imam...On April the 21st, Shia Muslims around the world will celebrate the birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi, the 12th and the last Shia imam. Saudi Arabia has strategic interests in Pakistan given its proximity to Iran, Saudi's archrival in the region. The Saudis are using aid packages and investment promises to buy the economically embattled Pakistani government's loyalty ;... However, the Pakistani government along with the Turkish government as well as the Iranians know... Saudi crown prince only offered investments and aid packages in a move to improve Riyadh’s international image after the Jamal Khashoggi scandal. And this is why Imran Khan is visiting Iran. Because he knows, he cannot trust the Saudi leadership, whether it will be there or not in a few years time... , the entire Muslim world is watching the Middle East very carefully, Question is will, MBS get to the throne or not after the demise of the Saudi Kings ... Or will Saudi descend into chaos? - some are even speculating of Imam Mahdi being sighted in Saudi Arabia who will then flee to Khorosan. Only time will tell in regards to this matter. I'm not holding my breath on it yet. This is why I do not insult the Shia people, because whether one is Shia or Sunni, the belief that Imam Mahdi will be sighted first in Makkah is a belief in both Sunni and Shia books. Assuming that MBS ascends to the throne, there will be major implications for the future of Saudi Arabia's foreign policy based on the the clown prince's vision for the Middle East. And so far, he is meeting resistance everywhere. As the United States moves out of Afghanistan also a part of Khorosan, the Khorosan region will become extremely important and it's up to the Iranians and Pakistanis to ensure that there's stability and peace without any outside influence.... Some Zionist paid trolls are operating online saying, how can we unite with people who curse sahabas, meaning companions of the prophet muhammad pbuh - well, those who curse are not believers. They are funded by negative entities. Ayatollah Khameini himself gave a fatwa against those who curse companions, no religion teaches to curse... Therefore I fully support the meeting between Imran Khan and Ayatollah Khameini to stabilise the region and strengthen it. And to focus on establish peace and promoting justice after the years of injustice and oppression under the Americans. And that's why Mike Pompeo went to meet Imran Khan straight after the Pakistani elections, to try and sway Pakistan towards the American side. However, the meeting taking place between Iran and Pakistan shows, Pakistan wasn't for sale... Pakistan is playing a careful balancing act with the American backed Saudi regime, only time will tell whether it lasts for long. Imran Khan has proved to be courageous in supporting Iran. He and his party are among the defenders of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activity. He also, alongside Iran, strongly condemned Trump’s illegal immigration ban. Cementing ties with Pakistan will also be beneficial for Iran since this leads to a decrease in security threats in the southeast of the country, - Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti
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Is The Vatican Hiding The Sinister Devil?
Vatican, Pope latest news, Pope and Trump truth, Book of Revelations, Vatican pope and the end times, mark of the beast, Satan controls the Vatican, Vatican history, Vatican conspiracy, Vactican and Catholic churches, Breaking News from Vatican, Pope and Smoke, New Pope, Black Pope, Evil Pope, Roma and Rum, Is Rum Rome? Is Pope a part of Rum? No... Evangelical Christians and Catholic Church, Islamic eschatology, Who is like the beast? The dragon gave power to the two beasts, Trump latest news, NWO, new world order and the Vatican, Dajjal and Vatican,
How Did Our Muslim Leaders Mysteriously Vanish? - The CIA Has The Answer!
What you see is a family picture is a family meeting, The Islamic Summit Conference held in 1974 in Lahore was hosted by Pakistan and came to be known as the Lahore Summit. It was an extra ordinary summit, called to discuss the Middle East situation in the wake of Arab Israel war and the oil embargo imposed by Arabs. It was attended by the head of states, ministers and dignitaries from Muslim countries all over the world. Some of the participant countries were Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Malaysia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Palestine and many other soverign nations. The Visiting delegations were warmly welcomed by the people of Lahore. This summit, was opened with the recognition of Bangladesh by Bhutto, it made India realise that the Islamic family is loving and forgiving, the sumit recognised Palestine as an indepedent state and also sent a message to the world of Muslim resources on the planet, especially the oil. This summit is important because, it was the only major summit in modern history to get the Islamic world together and give Jerusalem the respect it deserves. It started from Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia. On March 25, 1975, just about a year after this summit, Shah Faisal was hosting a delegation from Kuwait in which one of his half brothers was also present. He was the brother of another of Shah’s half-brothers Prince Khaled bin Musaid. Faisal bin Musaid had been living in the United States for the last few years. However, that fated day he was able to sneak into the king’s palace and as Shah Faisal leaned forward to kiss his half-brother, Faisal bin Musaid took a pistol out of his pocket and pulled the trigger. One bullet hitLess than five months after the assassination of Shah Faisal, Bangladesh founder Sehikh Mujib ur-Rahman was murdered by his army. Mujib had applied for the membership of OIC in 1974 and had visited Lahore to attend the summit that same year. His visit had watered down the tensions between Bangladesh and Pakistan to some extent and also marked the joining of Bangladesh in Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. On August 15, 1975 some army soldiers broke into the presidential residence and assassinated Sheikh Mujib of Bangladesh along with his family.. The coup had been plotted by the military officers and some of Mujib’s colleagues in Awami League. It was widely speculated that the assassination had been planned by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had played the pivotal role in this massive event. He had used his diplomatic skills to perfection in making possible this summit which had combined all the leaders of the Islamic world on one platform. But things were not meant to remain rosy forever. In 1977, Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party won the general election in a landslide. The nine-party alliance opposing him claimed that the election was rigged and the subsequent movement resulted in General Zia ul-Haq’s coup on July 5, 1977. The Zia government then tried Bhutto for the murder of Muhammad Ali Kasuri, the former PPP leader who had fallen out with Bhutto. The court decided the case against Bhutto and sentenced him to death in an unprecedented 4-3 split decision. Bhutto was executed on April 4, 1979. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was yet another Muslim leader who had attended the summit and was later murdered Yasser Arafat was poisoned to death, yet, they made up a fake story of him having HIV in his blood when it was actually poison. Muammad Gaddafi was dragged through the streets... You see how they finished these prominent leaders who wanted to revive the ummah....
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America Meddling In Israeli Elections - Moshiach / Messiah Will Not Come - It's All Planned!
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Trump Looking At Iran With Evil Eyes - It Will Raise Hell - Middle East On Alert!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 There’s no doubt that the enmity of the United States against Iran –has taken an explicit form today. The current politicians speak outspokenly. They say that they want to do such and such things and they issue threats to Iran. Well one should know that those who threatens in a loud voice are not as powerful and strong as their loud voice suggests. We should be more afraid of those who do not issue threats, not those who do so.. The American government cares about the interests of the Zionist regime more than any other government. It should be said that the Zionists are at the wheel of many American policies, of course not necessarily the Zionist government in occupied Palestine, rather the Zionist mafia. It is the Zionist mafia that dominates their affairs. And they need this. The current US government needs to cause a commotion and rant and rave. Notice that Trump repeatedly says, the policies of the United States have changed Iran. And he is right. Iran has changed. The change is that the hatred of the people towards the government of US has increased tens of times. The hatred of the people towards them has increased. Imposing sanctions only hurts the common man in the streets, and that’s what the government of the United States has chosen to do, to declare war on innocent civilians due to their lust for liquid gold and power. Iranians make their own weapons, unlike the Bedouins who buy second hand American weapons. Iran has the capability to reach many parts of the Middle East, it’s not the same Iran under America’s lapdop Raza Shah Pehlavi Trump said it himself, Iraq did nothing and you went in anyway. Iraq isn’t Iran, there is a different of a letter. Geographically Iran is blessed, located near the Strait of Hormuz, which can easily be blocked, it’s the primary route for Persian Gulf countries, who are allies of the United States, Iran has the capability to disrupt nearly all tanker traffic through the strait for weeks or perhaps months. America better start digging their oil if they want to survive, instead of fake news around American oil being the future Clearly Israel, America along with their pet dogs in the gulf want to raise hell. They have no idea what they are dealing with. Iran doesn’t like to boast too much. Trump is sending an extra 1500 troops to the Middle East – it’s guaranteed that America will have to accept 15,000 refugees if this war does take place, and they’ll be from the gulf states not Iran… So I urge for peaceful dialogue, before it’s too late!
