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Ex Bread Seller Olajumoke Orisaguna, Her Husband & Kids Move Into Their Fully Furnished Luxury Apart
Olajumoke Orisaguna along with her husband, Sunday and two children, Grace and Precious has moved into their luxury Surulere (Lagos) apartment. Sujimoto Construction, the company that got her the apartment (rent and furnishing) for five years, told us that the finishing touches are being dabbed on the abode. And in a matter of days, the three –bedroom pad will be occupied. The 27 year-old lucky damsel – discovered in February after the photo bombed TY Bello’s shoot of Tinie Tempah in Yaba area of Lagos – had moved from the hotel in Sabo, Yaba (Lagos) where she had made home in the last few weeks. Before then, she was squatting at Liberty Bakery (on Commercial Avenue, Sabo) along with scores of hawkers. Orisaguna, a hair stylist from Iree (Osun) had come to Lagos in January (her second adventure in the mega city) following closure of the Polytechnic and dwindling sales.
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Stephanie Okereke And Genevieve Nnaji Share Hearty Moments Together At Movie Premiere
Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus premiered her latest film, ‘Dry,’ this week in Lagos –Nigeria, and had a huge entourage of the biggest stars in the industry grace the occasion. Some of the stars that attended the event were Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Nuoah, Osas Ajibade, Rita Dominic, Sola Sobowale, Mo Abudu and many others.
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Photos  Severely Sick Nollywood Veteran Actor Bruno Iwuoha Hospitalized In The US
You can recall last two weeks Mr. Bruno Iwuoha was calling for medical help. After that the CEO Morgan Entertainment, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor Jr invited him to USA took him to one of the best hospital and paid all the bills including hospital bill feeding and medication bill when Mr Iwuoha arrived United States he was on wheel chair but right now he came back very healthy . The Ceo Morgan Entertainment called the AGN president Emeka Ike to meet with him in his New Jesey office for more discussion of how to provide health insurance for all our artists. Emeka Morgan said our artists life matter a lot they are the face of Nigeria and our ambassadors. According to the doctors, Bruno will not be able to work or do certain things for 6-12 months, to give room for proper healing. In this regard
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Gideon Okeke SHADES Tonto Dikeh's Marriage On Twitter, Tonto Fires Back! PHOTO
Popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh got married to her now husband, Olanrewaju Churchill aka Mr. X recently, and it seems that not everybody in this world or even industry is happy about their union. See all of the drama after the jump: Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke, took to Twitter yesterday to sub Tonto Dikeh in an offensive tweet he sent out about her marriage. The tweet which received serious backlash from fans caught the attention of Tonto, who as you can imagine, took to her own Instagram to fire back at Gideon. The caption reads: Watch who you are talking to Be mindful of who you are letting into your life. If you ever sit down with someone to talk and they are belittling and bitching abt people they used to be close to Or never close to....Chatting sh*t or telling truths that you don't need to know...Generally hating and gossip talking about whoever...Don't tell this people anything about you. Recognize that they will do same to you when you aren't flavour of the month Anymore.. Some people will try to use you,When you can't be used/used anymore,the selfish and disloyal behavior will begin. I say try to use you,because people who are trying to bring you down are already beneath you... No one higher than you in wealth,Success,Life will ever belittle their selves to stoop so low to trash or destroy you unless you steal from them.. The people who are speaking negatively about you aren't in a Good place. Spiritually they are Losing out. Let them talk Sh*t These are the same people who will do whatever they can to try and get people to like them. Never willingly let them into your life unless you enjoy drama. If you have these people in your life,Remove them...FAST They will never help your life,Just attempt to hinder your progressions. Stay happy my darlings #beautifulMorning #Happywoman #POKOBARS
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Must Read! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Anita Finally Speaks About Their Messy Divorce
