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Smallville Video - "You and Me" (performed by Lifehouse)
Music video inspired by the relationship between Clark and Lana and using Lifehouse's hit single 'You and Me'.
Views: 140825 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Kenny Rogers - The Last Ten Years (Superman)
Music video based on Kenny Roger's song and dedicated to the memory of Christopher Reeve.
Views: 53138 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Jerry Maguire - Secret Garden
Music video based on Bruce Springsteen's song used in the movie soundtrack
Views: 3161965 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Smallville - "Sand And Water" (performed by Beth Nielsen Chapman)
'Sand and Water' replacing 'Time after Time' for the ending of the episode 'Crush' (Season 1-Episode 19) showing the funeral of Whitney's father.
Views: 47606 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Chad Kroeger - Hero
Music video with the song by Chad Kroeger using footage from Superman The Movie.
Views: 51188 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Smallville Video - "Wherever You Will Go" performed by The Calling.
Music video using footage from Smallville and the song by The Calling
Views: 194836 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Smallville Video - "Hallelujah" (performed by Jeff Buckley)
Same video-different song. I joined Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' to the funeral scene from 'Smallville'. Hopefully, viewers will enjoy and the new song will keep the emotional value from the original piece.
Views: 10258 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Smallville Video - "Collide" (performed by Howie Day)
Music video inspired by the relationship between Clark and Lana and by Howie Day's hit single 'Collide'. Due to lack of new footage, I had to recycle old ones (some pieces unfortunately come with a WB or CW logo on the screen). I hope you will still enjoy it.
Views: 13535 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Smallville video (Season 1-ep. 19 - "Crush") - "Angel" performed by Sarah McLachlan
This time, I switched the original Eva Cassidy's 'Time After Time' to the ever so touching 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan and one of my favourite songs ever. I just wanted to share an emotional moment with you. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Views: 4819 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Superman The Movie - Trailer
Trailer using Jor-El's voice heard in the trailer for Superman Returns
Views: 55141 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Superman Returns Trailer (The Movie Teaser Intro)
Unofficial trailer for Superman Returns made up with footage from the movie, sound from the original teaser for 1978's Superman and from the trailer for the 2000 edition.
Views: 22021 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Superman: The Man of Steel (Teaser Trailer)
First fan-made teaser for 'Superman Returns' sequel, inspired by the teaser for the 'Returns' movie.
Views: 14790 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
Music video using footage from Superman and Superman II on the song by Five For Fighting.
Views: 7917 FrenchmanOfSteel1
'Man of Steel' Teaser Trailer (fan-made)
Fan-made trailer inspired by the 'Fortress of Solitude' sequence from 'Superman-The Movie', using Jor-El's voice and John Williams's score.
Views: 332 FrenchmanOfSteel1
Michael Jackson Tribute Video - Angel (performed by Sarah McLachlan)
This is a tribute video honoring Michael Jackson's memory as the greatest entertainer of all time and an influential artist and humanitarian. The song used is "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. Feel free to comment. Enjoy.
Views: 1671 FrenchmanOfSteel1

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