Pakistan Benefits From Trumps Economic War On China - MBZ And MBS Are The Intermediaries
The package, which is expected to be announced by the Crown Prince, involves $3.2 billion worth of oil supplies on deferred payment, along a $3 billion cash deposit, UAE's package was exactly of the same size and terms and conditions as given by Saudi Arabia, who is also giving loans to Pakistan. However, nobody is really sure about the terms and conditions and there's rumours that the loans are just slightly above 3%, in any case, it's a much cheaper option than IMF. Pakistan's all weather ally China has also pledged to provide a generous aid to Islamabad to overcome its financial problems. Beijing has not yet revealed the quantum of its financial support. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked him not to reveal the amount. The reason for all this is due to the trade war between China and America. Saudi Arabia and UAE are strong allies of America, recently Imran Khan has made it clear that Pakistan will no longer be used as a machine for the West. So the Trump administration has involved Saudi Arabia and UAE in the picture, to ensure that any loans to Pakistan is not used to repay its Chinese debt. Where obviously China would benefit. This may be the terms and conditions of the UAE, Saudi loans. America feels that the huge Chinese debt is responsible for Pakistan's economic challenges. However, this is totally wrong, as the reason why Pakistan is in such a mess and has sunken deep in debt is due to previous governments being dogs of the United States. There were concerns among American lawmakers that the Pakistan may use IMF money to repay the Chinese debts. America being a massive stakeholder at the IMF couldn't swallow that. So that's why the Saudis and UAE have come to the rescue. In any case, in the worldly sense it benefits Pakistan. But in the spiritual sense... I wonder if 3% is shariah compliant from Saudi Arabia and UAE! Only time will tell what happens next, whether there is a default or not, things can get mirky!
Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence = Trinity Of Satan - DOOMSDAY CULT ALERT!!!
https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has told a religious television network that God "wanted Donald Trump to become president". Donald Trump loves evangelical voters, and they love him, the evangelical voters in America make a power bloc and Trump knows how to play them. Look at the Christian Pastor Robert Jeffress in this picture, praying with the Trump regime, looks like Jeffress is about to molest his imaginary friend, just look at that silly hand symbol. Zeus was the king of the Greek gods who lived on Mount Olympus. He was the god of the sky and thunder. His symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull, and the oak tree. He was married to the goddess Hera. The most powerful of Satan's principalities is called Zeus or the Prince of Greece. Zeus was the king of the Greek false idols who lived on Mount Olympus. He was the so called god of the sky and thunder. He controlled the skies. Like the antichrist would. His symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull, and the oak tree. Interesting how Zeus is famous for his lightening bolt, just like Satan from the bible I suppose, Lucifer, the bringer of light... That's Mike Pompeo btw, he believes, God chose Trump to save the Ziopig state of Israel, this guy also believes in Rapture, apparently, the worlds about to end soon, and those who are saved, will be taken up in the skies to be with someone called God, but as we now know it's Zeus, Satan, a false so called so called God, this guy is one of the highest officers in Trumps regime. That's Mike Pence one of the strongest allies of Donald Trump, serving as the 48th and current vice president of the United States of America. Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are each a “genuine, end-of-days, believer in the apocalypse,” personally I believe their religious beliefs about the end times exerts a troubling influence on their duties. It's almost as if, the entire Trump regime is working towards the end times....Dajjal, Antichrist, Rapture, US Presidents
Somalia Knows Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Is Greedy! Wararka! Habari!
Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Empiresistayaasha waxay ka tageen Afrika qaybaha tooska ah, iyada oo khadadkaasi ay yimaadaan khilaafaadka biyaha. The imperialists left Africa divided in straight lines, with those lines come water disputes. For Kenya, here, the boundary lies line parallel to the line of latitude. That gives Kenya the larger share of the maritime area and it has already sold mining licenses to international companies. But Somalia disagrees. The Somalis want the boundary to extend to the southeast as an extension of the land border. Somalia wants the International Court of Justice, which is an organ of the United Nations to define the boundary as laid down by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and other international sea laws. Being a law grad myself, I think Somalia legally has a case, but neither the UN nor the ICJ have been able to help this situation! What lies beneath these waters and the brave Somalis have been protecting is fish.. plenty of it in the sea. Plenty of it to feed Somalia, loads of it to fight poverty and famine, but it's the territorial disputes that are ruining the country.... Britain and other Western powers haven't helped the situation, they've purposely been dumping uranium waste in the waters to destroy Gods blessings... food. Listening to Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, my heart naturally bleeds. As it's human beings who will be suffering in Kenya more than anything. However, President Uhuru Kenyatta is a part of the problem. I'll tell you why. Somalia has been fighting extremism, although great successes have been achieved, Al Shabaab still operates despite American drone strikes by President Donald Trump. According to the Investigative Beuru of Journalism, strikes have increased under Trump, however, we all know what America is doing is illegal. Because, they are fueling the fire. The root cause of the problem should be addressed and that is, who is funding the Al Shaabab movement. In recent years, al-Shabab has increased its reliance on smuggling contraband sugar across the border into Kenya, bringing in tens of millions of dollars annually. Kenyan forces have been accused of involvement in the scheme since 2015. According to United Nations, Al Shaabab has been making money from the illicit charcoal trade, I am enclosing a link to the UN document in the descriptions section. Most of the deals between Al Shabaab have been winning is from UNITED Arab Emirates and no doubt the Saudis have helped through ideological support. https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/al-shabab
Saudi Will Pay For The Oil Prices! Venezuela Will Ensure It! Oil Prices To Hit $100 PB
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Trump, Saudi, oil prices, trump, United States owns Saudi Arabia - It's a love child of US and UK and it's religious scholarship is owned by the West. Oil hit a six-month high last week after the Trump administration announced it would not extend sanctions waivers to several countries that purchase Iranian crude. Trump is calling on Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members to boost production to keep prices down, but there’s only so far the Saudis can go: Bloomberg reports indicate that, according to International Monetary Fund data, the kingdom needs oil prices around $85 a barrel to balance its budget. Trump is also pushing the oil prices higher by adding pressure in Venezuela - it was on a few hours ago that Juan Guaido the ziopig, who announced the final phase to get rid of Nicolas Maduro, the rightful leader of Venezuela - Venezuela is one of the world's largest exporters of oil and has the world's largest proven oil reserves at an estimated 296.5 billion barrels (20% of global reserves) - Venezuelan oil output has shrunk, and this is putting added pressure on the Saudis to produce more. The situation in Venezuela is grim, nobody knows what's going to happen next. One thing is for sure though, Trump is expecting his Saudi cash cow to pump more oil to make up the difference. Ousting Nicolas Maduro isn't going to make a difference to the oil market, it can actually destabilise it further, because there's millions of supporters of Maduro who will not sit back and relax. Trump is right, Getting cash from Saudi King Salman is easier than collecting rent, - we can't have oil prices climb up to 100 dollars per barrel, Saudi Arabia will have to pay for it.. So pay up or suffer the consequences!