If you recall in 2014, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife Anita, who now goes by her maiden name Ebhodaghe caused quite a stare when news of divorce between the two hit the net. The divorce was filed in April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, United Kingdom on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” and for the first time since that divorce, Anita is now speaking. See what she has to say after the jump: Anita took to her blog to discuss how her life has been changing as of late making some serious references to her marriage as she wrote. She wrote: It is my desire to reach out and inspire you especially if you feel vulnerable and in need of a change. I hope to inspire you to believe in yourself no matter the circumstances. I want to help you recreate your life going forward, so you can live beautifully. I have been through this journey of rediscovery and nothing is as beautiful as realising one’s uniqueness as I have done. Life is a precious however, your life can go through different seasons: winter, spring, summer or autumn. Life can hit you with financial loss, disappointments, death of a loved one, a broken relationship, loss of a job, a divorce, being falsely accused or being a victim of crime. These can shatter you to pieces but you can do something about it. Life is a gift from God and you deserve to be happy irrespective of your age, race, gender, background or financial situation. I urge you to appreciate the gift you are, you are precious and valuable. Never lose sight of who you are; begin to create new visions and dreams for your life. Let nothing stop you from growing every day. My story is not one of a bed of roses, far from it but I had a choice to either beat myself over the regret of tolerating abuse for so long or put a stop to the abuse and recreate my life for the best. My journey was not in vain. I can now help others realise that their situation does not define them. In order to move on with life, I have come to realise that nothing is permanent. Your problem is not permanent; you can do something to change it by ensuring you do not allow the situation or the person make your life miserable. Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable but suffering is optional. You can do something to change the pain by over looking every obstacle, take control as a force of nature to grow and expand. Do what is necessary now to use the gift God has given you to unleash your purpose. My message to all is simple: you have value therefore discover your potential. Do not allow anybody destroy you or rob you of living a joyful life. Your life is not wasted; you have just started a different phase of life. God will show you how to use your testimony to help others and restore their lives to exuberance. Please join me to encourage and inspire others. You have a story to tell, you can contribute and participate in the dialogues here. Let us all learn from one another’s experience and reach others with the gift of love and kindness. Share your experience by emailing me or making a comment. Celebrate your uniqueness because there is only one of you. Pastor Anita has a new book coming titled “100 Ways To Cherish Yourself And Get Back On Your Feet”. Readers, was her silence worth the wait? What do you think of her statement now?
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Ex Bread Seller Olajumoke Orisaguna Relocates From Slums To Luxury Apartment In Surulere, Lagos
Agege bread hawker turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna along with her husband, Sunday and two children, Grace and Precious will move into their luxury Surulere (Lagos) apartment this week. Sources close to Sujimoto Construction, the company that got her the apartment (rent and furnishing) for five years, told us that the finishing touches are being dabbed on the abode. And in a matter of days, the three –bedroom pad will be occupied.
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Meet The 131 year old “Iya Orisa” Living Under Olumo Rock Photos
The rock served as a shelter for many of the survivors, who were said to have hidden in specific areas inside the caves located inside the rocks to evade attacks from enemies. Some of these people eventually built small apartments inside the rocks and created places where they carried out their daily activities for about three years without getting into town. It was not until after the war that most of these people started coming out of their hiding to see the other people who survived the brutality of that period. In a chat with Vivian Plus+ , an elderly woman said she was the ‘Iya Orisa’ of Olumo (meaning the mother goddess) of the rock.
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HIV Woman Infects 12 Year Old Boys
A group of worried parents filed a police complaint after an HIV infected prostitute slept with their kids. The Southern Region Police Department in Israel alleged that 7 boys were infected with HIV, possibly because of sexual contact they had with an infected prostitute. The police inquest was launched after principals of the three schools where the boys learn and the police welfare authorities were alerted of the attack. The woman was detained and is being probed Cops said that even if the woman isn’t HIV positive, she will be accused of child rape as all the kids are below age 14. One victim claimed that he had no option but to sleep with the prostitute, as all his pals were sleeping with her. According to the kid, the boys were filming their meeting and showing it around in school. The prostitute did not charge the boys any fee for the services.
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Church Members Buy Private Jet For A Pastor As His Birthday Gift In Ghana Photos
A Canadian based church gifted a private jet to its Ghanaian pastor for his birthday. The church, Miracle Arena for All Nations in Toronto, Canada founded in 2011 by Dr. Kofi Danso and wife Rev. Joanne Danso. On his birthday in Febuary 2016, the church presented the private jet to Dr. Danso and his wife for their passion and charisma towards the work of God. Prophet Dr. Danso noted that he had prophesied that God was going to bless him with a jet this year on his birthday and so was not too surprised when the church bought him one.
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Housewife Who Was Also A Gospel Singer Invited By Pastor Found Dead In Hotel
A female gospel singer, Yvonne Omoarebokhae, has been found dead in a hotel owned by a former lawmaker in the Edo State House of Assembly. She allegedly lodged into the hotel with a Lagos based Pastor whose name was given as Apostle Psalm Okpe of the Fresh Oil Ministry.
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Mercy Aigbe And Daughter Step Out In Style For City People Awards
Mercy Aigbe and her first daughter looked fabulous as they stepped out for the City People Awards this evening.Mercy won one of the two categories she was nominated for .Congrats to her.
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Dog That Walked 30 Miles To Get Rejected By Owner Now Getting 5 Star Treatment And New Home
A dog walked thirty miles to try to get home, only to get rejected by her owner family the moment she arrived. Ma Kettle’s earlier owner, who called her Lady, died in 2012, leaving her without a home. She was adopted out of the CCAS (Chautauqua County Animal Shelter), Kansa, but then given away once more for not getting along with a new puppy. She ran away from her third home, and wandered back to the family with the puppy; however, the journey came to an end with her being sent back to the animal shelter. Ma Kettle’s life has since turned out to be a fairy tale. Her story went viral, catching the interest of an animal-loving heiress, who has at present whisked her off in a private plane to Odessa in Florida, about 30 minutes from Tampa, where she will live in a 12,000 square foot home on 100-odd acres, with other rescued dogs. Ma Kettle’s name is now Lady once again, and Helen Rosburg, her new owner is also called author Helen Rich, a tattooed, art-collecting heir to the Wrigley chewing gum wealth. The story echoed on the internet and with Rosburg, who had lately lost her senior black Labrador, Granny decided to adopt the dog. 65-year-old Rosburg contacted her staff to rescue the dog from Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan in Kansas. Her assistants Barbara DiCioccio and Chet Ragsdale boarded a private plane to Kansas to pick up the dog. She posted a picture of herself with Lady to Facebook, and it sure seems like the both of them are totally delighted, being together.
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True Love Or Stupidity   Wife Sleeps With 2 Men So That Her Husband Can Get His Dream Job
Charlene Dzokese (24) confessed to bedding two men in a bid to help him secure a job – she cheated with Zimbabwe Coalition boss, Phillan Zamchiya and her husband’s best friend Beloved Chiweshe. Dzokese told H. Metro that her husband, Mehluli Dube had been unemployed since 2004 and Zamchiya and Chiweshe had promised to help him. Mehluli discovered the love affair last Wednesday when he rummaged through his wife’s WhatsApp chats.These affairs had been running concurrently since last year November.
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My Pastor Said I Can Win Souls With My Gigantic Backside – Actress Vivian Okyere
What is the connection between winning souls for Christ and big butts? None, but this back loaded Ghanaian actress says, her pastor claims she can win souls with her big bu.tt. Vivian Okyere known as Tundra in movies is gifted at the backside and she told NewsOne in a recent interview that, her pastor told her she can attract men with her butt and preach to them about God to accept Christ in their lives. Interestingly ridiculous…right? The actress also told the newspaper that, “sometimes I feel guilty about my bu.tts and the way men lust after them. I was once walking by the New Town road in Accra and one guy driving a vehicle looked at me till he almost caused an accident.” She also claims everything behind her is natural and she is proud and thankful that God took extra days to create her that way. “I am proud of my body and I thank God for giving me this body… My body is natural. I know some people out there who have worked on their bodies. My body is not fake and I can say that somehow my body does get me movie roles but if you have the body, figure and all that but (you) don’t have the talent, you won’t go anywhere. Mercy Johnson for example has the body, she is pretty and is also talented and it is working for her,” she said. Actress Tundra is popular for various appearances in several Kumawood movies—she is a hot cake in Kumasi and surely, the backside is her selling point.