Freak Weather Strikes Saudi Arabia - Climate Change Or Is The Desert Turning Green?
http://saudigazette.com.sa/article/558041/SAUDI-ARABIA/12-killed-in-Madinah-amp-Tabuk-floods https://twitter.com/praecursator007?lang=en Heavy rainfall and sandstorms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have led to flooding, school closures and poor visibility, authorities said Monday as they urged people to take precautions during the bout of bad weather. Rain hit northern and western parts of Saudi Arabia on Sunday and Monday, while sand swept through major population areas to bog down the skyline. Schools shut in Tabuk, Arar and Al-Jouf because of flooding and there was low visibility in Riyadh among other places. Rain falls along the Red Sea coast during March and April, in the rest of the country it barely rains. So this is clearly something to be concerned about. the seemingly increased frequency of apocolyptic weather and flooding in the winter and dangerous heatwaves and droughts in the summer, could indeed be related to climate change, which scientists and development specialists agree could do serious damage to many countries around the world, but perhaps especially in the Middle East. The other plausible explanation could be, it's natural and nothing to do with climate change. I say this because, A 350,000-year-old elephant tusk was found at the bottom of a dry lake in Taima province in northern Saudi Arabia. This proves that the region was not a desert as we see it today. There was vegetation and it had a damp climate, which is evident from the fact that these animals used to roam this area. So there is a possibilty that Saudi Arabia's desert is about to turn green. whatever the case may be - Saudi Arabia is definitely struggling with natural disasters on a yearly basis. Curah hujan lebat dan badai pasir di Kerajaan Arab Saudi telah membawa kepada banjir, penutupan sekolah dan penglihatan yang kurang baik, kata pihak berkuasa pada hari Isnin kerana mereka menggesa orang ramai untuk mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga semasa cuaca buruk. Hujan melanda bahagian utara dan barat Arab Saudi pada hari Ahad dan Isnin, manakala pasir melanda kawasan utama penduduk untuk merosot ke langit. Sekolah ditutup di Tabuk, Arar dan Al-Jouf kerana banjir dan terdapat penglihatan yang rendah di Riyadh di antara tempat-tempat lain. Hujan jatuh di sepanjang pantai Laut Merah pada bulan Mac dan April, di seluruh negara ia hampir tidak hujan. Jadi ini jelas sesuatu yang perlu diambil perhatian. kekerapan cuaca apokaliptik yang semakin meningkat dan banjir di musim sejuk dan gelombang panas yang berbahaya dan musim kemarau pada musim panas, memang boleh dikaitkan dengan perubahan iklim, yang ahli sains dan pakar pembangunan bersetuju boleh melakukan kerosakan yang serius kepada banyak negara di seluruh dunia, tetapi mungkin terutama dalam Timur Tengah. Penjelasan lain yang boleh dipercayai adalah, ia adalah semula jadi dan tiada kena mengena dengan perubahan iklim. Saya katakan ini kerana, seekor gading gajah berusia 350,000 ditemui di bawah tasik kering di wilayah Taima di utara Arab Saudi. Ini membuktikan bahawa rantau ini bukan padang pasir seperti yang kita lihat hari ini. Terdapat tumbuh-tumbuhan dan mempunyai iklim lembap, yang terbukti dari fakta bahawa haiwan ini digunakan untuk berkeliaran kawasan ini. Jadi ada kemungkinan bahawa padang pasir Arab Saudi akan berubah menjadi hijau. apa saja yang mungkin berlaku - Saudi Arabia pastinya bergelut dengan bencana alam setiap tahun.
Trump, Brexit, Arab Spring - WHY IS IT ALL ABOUT ISRAEL???!!!
This is a huge political diplomacy victory for the Ziopig Netanyahu, this case will set precedent, this is Netanyahu's way of saying, Israel matters, and he's renewed diplomatic ties with Chad. We don't expect much from Chad in relation to Palestine, it's a nation which has a lot of issues. It lacks in terms of literacy rate, poverty rate and is seen as one of the poorest nations on the planet! However, Israel has promised, aid in terms of military support to Chad amongst a number of trade deals. If that wasn't it, Netanyahu flew over Sudan, again, something like this has never happened before. For so long, Israelis foreign policy has focused on the United States and the European Union, however, things are changing and they are changing pretty fast! When Netanyahu says, Israel is becoming a world power, what he's really talking about is, water solutions, food solutions, agriculture solutions, for these countries. Britain can't even deliver Brexit on time, not many deals have been signed for exiting the European Union, but one important deal has already been agreed in principle and that's with Israel. The international trade secretary Liam Fox said Britain and Israel have shaken hands on a future deal. This truly shows, how Britain is concerned more about Israel than the people of Britain! The United Kingdom is still an influential global player. It is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the sixth largest economy in the world, a nuclear weapons state, a member of the world’s most powerful intelligence agreement and a cultural superpower. When Britain first at Heaven's command Arose from out the azure main, This was the charter of her land, And guardian angels sung the strain: Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves! Britons never shall be slaves. With the US pullout in Syria, it seems, Israel no longer requires America as an attack dog. With the Ziopig EU disintegrating in chaos, as we've seen the episodes in Paris with yellow vests, Israel is now flexing it's muscles with Arab states. It no longer requires Britain and America to be mummy and daddy! Many politicans are telling us, Brexit will reshape Britain’s global profile and identity as a great global player. Because Britain will not be a part of poor countries with really bad credit ratings like, Romania, Croatia, Poland and Hungary. This is all rubbish, I am pro Brexit, however, the deals that are currently being signed or agreed in principle are really bad deals for Britain! There is no transparency in this rigged system of so called democracy! We don't trust Theresa May - uncodified British constitution will not survive Brexit. Theresa May is ensuring Israel is protected but not the British people. Will the British public wake up?
US Withdrawal From INF Treaty Will Make Russian Ally China Great Again - TRUMPS A TRAITOR!
There is a mental disease of late-stage capitalism causing deep worry and anxiety, prompting feelings of severe isolation and humiliation, combined with a profound sense of powerlessness for millions of people around the world. Can you feel capitalism dying around you? The question I ask today is What are YOU going to do about it? The feeling grows when students graduate from University with mountains of debt and few prospects for meaningful work. It spreads across cities where housing prices are skyrocketing and a giant financial chasm exists between owners and renters of residential property. And it aches in the spiraling decay of exploited ecosystems as they unravel after decades (or centuries) of pillaging industries waging war on nature. Russia launches a beautiful supersonic missile, Iran launches a new cruise missile on the anniversary of it's revolution, Pakistan launches nuke capable missile, designed to beat Indian S-400 - There is something lot bigger happening at a global level that will have a far greater impact on our lives than than watching petty criminals like Theresa May, bickering with her never ending Brexit b.s... Both USA and Russia have cited noncompliance of the INF treaty, however we all know United States warmongering neocons are guilty, these two old enemies are engaged, whilst, China is clearly and systematically progressing towards world domination. INF treaty was NOT about keeping intermediate-range missiles that can carry nuclear warheads from US to Russia or other way around, it was based on an assumption that no other country poses similar threat to either USA or Russia. So, its abolishment is bad news for the United States. It means, China can come into the picture, China has started giving hints of what is heading our way. Beijing announces second-strike exercise involving an ICBM capable of REACHING any point on the US or Russian mainland Unhindered by democratic chaos, like we are witnessing in FRANCE with Yellow Vests, China is immune to ethical pressures of the Western world, China is slowly but surely positioning itself strategically to capture the world. If this was not bad enough for humanity, science has decided to play a complete spoilsports by going beyond the nuclear weapons that are already capable of wiping us off the planet and is now offering brand new weapons of mass destruction through emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. It's definitely bad news for India, whilst Prime Minister is busy playing communal politics, or what I like to refer to footpath politics, China is advancing beyong the Indian imagination. It already owns South Asia! U.S. officials say that the major reason for withdrawing from the INF treaty is to contest China’s growing military power and assertiveness. They argue that the United States needs to deploy conventional ground-based, intermediate-range missile systems against China—And because Beijing is not a party to the treaty, officials argue, that the Chinese have a tremendous advantage. This is all B.S.. I personally think America has been checkmated here by Russia.... Donald Trump has truly made America unsafe again.