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A Pastor And A Native Doctor Decided To Test Their Spiritual Powers By Spending 30 Minutes In A Coff
Over 3000 Ghanaians gathered at the Jubilee Park in Kumasi yesterday April 12th to watch a spiritual battle between Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim, Founder and General Overseer of International Gods Way Church (IGWC) and Okomfo Yaw Appiah, a native doctor. Both men had always argued about who was more powerful. They agreed to meet at the stadium to test their powers by spending 30 minutes in a coffin. But the native doctor didn’t show up. Twitter user Obimpena Austine @obiMpenaAustine narrated the story in a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, April 12.
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Most Flexible Girl In The World – Kino MacGregor
According to her biography, Kino MacGregor is a global yoga teacher, founder of Miami Yoga Magazine, writer, world traveler, author of two books, co-founder of Miami Life Center, producer of six Ashtanga yoga DVDs and a blogger. Kino’s YouTube yoga channel has had more than 2 million views; her Instagram has more than 312,000 followers and 34,400 followers on Twitter. She began practicing yoga at age 19. In the video, she begins in Firefly pose, which is a very hard arm balance to most people, before proceeding to bend her entire body through her legs. The clip concludes with Kino walking to and fro her yoga mat, head between her legs, holding onto ankles.
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Wizkid Abandons Zimbabwean Fans In The Rain And Then Disappeared
Wizkid has a lot of explanations and apologies to render to the people of Zimbabwe. It was supposed to be an earth shaking show and this was his first ever concert in that country but he never showed up. He had get the fans waiting from 7pm to 2am at the open field concert venue. The rain beat these fans and soon, when it done on them that the singer was never going to show up, they got violent and ended up damaging some equipment with empty bottles. Some of the angry fans wrote” WizKid was in Zimbabwe. WizKid didn’t perform. Revellers left standing in the cold for a no-show.”
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British Grandfather Who Left Wife Of 43Yrs To Marry A Cameroonian Woman Frustrated With UK Govt
Paul Catchpole, 66, divorced his wife and mother of his two grown up children to marry Angele, a woman 36 years his junior. The couple met and fell in love when Paul temporarily moved to Cameroon to work in Douala,Cameroon. “I didn’t go looking for love, it just happened. I couldn’t believe it when Angele showed me she was interested in me" he said. But it hasn't been all sunshine and roses for the couple who have been married since 2011 and are blessed with two children. So far, the besotted husband has invested over 151,000 Pounds, including his life savings, loans and inheritance in the marriage and two visa applications in order to get his wife and children to the UK. So far all attempts have been in vain after British authorities refused his new wife permanent residency in the UK because she can’t speak fluent English. "There have been bombings in Cameroon recently and I worry if I don’t get them over here soon, their lives will be at risk. I don’t care how much it costs I won’t stop until Angele and the kids are here with me." says the frustrated husband. "It is heartbreaking but I believe one day I 'll have them all here with me" he concluded.
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Woman Has 90 Orgasms An Hour
A woman who suffers from up to 90 orgasms an hour disclosed how the rare sexual disorder is making her life a misery. 30-year-old Cara Anaya suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which means going shopping or picking her kid up from school can be an extremely humiliating experience. Cara was diagnosed with the terminal condition 3 years ago, and she experiences up to 6 hours of spontaneous sexual arousal every day. She lives with her 34-year-old husband Tony Carlisi and 10-year-old son Merrick. However, what may sound an enjoyable experience could not be any further from the truth. Living with the disorder has proven difficult for Cara and at the start she turned out to be reclusive, quitting work and being not able to leave her residence. She currently avoids being in public or remaining in open areas, like parks, where no one can know about her constant arousal. Strangely, Cara acquired the disorder unexpectedly 3 years ago while grocery shopping. Walking through the store through the store, she all of a sudden found herself aroused by all things in sight. Puzzled, she started to panic; the arousal went on until she fell to the ground and orgasmed unaided many times. Horror-struck Cara bundled herself into her car and called her pal Jenny when she arrived home not being able to describe what was taking place and went on to orgasm into the evening. Because of expensive medical costs, she suffered from her disorder for months before it became too unbearable to cope with. After getting 160 0rgasms, not counting multiple orgasms, in 120 minutes, crippled Cara concluded enough was enough. In 2012, Cara sought the help of her GP, who was left puzzled. Afterward, doctors would recognize the condition as Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder (PSAD). Without any trigger and the reason baffling, she has spent the last 6 months desperate to get a cure. Visiting a vulva specialist, four doctors and a neurologist, and also going through EKG, MRI, EEG scans and multiple blood tests. Cara has also sought a psychiatrists’ advice. Before getting the crippling problem, Cara worked as a waitress, presently a stay-at-home mother; she can’t return to work as she is too ashamed to explain her condition to the staff. Physical effects for the disorder are injured knees and ankles, dehydration and eventually fatigue from lack of sleep. She has not been able to wear high-heels since getting the condition as she never knows when she will have the orgasms. The condition as well has an effect on the intimacy of her marriage. She frequently longs for hugs, affection and intimacy due to the volume hormones in her body. This puts much pressure on their relationship. Before her condition Cara had only orgasmed with her husband and both only had sex four times each month. She has tried everything she knows to cure her condition, like using cold showers, ice and masturbation. Cara has also tried increasing her exercise regime and changing her diet, but nothing appears to help.
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The Boy Who Can’t Eat – Doctors Baffled
One year ago, Landon Jones, 12, stopped eating. Overnight, Jones appetite vanished without warning, hours after he ate a pizza and ice cream. Waking up on the morning of 14th October, 2013, he had lost all sense for thirst and hunger. The once full of life kid, who loved nothing more than playing in the park and venturing out on his bike with his brother and friends, stopped. Jones was ill and suffered dizziness nearly 24 hours each day. Now his parents Debbie and Michael are desperate for help to find out what is wrong with their Jones. Their pursuit for a diagnosis has taken Jones family to 5 different cities across America. Medics in Madison, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines were consulted. The parents took Jones to Rochester in Minnesota where specialists at the world-famous Mayo Clinic examined the boy’s case. But their strenuous investigation has, until now, provided no answers. America’s National Institute of Health (NIH) is currently thinking about giving Jones an appointment; they only analyze the rarest of cases yearly. In the last year Jones has shed nearly 36lbs, dropping from 104lbs to 68lbs after he began to lose roughly 2lbs each week last Autumn. His parents have tried experimenting with everything they can think about to help their son to eat. But Jones rarely eats more than a bite of his sandwich at lunch break and some crisps. While his younger 9-year-old brother Bryce, comes from school every day to play with the family’s dog, lethargic Jones likes to rest on the couch. In 2014, he missed 65 school days. And his parents say Jones has not run for months, compelled to look at his classmates from the sidelines. Often Jones parents urge him to drink and eat. The next approach, they say, is to stick in a feeding tube, to help feed Jones directly through his belly. The dad said they believed Jones sickness was connected to the Hypothalamus in his brain, not working. The size of a leveled pea, it regulates thirst and hunger and also sleep cycles, blood pressure and body temperature. A child neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, Dr Marc Patterson, said Jones might be the only case of its type globally. Jones father said another likely cause of his son’s sickness is treatment he got 3 years back for absence seizures. Medics prescribed him Depakote, frequently used to treat such seizures, and he was on the medication for one year. The family doctor has currently queried whether there is a connection between the drug and the suppression of Jones appetite. But Dr Patterson said the medication is characteristically connected to increased weight gain and hunger.
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Meet the Identical Twins now different after one became a transgender
As children Robert and William Haddock would regularly be pictured together with their matching outfits and identical smiles.But today that picture is very different.The boys may have grown up as identical twins but Robert always knew he was in the wrong body. At the age of 18 he made the brave decision to change his name to Mary and she has not looked back since. 'I knew from a young age that something wasn't right. I knew that I was going to be different,' Ms Haddock-Staniland told Daily Mail Australia.'It was hideous growing up, really difficult. My brother was in to every sport. I hated sport, I'm really bad. I had no concept of a cricket ball or basketball ball. 'The only sport I did was swimming and that's because I didn't have to touch anyone. 'I was in to jazz ballet and playing with dolls. The strong relationship between the twins started to become strained as they grew older and they eventually stopped speaking for five years. But after years of deterioration the twins, who will turn 33 in a few weeks, have been working on mending their relationship. 'I got married two years ago to my husband William... we've been together for 10 years. I have a pretty great life,' she said.'We met on the internet and it was love at first sight. He wooed me and within a matter of days we were living together and a matter of months we bought our first house.'