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 algérie dernières nouvelles manifestation algérienne اخبار الجزائر The recent wave of popular unrest forced President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to bow down to the Algerian people. He is no more, but the people who supported him are still in the picture and this is why, my brave Algerian brothers and sisters are out in the open, screaming and shouting for change! Wahhabis and Salafis funded by America have not interfered with the revolution. It's Algeria's revolution and from Moscow we say, keep it up. America should not meddle by sending their mindless fanatic drones in Algeria, like they did in Syria, Libya and Iraq. Algerians have shown how peaceful the Muslim world can be. It's shown the world that revolution can happen, without the need of Saudi influence. Algerians are brave! They are pious! They revolutionaries in their own right! Three billionaire brothers arrested on Monday as part of an anti-corruption drive have been placed in custody by judges in Algiers. One of them is Issad Rebrab, a 75 year old, who is estimated by Forbes to be Algeria's richest man and employs 18,000 workers in his agribusiness empire. The Algerian army supported the judiciary in sending him down, Issad is said to have ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia - I say well done to the Algerian people for putting this big criminal behind bars! In geopolitical terms, Algeria is a vast country with a population of 42 million people that connects the Sahara-Sahel region with the Mediterranean. This has important implications. If social unrest became common and especially if the situation degenerated into another civil war, then a new hotbed of instability would appear in North Africa just next to Libya. We are warning America, DO NOT INTERFERE! It should not be forgotten that North African states like Algeria and especially war-torn Libya are the crossroad for the illegal flow of goods to Europe as well as for the migration routes. You cry Brexit over illegal immigration, but you are the ones who are creating the mess.. DO NOT INTERFERE... The revolution in Algeria is to be monitored in the coming weeks but we don't want any American meddling to happen. You have been warned.
After Iran - Turkey Is Next In Line For American Sanctions - Saudi Arabia Is Taking Advantage!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Trump has already decided, Turkey has until next month to cancel a messy multibillion-dollar Russian arms deal or face harsh American penalties By the end of the first week of June, Turkey must cancel the Russian deal and buy U.S.-made Patriot missile defense system or face removal from American weapons programme, face U.S. sanctions and a potential blowback from NATO. And it’s not just the United States applying pressure on Turkey over the Russian arms deal, but also Saudi Arabia. Tensions between Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are spilling over into the economic realm with the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry warning Saudis against investing in Turkey. Chairman Ajlan Al-Ajlan took to Twitter to air warnings about the problematic consquences of doing business in Turkey. He said his organization had received multiple complaints from Saudi investors who said their assets were under threat and that the Turkish authorities were not doing enough to protect them. It’s very interesting how the United States and Saudi Arabia have allied against Turkey to hurt it economically. Saudi Prince Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Saud has called for a boycott of Turkish products until “Ankara reviews its policies with the kingdom”. “I, as a Saudi citizen, announce today that I will boycott any product made in Turkey or even which passed through Turkish customs until it [Turkey] amends its policy with us… Neither we nor our government needs them and their products,” he said.. He didn’t stop there, the Saudi prince later shared a video on twitter in which Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz, the prince of Riyadh, is seen refusing to drink coffee offered to him after he learned that it was made in Turkey. Relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia took a nosedive following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan led a loud campaign that forced the Saudis to retract initial denials that Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate and pin the blame on Saudi security officials who supposedly went rogue. But that did not stop Turkey from leaking a steady stream of evidence, including an alleged audio recording of Khashoggi’s slaughter, all of which appeared to incriminate Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It would be interesting to see if Trump imposes sanctions on Turkey next month and it would also be interesting to watch how the Saudi’s react. The Saudi’s have already started to train religious scholars to speak against Turkey… Seems like somethings going on… and it’s bad!
Imran Khans Recent Arrest Warrants Highlight Shift In Foreign Policy - America to Russia
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Israel Preparing America For 2022 - Sanctions, Rabbis And Fall Of Babylon?
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Shocking Globalist's Satanic Plan For 2019 - A Real Economic Analysis - Illuminati Exposed!
That phoenix is perched on dollar bills and on its chest a coin that announced the appearance of the arrival of a world currency that they called at that time as the “Phoenix”, The Economist published this picture on the front of their Rothschild owned Economist magazine back in 1988. Remember that at that time the internet was not like today, so they would not refer to cryptocurrencies or virtual payments because at that time it was totally unknown, but it is clear that 2018 has been an important year for them, relating to the new world order to impose a single currency for everyone. This is may be one of the reasons why Trump has been swinging the markets with his tweets and having trade wars with half the world. There's a global slowdown in the world economy, then there's political uncertainty with the American government shutdown, Trump is continuing his crusade against the federal reserve, the treasury has stepped in trying to sooth and calm things down, it all looks very well planned to me, and investors are becoming uneasy as the clock ticks away! The Economist cover that corresponds to the year 2019 is rather interesting, 2019 corresponds to the number 33. A Kabbalistic master number that is always taken into account by these satanist magicians who usually invoke demonic powers for their purposes, and could not be more than striking and strange to see that the cover for 2019 symbolism and the cover is totally black. What do the Rothschilds mean with their cover 33 and that is as black as jet? Do they have something very very dark? What is the message behind all this? The satanist globalists have always used symbolism and numerology for a long time! They have been obsessed with the Kabbalah - Call it coincidence if you like but years that end in a “9” have a habit of being eventful. More particularly, they tend to be years of upheaval. There’s 1789, of course, the year of the French Revolution. The Peterloo massacre, took place in 1819 and a century later there were fears that Bolshevism would spread from Russia westwards. The year 1939 requires no further explanation while 1979 encompassed the arrival of Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street. A decade after that, the tearing down of the Berlin Wall heralded the collapse of communism. In 2009, central banks had to pull out all the stops to prevent the deepest recession since the second world war turning into a second Great Depression. The slump against which all others are measured began with the Wall Street crash of October 1929. The gilets jaunes protests in France, the arrival of an avowedly populist government in Italy, and Brexit, are all political manifestations of deep economic unhappiness caused by years of weak growth, stagnant real wages and rising inequality. A stock market crash; a trade war; higher US interest rates triggering debt crises in overextended developing countries; an oil shock that stems from political upheaval in Iran or Saudi Arabia; these are all easy to identify as a massive possibility. Then there's Trump's repeated attacks on a Federal Reserve led by his own appointees. Just the other day, we had reports that President Trump has discussed the legally dubious move of trying to fire the Fed chairman Jerome Powell... Somethings going on, we have to find out what's going on! It all raises the possibility that if things do get worse, the United States government will be an agent of chaos rather than the source of steadiness and calm it is normally known for during crises. It is a lack of confidence in global leadership that explains this paradox: an economy that is doing this well and yet widespread conviction that things are about to turn bad. There are some rumblings of things that could go wrong in the financial system. Companies that loaded up during the era of ultralow interest rates are facing high debt burdens. Some may find themselves in bankruptcy. Oil prices have fallen enough that it seems it will be a tough 2019 in energy-producing areas. Major nations worldwide are facing profound challenges,
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Praecursator Speaks To Vigilant One About Michael Jackson - Kabbalah And Music Industry
Uri geller, Michael Jackson, KabbalaJacksonville music students to get scholarship from Michael Jackson, Rabbi Schmoley Boteach, Malone Breaks Michael Jackson's 76-Week Top 10 Streak On R&B Charts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnCUOl0k7asaZyNtl68EasA Vigilant one channel Praecursator speaks to Vigilant One
RAW Trying To Frame Pakistani ISI Over Terror Attacks In Sri Lanka - Wake Up