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Escort Slept With Over 10,000 Men – Gwyneth Montenegro
This escort has slept with over 10, 000 men, indulged on cocaine and spent tens of thousands of dollars on clothes and cars. Presently Gwyneth Montenegro, 36, revealed her seedy lifestyle in spite of being raised by pious Christians. As an escort, she was paid $500 to $1,500 an hour as an elite escort. Ms Montenegro’s life became a whirlwind of alcohol, and drug-induced orgies and sexual encounters. She worked throughout Australia and was flown to exotic getaways to do her profession. But in spite of the good times she had as an escort, Montenegro said if she could have her time once again, she wouldn’t have gone down that route. In her lately released book, properly titled 10,000 Men and Counting, she writes very honestly regarding how at age 18 she was gang-raped, at 19 began dancing on table tops and how by age 21 she became an elite escort. But the now business entrepreneur did not begin her life out as a wild kid. Born in a family with deep Christian principals and wished to save herself until the appropriate man came along. But after Montenegro was gang-raped during a night out at a club, along with her lust for money and low self-esteem, she began off table top dancing before going into sex work. The positive treatment she was receiving from clients was much better compared with her high school days where she was being bullied. But after 3 years, she began a career in the world of escorting, working mainly in Melbourne. Later in her profession, as she worked up the ladder, Ms Montenegro broadened her services to throughout Australia and other parts worldwide where escorting is lawful. Gwyneth Montenegro, an alias she came up with to pen her book, said she went by many names while working as an escort. Ms Montenegro said her major clients were musicians, white-collar workers, politicians and lawyers. One of the few perquisites of her work was being flown around globally and allowed her to get away from the reality she was living in. After nearly dying from a car accident at age of 24 while driving, Ms Montenegro made the bold decision to quit the job. During the time of the crash, her parents thought she was being paid as a model; however, the trauma of her accident ignited a hospital-bed admission regarding what she was doing with her life. Fortunately for her, although they did not like it, her parents were helpful and sympathetic when they found out the truth. After the accident, things began to work out when she eventually accomplished her dream of becoming a fully certified commercial pilot at age 29. But Ms Montenegro’s life as performing scenic tours and as a charter pilot was interrupted when she was diagnosed with kidney failure, which stopped her from receiving medical authorization to keep her license.
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Ooni Of Ife's Burial Delayed As Man Designated To Be Buried Alongside King Absconds
OONI of Ife Oba Okunade Sijuwade's burial has been put on hold after a man elected to be buried alive with the monarch absconded unwilling to be the one to keep the king company in the afterlife. Unconfirmed reports from Ile-Ife indicate that the designated person to be buried alive alongside the monarch, known traditionally as the Abobaku, took to his heels for dear life. In Ile-Ife culture, the Abobaku is a person selected by the traditional chiefs to live and die with the king and is treated well and showered with a lot of care and gifts while alive. Apparently, the incumbent Abobaku ran away following the confirmation of the death of the Ooni earlier this month. Despite denials of the death by the Traditional Royal Council of Ife, he refused to wait for confirmation and has been at large ever since. According to Yoruba tradition, a king does not die alone and his burial rites include being buried with other people. An Abobaku lives his life for the king and is buried alongside the monarch. In the authentic tradition, just as there is a lineage that becomes king, there is also always a family dedicated to the ancient belief of dying with the king. It is not yet clear if the Traditional Royal Council will go ahead with the funeral following the disappearance of the Abobaku. Earlier this month, the traditional authorities in Ile-Ife said that there will be no human sacrifice involved in the burial of Oba Sijuwade. Apparently, Oba Sijuwade abolished human sacrifices when he was still on the throne and was said to have appealed to the gods to help put a stop to human sacrifice, describing the act as barbaric, callous and inhuman. Prominent Ifa priest, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, confirmed the abolition of the practice, adding that what will happen instead is that the cows will be dressed up to make them look like humans. Oba Sijuwade, 85, was the 50th monarch of Ile-Ife believed to be cradle of Yoruba civilisation and the ancestral home of all Oduduwa's offspring.
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Conjoined Twins Are Having Surgery To Be Separated
Conjoined twins who share live, intestines, bladder, genitals and three legs are getting ready for major life-changing operation to be separated. Surgeons in Brazil will carry out the procedure to separate 5-year-olds Heitor and Artur Rocha, who are joined at the pelvis. They organs that they both share will be divided out during the procedure. The twins will be separated at the hips, and each will be left with only one leg, their 3rd leg being utilized for crucial skin grafts. Heitor will have one kidney while Artur will be left with two, and only one of the twins will have genitals after surgery, which means more reconstructive surgeries will be needed. The procedure carries a great risk; however worried parents Rocha and 37-year-old Eliane, both teachers, made the decision to proceed to allow their sons to be self-sufficient. The boys are at present going through treatment in Goiania to stretch their skin using silicone expanders. The surgery will make enough surplus skin to sew up the pelvis, chest and stomach Artur and Heitor after the complex separation. Pediatrician Dr Zacharias Calil, who will be carrying out the separation procedure, has looked after Heitor and Artur since their birth in April 2009. Elaine discovered that she was having conjoined twins 5 months into her pregnancy following a second-trimester scan. Devastated, Elaine and her husband struggled to handle the news, worrying not only for her health but the babies’ health. Hastily, the couple searched for the best medic who reassured them Elaine would not suffer or be at risk during the pregnancy. In spite of their worries they decided not to abort, and the boys were born with no complications 4 months later. After the birth, new mother stayed for 22 days in hospital learning special ways to breastfeed and bathe her newborns. Elaine, who already had a daughter Cecilia, found it difficult to adjust get used to taking care of the twin boys. And though they have spent their whole lives together, Heitor and Artur have distinct personalities. The last separation operation is anticipated to happen in few months’ time, and Elaine is concentrating on thinking positively.
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15 Yr Old Boy Gets 13 Yr Old Sister Pregnant
A baby who was born after a boy aged 15 got his 13-year old sister pregnant is to be adopted, said a high court ruling. The toddler now aged 2, who was born to the siblings in 2012 in Northern Ireland, will be adopted after Mr Justice O’Hara consented to a freeing order. Judge O’Hara ruled that the mother, who is currently sixteen, was unable to provide permission for adoption herself. The girl’s brother, who at first denied he was the father but was discovered to be so after a DNA test established his paternity, was hardly involved with the trial. Judge O’Hara’s ruling came after he illustrated the case as hugely unsatisfactory and depressing. The court heard how both mother and son, who remain unidentified for legal reasons, were taken into care after the birth; however, were sent to separate, foster homes. The mother was by now known to social services because of earlier concerns regarding her own step-father, mother and siblings. A psychiatrist report disclosed in grim detail how unhappy her life has been. The freeing order emerged after local authorities wanted to have the boy given a new home for his best interests. Mr Justice O’Hara said in a ruling made public last week that the girl is without doubt able to make certain choices as is demonstrated by certain elements of psychological evaluation; however, not a verdict that is of a magnitude and that has the results of the present one.
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New York Homeless Man Sleeps With 156 Women A Year
A New York homeless man, who avoids being forced to sleep on the streets by picking up women, alleges to sleep with roughly 156 women a year. Joe manages to spend three to four nights a week off the streets at houses of different women, saying that at times gets to stay over one night if the women want to have more great time. A 2005 survey for Durex says, the average Briton, has roughly ten sexual partners in their lifetime. US come a little higher, with nearly eleven sexual partners. Turks top the global league, with approximately fourteen to fifteen lovers. Joe was chased from home by his parents at an early age; however, he never said when this occurred. He is now 26, so if he was made homeless at 20, he would by this time have slept with roughly 936 women. He alleges to spend all his money and time on making himself appear good-looking, using free pharmacies aftershave, for instance.