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Imran Khan reacts to Sri Lanka Erdogan "I strongly condemr the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that coincided with the Easter feast. This attack was made against all mankind. my nation stands with the relatives of those who lost their lives and all the people of Sri Lanka, I extend condolences on behalf of my nation, I wish speedy recovery to the injured. Whilst I'm recording this, I am crying from the inside. The world is currently full of bullying and oppression. The global situation is bad my friends. The world is full of ignorance and hate. Lecherous and arrogant people are dominant over the majority of the people of the world. We should be very cautious in such a situation like this, and act in a vigilant, prudent, and courageous manner. No doubt, what happened was well planned and without a doubt, shadowy entites have been involved. You can see how the heads of governments behave across the world. Narendra Modi didn't tweet about the terrorist attacks on Muslims in Australia - yet he was quick to tweet on the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. One begs the question, what is the difference between the two? The horrific attacks cannot be forgiven.. Some of the victims were killed as worshipers gathered for Mass at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo; St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, about 20 miles north of Colombo; and Zion Church in the eastern city of Batticaloa, The attacks also targeted high-end hotels in the capital, including the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand and the Kingsbury. Mangala Samaraweera, the Sri Lankan finance minister, called the explosions “a well-coordinated attempt to create murder, mayhem and anarchy.” Instead of feeling pain and sorrow for the people of Sri Lanka, Narendra Modi is using the incident for votes. I am honestly sick to the back teeth with such dirty politics! But thank goodness, the Sri Lankan government haven't fallen for Narendra Modi's divide and rule politics. Pakistan will be sending a forensic team to investigate the horrific incident in Sri Lanka, according to reports, they are due to land in sri lanka tonight - this shows, the trust the Sri Lankans have on Pakistan and this news is definitely a huge slap on Narendra Modi's face, for trying to win votes through a horrific incident like this. The government has imposed a curfew with immediate effect. It also shut down social media and messaging services. Although, I have been talking to Sri Lankans via twitter. Their tiny peaceful island is hurt, but the spirit of unity lives on. They cannot divide us, no matter how much they try. People all over the world, from every faith, stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka. Not for votes, not because of race, but because, of humanity. We love you Sri Lanka KGB
Warming Ties Between Russia And Turkey - Russia Wants Turkey To Stay In NATO
https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Sources: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/03/18/putin-in-crimea-for-annexation-anniversary-launches-power-stations-a64844 https://www.theglobalist.com/balkans-russia-turkey-nato-eu/ http://tass.com/politics/1049209 According to Russian News Agency in Moscow, Putin has invited Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan to open the Central Grand Mosque in Crimea. Putin said "I've invited Turkish President Erdogan. He knows about that and, as far as I understand, he is very positive about this invitation. We’ll wait and see if he has the time and opportunity to arrive here," The mosque is under construction in Crimea and due to be completed by the end of the year - what's interesting about this invitation is, no one from Saudi Arabia was invited, may be due to Crown Prince bin Salmans, terrible reputation after the Khashoggi scandal, but what's even more interesting is, Turkey has always sided with the European Union of not recognising Crimea as a part of Russia. Political commentators are saying, Erdogans stance will change, in good time. Putin signed a treaty with representatives from Crimea on March 18, 2014, to make it part of Russia after a military intervention and a fair referendum, where Crimea chose to be a part of Russia. And it's been a glorious five years, Russian flags flew in the main city of Simferopol while posters celebrating Crimea's "return to its native land" hung in shop windows and on public transport. Western Balkan states are offering low-cost opportunities for both Russia and Turkey to undertake political and economic measures and the European Union isn't too happy, Putin and Erdogan have been working hard to strengthen their own ties with the Balkans and are continuing to invest in major national projects strategically calculated to have the greatest economic and political impact throughout the region.... Turkey and Russia are slowly making their way into Europe, That's Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, a Ziopig, a good friend of Netanyahu. Admitting this piece of filth into NATO is like admitting Israel. Turkey is a NATO ally. That's why Trump said, he has to talk to a lot of people. In order for Brazil to join the NATO alliance, majority of the countries within NATO must agree. However, I don't think Turkey will. That's why it's in the interest of Russia as well as Turkey, for Turkey to be within NATO and disrupt it as much as it can. They can't kick out Turkey without a valid excuse and so far they have none!
Bloody Moon! Will Trump Announce The Rebuilding Of The Third Temple? - Gaddafi Knew!
In 587 B.C. the Babylonians conquered the southern kingdom of Judah, destroyed the temple (First Temple) in Jerusalem, and took many Jews to Babylonia as prisoners. In 539 B.C. King Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylonia, and he allowed the Jewish exiles to return to Judah the next year. The Jews then rebuilt their temple (Second Temple).” Roman Rule – “In 63 B.C., the Romans conquered Judah, also called Judea, and made it a Roman province. Roman rule was so harsh that many Jews left Judea to escape its domination. The Jews revolted in 66 A.D. and drove out the Romans for a brief time. But in 70 A.D., the Roman General Titus conquered Jerusalem, destroyed the Second Temple, and took many Jewish captives to Rome. A memorial called the Arch of Titus in Rome symbolizes the Roman victory over the Jews. The Western Wall in Jerusalem (Wailing Wall) is all that remains of the ancient temple.” Next month, a super blood moon will pass over the U.S. capital on a Jewish holiday in a manner that one pastor argues connects to a prophecy in Zechariah, creating a link between Donald Trump and Persian King Cyrus building the Jewish Temple. On January 21, a confluence of worlds will take place when a lunar eclipse passes over Washington D.C. It is expected that this eclipse will have the proper conditions to create a blood moon in which the moon has a distinctly reddish tint. If so, this blood moon will be a supermoon, which occurs when the moon is at its perigee, the point in its month-long elliptical orbit brings it closest to Earth. At that time, the moon appears up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than at its apogee, its furthest point from Earth. This upcoming blood moon will coincide with the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat (the 15th day of the Hebrew month Shevat), the arboreal New Year and the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lavished praise on US President Donald Trump for, declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital In doing so, the Israeli leader likened Trump to King Cyrus. Question is, will Trump now go further after declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Will he declare his support for the rebuilding of the third temple?
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Washington Behind Saudi Moderation Drive - Top Saudi Cleric Issues Moderate Fatwa
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 A massive conference is taking place right now in Saudi Arabia – one which focuses on moving away from the past and looking towards the future. Saudi Arabia is on the path to change and is looking to reform the Kingdom into a modern country. The Muslim World League started on Monday, an international conference focusing on moderate Islam under the patronage of King Salman. It’s an idea introduced by crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and so far, all the scholars of Saudi Arabia back it. The event is a four-day international conference, titled “Moderation and Indications,” where dignitaries, scholars, senior officials and leading thinkers from the Muslim world have been invited. Scholars are already changing their stance on a number of issues. We aren’t too sure why Saudi Arabia is moving towards moderation but it does seem the idea originates from Washington.. Whatever the case may be, it would be interesting to see how the wider Muslim world takes this massive change. Or may be they won’t say anything? Whatever the case may be, we know, since 1979 Saudi Arabia has been promoting extremely radical ideas. So this shift seems like it may be heading from one extreme to another. Only time will tell how the moderation goes. So far, we give them credit for thinking about the things they have promoted in the past, which led to so much division in society in the outside world. Here’s a latest fatwa from Saudi Arabia – which shows one of the most notable Scholars out there to change his stance on free mixing. it’s their country at the end of the day. However, I do hope Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman gets more scholars to apologise for the way they’ve behaved in the past and the radical ideals they promoted. What they promoted in the past was clearly not Islam, otherwise they would not be looking for moderation right now. It just doesn’t make sense to do so. Personally, I’ve never been radical myself, however, I wouldn’t call myself a moderate. I think most Muslims would agree that Islam is Islam, nothing like what Saudi promotes, not yesterday nor today.
Something Strange Happening In The Sky - Satanic Meddling
For those of us, who don't know what CERN is, what are the satanists trying to do with this project CERN? Was it a space rocket lanuch? They want to connect to the planets, specifically saturn and they want to terraform this planet. They want to create a new race of beings. whilst researching i found, CERN has been cited by many people around the world, what is it's true purpose? It's purpose or goal amongst many many goals is their admission, is to open inter dimensional portals and pathways into other dimensions. So what are the dangerous of that? we have scientists like stephen hawkins talking about opening up black holes, I mean, that sounds dangerous, what are the dangerous? We really do not want to open up a portal. The cosmic dance of Shiva symbolises the interplay of dynamic and static divine energy flow, containing the five principles of eternal energy — creation, preservation, destruction, illusion and emancipation. Shiva dances in 'Rudra Tandava' or the dance of destruction in an aureole of fire, creating wild thunder storms all around the universe, even shattering the Sun. Vishnu is the other face of Shiva - I am now become death, the destroyer of the worlds. CERN and Project Blue Beam are actually quite connected. NASA is plotting together with the United Nations to introduce a New Age religion to the citizens of the world, why else do you think Trump went to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel then the Vatican? These people are working tierlessly to unite these three great religions as one. They want the world to be headed the Antichrist. By orchestrating the Second Coming of the Messiah through the use of advanced and top-secret holographic technology. Yes, they have this technology to fool people around the globe. This technology is known as project blue beam. These satanists even made michael jackson dance again through the use of holographic technology, he performed slave to the rhythm in front of an audience, although many of his fans did not approve of this return.
Divine Dreams Cult - Please Stop Your Operation On My Channel - Gentle Message - Muhammad Qasim
It's been a little while since I've been on this platform.I can admit to myself that there's information I have personally taken down, because as with anything, we are constantly learning and growing our knowledge. Sharing knowledge is a huge part of it, and to growing as a community means we share knowledge and enrich each other. At times, I can get things wrong, at times you may get things wrong, we are human, we don't know everything! Recently, I've had a number of trolls, being absolute freakshows, however, these don't concern me. What concerns me is cult groups trying to convert me from all sides. Unfortunately, there's a cult group out there, calling themselves divine dreams group on social media. They keep asking me, if I believe Qasim's dreams. Well, I don't. I don't care and I really don't wish to be a part of it. I'm having to delete messages, they are mainly from Indo/Pak region along with some accounts from Indonesia. My names Ali, I do not follow another mans dreams, I have my own dreams thank you very much! So, please take this as a gentle message, don't mix my videos with your silly agenda, I've had to punish a few brothers for this, and that's not how I am. I really dislike confrontation, so please be mindful and respectful. Divine Dreams Cult Group, Fake Imam Mahdi Group, Muhammad Qasim Abdul Kareem, bin Qaseem, PK, Pakistan, Muhammad Qasim
Netanyahu and Oman's Secret Mission Exposed - Antichrist Dajjal Awakening - Third Temple
El Al operates with the slogan “It’s not just an airline. It’s Isreal”. Israel’s flag carrier, El Al airlines, will soon have access to Oman’s airspace. While this doesn’t immediately change anything for El Al, due to the politics of the area, it marks the start of huge changes for the country. The new permission was granted by the ruler of Oman, Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Despite having historic hostile relations with a number of Middle East countries, relations have slowly been rebuilding over the past few years. For example, Chad and Egypt have already given permission for El Al to use their airspace, while Sudan is expected to start allowing Israel to use their airspace. El Al’s permission to operate in Oman comes following a visit to the country by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Despite having no formal relations the surprise trip went ahead. Speaking to Israeli diplomats in Isreal on Monday, Mr Netanyahu said: “When I was in Oman, Sultan Qaboos [bin Said] confirmed to me right away that El Al can fly over Oman.” On Monday, a Ziopig group hosted the dedication of the altar for the Third Temple, marking the event with a full-dress reenactment of the Korban Tamidi meaning (eternal offering). The Israelis are preparing for their Messiah's return and things seem to be happening year by year. Special vessels were prepared to be ready at a moment’s notice should the need arise to jumpstart the Temple service. According to Jewish eschatologists, the Jewish Messiah will come on time or before time, and right now, many Israeli's believe this is the window period for their Messiah to come. Therefore they must do what it takes to bring the Messiah into the world as soon as possible. (Daniel 9:27). The Apostle Paul mentions it when he declares that the “man of lawlessness” will profane the temple by entering it and declaring himself to be God (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) It was Yassir Arafat who said, look into their books and you will see why they are doing what they are doing. They are doing it for their books, they are forcing the prophecies upon the innocent people. Netanyahu is preparing for dajjal.
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Muammar Gaddafis SHOCKING Secret
Under Qaddafi’s rule, Libya attained the highest standard of living in Africa, it was the only debt free country in Africa, He raised the literacy rate from 20% to 83%, he built one of the finest free health care systems in the third world, therefore raising the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years, Qaddafi gave women full access to education and employment and enabled the women to serve in the armed forces. Gaddafi provided to its citizens what is denied to many Americans or Europeans, free public health care, free education don't believe me? Check out the WHO and UNESCO DATA, Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qaddafi one of the 21st century’s greatest freedom fighters, the foreign powers conspired to murder Qaddafi, he was targeted by the CIA, France and UK since the 1970s. He was an enemy of the Dajjal System, an influencial enemy and had to be taken out. 2011 uprising was initiated and supported by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, may Allah trap the leaders of those countries with the storm of Aad, curse be upon them for betraying the ummah. But why did those countries betray Gaddafi? Qaddafi supported feverishly the Palestinian cause. Qaddafi hated all monarchs of the Gulfs, accusing them of being puppet and slaves to the west. Qaddafi supported anti-Zionist, pan-Africanist, and black civil rights movements. Qaddafi put up a communications satellite the first in Africa to bring the continent of Africa into the 21st century of technology. Gaddafi wanted to free Africans from the imperialism and the neocolonialism. Muammar Gaddafi, NWO, Freemasons, Illuminati, Islam, Ummah, Merciful servant of Islam,
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Religious BitCoins Are Hitting The Market - Who Is Behind This Madness?
Bitcoin news, religious bitcoins, Jesus coin, Islamic bitcoins, banks investing, trading, finance, financial collapse, gold trading, silver trading, forex trading, dajjals currency, bitcoin, sheikh Imran hossein referred to in the video.
Trump CAN'T Win Against Iran - Story Of Hussain (ra) Will Shape ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND WORLD!!!!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 If America goes to war with Iran, Donald Trump better listen to this story. This story begins in the desert. Hussain the grandson of the Prophet PBUH was cut to pieces by the soldiers of Yazid, a cruel tyrant of that time. Hussain became the master of martyrs. For centuries many Muslims in the region have been taught to see the world from the eyes of this battle. The battle of free men against oppression. Good vs evil. Hussain witnessed and protested the rights of his people being violated, and the values of society being destroyed by a tyrannical and corrupt government. Yazid was the antithesis of everything Hussain stood for and preached, yet he demanded that Hussain pays allegiance to him, in order to increase his own credibility. And this is exactly what Donald Trump is doing to every leader on the planet. And it seems he now has his eyes on Iran. If the America regime declares war, the story of Hussain will shape the lives of not just the middle east but the entire world. The US government has approved the deployment of a Patriot missile defence battery and another warship to the Middle East and tensions between the US and Iran are rising steadily.. The US says the deployments of military hardware to the region comes in response to apparently "heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations". However, that’s all Ziopig propaganda. It’s plausible that the United States will do some sort of false flag to justify their evil, but I hope things won’t escalate any further. The U.S. has attacked Iran before—, Operation Eagle Claw at Tabas desert back in the 1980s— However, the United States, was trapped into failure and had to fly back home! There are many things the United States don’t understand, but I don’t think they’re that silly not to understand that, Iran is no Libya neither Syria or Iraq, the game is quite different. Hopefully There won't be a war; Iranians are pretty clued up people, they make their own weapons and by far are intellectually superior to the Bedouins in Najd Saudi Arabia. The Iranian politicians, diplomats, motivated young people, students in political sciences as well as Iranian political activists-- know that negotiating with a bullying regime like the United States is not a means to eliminate hostility. America is losing it’s grip as a world power and there’s nothing they can do about it apart from deploy weapons and parade them in the Middle East for the Saudi clown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to buy. The triumph of Hussain against Yazeed lies in the fact that his inspiration has moved men to grieve for him throughout the centuries. And speak truth in the face of oppressive RULERS, by being brave and standing up for justice. If the US meddles in Iran, it will certainly ignite fire for Hussain and shape Trump as the modern day Yazeed. In the real sense of cosmic history, the martyrdom of Hussain is a mighty triumph, a wondrous victory. One which strengthens people in the region, whether it’s in Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia or Tehran in Iran. The United States it’s not that stupid to put it’s pet slaves in danger in the region.
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New World Order Crumbles! Macron On His Way Out - Gaddafis Curse!
Paris Lockdown! France Riots, French police, France tourist hotspots! French revolution! France brink of civil War, Macron hiding like a little pussy cat! Paris riots, weekend yellow vests strike again! French and Gaddafi! Putin and French riots! Ramzan Kadyrov and french protests, the world is watching! Macron and MBS have to go! Macron approval ratings are low! Macron is finished, France brink of civil war!
Imran Khan Has The Balls To Answer Donald Trump :-)
Very little is known about Boumédiène's life; even the year of his birth is contested. He was one of the most powerful Muslim leaders in modern history, fearless roared the truth and effortless choked the enemy without any remorse. He is the man, who bought Pakistan and Bangladesh together at the Lahore Summit - after a disastrous war between the two. A striking resemblance with Imran Khan. Houri Boumediene was educated at the Islamic Institute in Constantine. He joined the National Liberation Front (FLN) in the Algerian War of Independence in 1955 He ruled Algeria with an iron fist, and bought independence to the nation from France, some say he was assasinated some say he died in a coma, whatever the case may be, everyone remembered him at his funeral , because he was truly global and vocal about the crimes of the new world order. He was vehemently against any negotiations between Israel and Egypt so long as these moves were opposed by the Palestinians. For Boumediene, the Arab struggle against Israel was part of a larger struggle against "imperialism." Words were uttered at his funeral "Palestine will remember you, the countries of Africa will remember you, the liberation movements will remember you, and the Western Sahara will remember you" - we had to learn a lesson after Bangladesh, but, seems like they haven't learnt and one thing that we should've learnt when east pakistan broke away, is that, military operations are never the answer, people want justice, people want their voice, and you've done a military operation we've done it in balochistan, in FATA, we've done it in Sindh in the 80's, we've done 2 in karachi, operations are never the answer, listening is the answer, Imran Khan - Today, I'm in pain... i'm in pain.. because, a big .. not on muslims, on humans there's a big massive injustice,listen carefully, on palestinians, there's a massive injustice being played with palestinians... in 1948... in 1948 when Israel formed, so do you know who protested the most? when israel was born, the biggest protest came from Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of pakistan, he said, this isn't injustice on muslims, but injustice on human beings.... There's people living there already, and then someone comes a long and gives the land over to another people? Imran Khan for prime minister of Pakistan, Pakistani elections, Nawaz Sharif is a fraud. Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Ralwapindi, Lahore, Kashmir. Geo News, NDTV news, Will Imran Khan win the Pakistani elections? Imran Khan's party gains ground in Pakistan pre-election polls The Pakistani opposition party led by former cricket star Imran Khan appears to be gaining ground ahead of a July 25 general election,
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Isolating Iran and Turkey Is All About JERUSALEM - Good vs Evil - WORLD IS DIVIDING!!!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Turkey, Iran, Russia. America Israel, UAE, Egypt. Breaking news about the deal of the century. Update from Jerusalem. Update from Tehran. KGB updates. Russian peace deal. The Ottomans conquered in 1517, the Land was divided into four districts and attached administratively to the province of Damascus and ruled from Istanbul. At the outset of the Ottoman era, an estimated 1,000 Jewish families lived in the country, mainly in Jerusalem, Nablus (Shechem), Hebron, Gaza, Safed (Tzfat) and the villages of Galilee. The community was comprised of descendants of Jews who had never left the Land … Today it’s a different picture. The Prime Minister ruling, Benjamin Netanyahu is originally Polish and the Saudi’s along with the Gulf States are ready to shake hands on the so called PEACE DEAL with Israel. Faisal Abbas, editor-in-chief of Arab News, writes column supportive of the United State regimes yet-to-be-released plan, saying could alleviate Palestinian suffering and make peace more possible. Trump regime has not shared details on plan and has consistently dismissed reported leaks as mere speculation. It’s interesting that, they won’t release the details of the plan till after Ramadan. If the deal is to bring peace, then why wait till after Ramadan? Why not release the details now if it’s so peaceful? And why are Saudi’s supporting the peace plan without knowing details behind it? In 1187 Salaudin Al Ayoubi, the inspirational Muslim leader, entered the holy city of Jerusalem after a successful siege. During his reign, Saladin built many schools, hospitals, and institutions in his quest for intellectual and civic achievements. He was also determined to bring justice, peace, and prosperity to those within his domain. Although one would expect Saladin to be hated among the Crusader nations, he became one of the most esteemed Muslim figures of the medieval Islamic world because of the generosity he displayed towards the Christians despite the brutality Muslims had endured at the hands of the Crusaders. Saladin allowed Christians and Jews to continue their worship in the city and he was loved by all. There's a room, tucked away in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem where the famous Muslim general Saladin Ayyubi stayed when he wanted seclusion and carry out worship. If Jerusalem is lost, then history is lost with it. Amongst all this chaos in the Middle East and , India has ended all imports of oil from Iran, its ambassador in Washington says, becoming the latest country to grudgingly comply with threatened U.S. sanctions. It’s clear that the world is being divided through this bogus peace deal. India has just confirmed that it will no longer be buying Iranian oil. I’m not surprised, with the recent re-election of Narendra Modi, it’s finally time, that he starts showing his true face. And that is, the face of Ziopigism, the club he has joined along with the Saudis. All these dangerous developments we are witnessing on the global stage isn’t addressing what’s really behind the chaos. Jerusalem has taken centre stage, It’s all about Jerusalem, as Ilhan Omar says “it’s all about the Benjamins baby” – The devil wants Jerusalem and it’s ready to take down nations who resistant against illegal occupation. If you are siding with the Ziopig alliance and supporting the so called peace deal of the century, then you are certainly a wrong doer! We continue to monitor the situation in the Middle East, Russia is currently working to crystallize a new vision for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process based on international legitimacy – Let’s see what they have to offer to the table soon. Palestine should be a concern for everyone, of all faiths. Especially the orthodox Christian, Muslim and Jewish community. Jerusalem belongs to the world. Iran and Turkeys concern over Palestine is legitimate. The gulf Arab states are betraying the Palestinians and using petrodollars to sell Palestine. This should be a concern for us all. The Israeli lobby. Sheikh Imran Hossain
Anonymous message to Muslims of Somalia and Saudi Arabia. We must stop Wahhabism from spreading, Wahhabism, Somali news, Somali latest news, Saudi News, Saudi breaking news, Wikileaks Saddam Hussein, New Leaks, Government Corruption, NWO, Breaking News America, Anonymous subscriber, King Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen News, Yemen Latest, Saddams secret, George Galloway's response.
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Bashar Al Assad Has Exposed Emannuel Macron - End Zionist Globalist Now!
The data came from closely-watched surveys published by research group IHS Markit, which tracks business activity across Europe in its Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI). In France, private sector business activity contracted for the first time in two and a half years as the "yellow vest" protests took their toll. In Germany, private sector activity slowed to a four-year low. The surveys pointed to weak fourth-quarter growth in the two biggest eurozone economies. After the figures were published, the euro fell 0.6% to below the $1.13 mark. And it seems like it's just going to keep falling! a tail risk is forming that eurozone economies will slip into a recession Macron is hopelessly out of touch with his people, he puts his own interests first, with no regard to others. France has been funding terrorism globally with their Saudi allies, creating a refugee crisis. When refugees come to Europe, ask yourself, who's fault is it? When these globalist leaders are constantly bombing the middle east. When they get into Europe the state has to provide for them, because it is the state which is stealing their resources back home. And who loses? It's the people. The people of France, the people of Germany. Some pricks are starting to say George Sorrow's is funding the Yellow Vest movement.That's absolute B.S, The yellow vests are very much normal people pissed off with endless tax rises levied by the leaders that Soros funds. Macron is a Rothschild plant & George Soros is from the same clique. The people who fund wars are behind Emmanuel Macron, this was the main objective of the European Union and Macron wanted to go further with this war plan by uniting Europe and forming a European army, solely just for that. The European Union is a con, it shows that it's working towards greater economic and social wellbeing, but in reality, it's just a bloody shopping centre of the global elite and it must be dismantled!
American Elections 2020 - Warning To America - Shocking Information Revealed!
https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Bernie Saunders, George W Bush, Barack Obama, Clinton, Algore, Donald Trump, American Presidents, In years past, Americans have trusted their system of government enough that they abide by its outcomes even though they may disagree with them. Only once in American history do we see disaster,– in 1861 – showed, how Americans can expressed their distrust the system broke down, it went into chaos mode, America broke out into a civil war. Typically, when an election is over, the peaceful transition of power reminds the public that our allegiance is not toward a particular person but to our system of government. Five weeks after the bitterly contested election of 2000, and just one day after the supreme court ruled 5-4 in favor of George W Bush, Al Gore graciously declared: “I say to president-elect Bush that what remains of partisan rancor must now be put aside, and may God bless his stewardship of this country.” But what happens if an incumbent president claims our system is no longer trustworthy? 19 years on, we're still debating, who really won the 2000 elections in the US? was it Al Gore or was it Bush? This so called democratic system is certainly rigged! And it's rigged against the American public. The United States is now headed by Donald Trump, someone pathologically incapable of admitting defeat. This doesn’t go well for the 2020 presidential elections. Trump is purposely shoving Israeli and Saudi relations in our face, causing issues in Venezuela, the good people of America know this very well, and they aren't too happy, but the question is, will they do anything about it come 2020? And if they do, will the secret establishment or deep state as many like to call it, listen? If we go back earlier this month, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer said “given my experience working for Mr Trump I fear that if he loses the election in 2020 then there will never be a peaceful transition of power, and this is why I agreed to appear before you today”, Nasrallah, Israel, Golan Heights,
Pakistan vs India Exposed! Secret Intelligence! Inside Job! Narendra Modi MUST GO!
Join the big conversation on twitter: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 INDIA REFUSES TO SHARE INTELLIGENCE TO PAKISTAN OVER SO CALLED SURGICAL STRIKES https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/02/reuters-america-update-3-india-refuses-to-share-proof-of-strikes-in-pakistan-amid-doubts-of-militant-deaths.html Source: https://thewire.in/security/balakot-airstrikes-india-pakistan-satellite-images Whilst Modi was giving that speech in Tamil Nadu, hashtag #GoBackModi was trending on twitter. Question is, why is Modi so unpopular amongst Tamilians. Well, that's because, Modi's extremist BJP Hindutva politics plays well in places with about 20% minority population. In most parts of Tamil Nadu, it is 90%+ Hindu and in some parts it is all Hindu. You can see Hinduism everywhere -[it's also the only state with a Hindu temple as the official symbol], therefore, Hindus in most of Tamil Nadu don't see a big threat of other religions and don't see the need to protect their religion. Selling Hindutva to Tamils is like selling sand to the Arabs. An analysis by the International Cyber Policy Centre in Australia questions the Indian government's claims that terror facilities in Pakistan were hit and destroyed. The Indian media reported that the target of the strike was on Jaysh e Muhammad, a group which is restricted in Pakistan. Satellite imagery, acquired by Planet Labs Inc. calls this claim into question. No evidence of damage to the facility or nearby areas is visible on the images Satellite imagery, presented and analysed here, provides no apparent evidence of more extensive damage and on the face of it does not validate Indian claims regarding the effect of the strikes. The satellite imagery suggests that the claims made by India’s Ministry of External Affairs of ‘a very large number’ of militants being killed in the strike are likely false. And this is why, my dear friends, Pakistan plans to lodge a complaint against India at the United Nations, accusing it of "eco-terrorism" over air strikes that damaged pine trees... Geo News, Samaa, PTV, Prime TV, Zee News, Narendra Modi, BJP Party, Dhruv Rathee, ghazwa e hind
Pakistan Could Face Sanctions After Iranian Visit - Let The Oil Smuggling Begin!
Follow me: https://twitter.com/Praecursator007 Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Tehran was marred by a number of incidents around the Iranian Pakistani border region. There are many outside players who will push for this alliance to fail. Someone clearly hates the idea of peaceful dialogue between Iran and Pakistan. Who are these people? You have to look at the timing of incidents in Iran and Pakistan, both sides blaming each other, but Kremlin believes both sides are innocent and it's US and Saudi's who want to derail the situation. the two countries were able to have a somewhat fruitful and productive engagement during Khan’s visit. Friendship between Iran and Pakistan is likely to upset major players on the world stage especially with the announcement of a of a joint rapid reaction force along the shared border of Iran and Pakistan. The recent incidents in the border region has strangely brought the two sides closer together and the enemy hates that! WikiLeaks documents have shown that Saudi Arabia financed militant groups It's not a coincident that Imran Khan’s visit also coincided with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement that it was clamping down hard on countries who sought to buy Iranian oil, United States named, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and of course, China, who account for about half of Iranian oil exports. This would undoubtedly send a clear picture to Pakistan that if Pakistan deals with Iran, then Pakistan would have to face sanctions... China and India aren't taking this news very well. Especially India, since it was granted a waiver by the US to bypass the sanctions... but now things are looking serious It would be interesting to see Pakistans move in this. It's quite clearly with Mike Pompeo's timely Iranian oil announcement is there to ruin Iranian-Pakistani energy goals. I feel Pakistan shouldn't abide by the US sanctions. Imran Khan should take a brave stance against the United States. Turkey, one of Iran's biggest buyers, have already said they won't abide by the US sanctions. If the situation gets out of control, I believe Iran will have to smuggle out oil barrels of rebranded oil per day through Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey. Saudi Arabia needs to wake up from this Zionist mentality. They are starting to lose support of Muslim nations like Turkey. Saudi Arabia shouldn't help the united states with illegal sanctions where human beings have to pay the price. This is a move by the United States, and it's quite likely that Saudi Arabia and UAE will start pumping more oil to meet the demands in the market.. Just so the United States can play God. I say this because everybody is aware of this new alliance forming in the Middle East, which could be blessed by Russia and China - and of course this is quite concerning to Mr Trump, and if Pakistan joins in, it's going to be even moreso. According to the Middle East Eye - Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt hatched a plan with Israel to scale back the regional influence of Turkey and Iran, with Turkey deemed to be the biggest military threat to these Gulf states’ interests. So far Pakistan is playing like India, being neutral, but if dealing with Iran, Pakistan was to face sanctions, I think things will definitely take a dramatic turn! There are some silly people focusing on a minor mistake Imran Khan made during his speech in Iran. Everybody makes mistakes, even I do, a lot when I speak publicly. But they aren't talking about the important issues which Imran Khan discussed in Iran, which was Pakistan Iran energy goals, border security, Syrian Golan Heights and Palestine as well as Kashmir! Open your eyes...
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