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Groom Sues And Divorces Bride The Next Day For Being Extremely Ugly After Seeing Her Without Makeup
A traumatized man thought he’d married the love of his life, a woman with both inner beauty and outer beauty.. That is until he saw his bride
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Man Sets His Bride On Fire For Cheating On Their Wedding Night
A bride was set on fire by her new husband after she was caught cheating on their wedding night. 27-year-old Veronika Filippova, a mother-of-one had searched for her former partner after her new husband dozed off drunk at their wedding reception. Filippova suffered 80% burns on her body and died in spite of frantic attempts by doctors to save her. 30-year-old Ivan Kuzmin, her new spouse, confessed to murder after being detained by cops in Volgograd, southern Russia. The relatives of Yuriy and Olesya Prosin, also alleged that Kuzmin had concealed from his wife an earlier conviction for attempted rape and attempted murder that involved an underage girl that brought about a 10 year sentence. Another version was that the pair went out for a beer the day after their wedding, and this is the moment the squabble erupted resulting in her being doused in alcohol and set on fire. It is reported that Filippova attempted to flee, but the Kuzmin caught up with her and lit her. Cops confirmed that Kuzmin had admitted to killing his wife. The alleged lover her wife had visited on her wedding night wasn’t identified. Kuzmin currently faces a likely fifteen-year jail sentence. Filippova was earlier married and had a 10-year-old son by her first husband.
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I Don't See Anything Bad in Sleeping With My Daughter, She Will Not Get Pregnant   Father Insist
The Lagos state police command has arrested 44 year old Emmanuel Udoh, a native of Ini Local government area of Akwa Ibom state for having repeated sexual intercourse with his own daughter at his home at 2 Ajasa Command Road, Meiran, Lagos state on September 13th. Emmanuel who is separated from the victims mother, regained custody of his daughter in October after the victim's mother brought her back to him so she could further her education.
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Murdered Teen Sends Boyfriend A Creepy Text Before Disappearing
14-year-old April Millsap was just walking her pet dog, Penny, in the woods close to her home just like she did each night when all of a sudden something went wrong. First, she sent a frightening text message to her boyfriend, and then she quit responding. Hours later it was her dog that got the attention of two joggers by barking, leading them to discover April’s lifeless body in a ditch. The events surrounding her death on July 24 are very mysterious. April, a middle school student in Armada in Michigan was performing something that was just part of daily regimen when she was killed. “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped,” is the message she sent using her phone to her boyfriend, Austin, before she vanished. The next thing the boyfriend knew, April was dead in a drainage ditch being watched over by her dog, Penny. If it were not for her beloved pet staying by April’s side, cops may not have found her body so fast. Investigators think that the text was sent around the time she was murdered; however, they do not know if April really sent it. Wanted: This sketch given by Michigan State Police shows a man wanted as a person of interest for questioning in the killing of April Millsap. Making things even more difficult, April’s devastated family members and friends think that she may have recognized her killer, After all, Armada is a small Michigan town, and the population is approximately 2,000. There isn’t greater fear for a parent compared to losing their child, especially in this sort of heartrending way. It is unimaginable. Unluckily, April’s poor mom, 43-year-old Jennifer Millsap is at present experiencing the unimaginable. Armada is a town that has been shaken by this calamity, and cops disclosed that they had got more than 600 tips pertaining to April’s death. Currently, they have a drawing of a man said to be in his twenties who was seen on the track around the time she disappeared. They are also searching for a dented box-like van seen in the area at that moment with two men in it, which leads investigators to believe April may have been pursued.Cops haven’t disclosed how April was killed; however, they have established that she wasn’t “killed or shot.” They have also excluded April’s family and boyfriend as suspects in the killing.
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Woman Gets Run Over By Train While Sleeping On Tracks
A woman aged 22 is facing charges after she slept on train tracks and got run over by a train. Lynsey Horne, who works at the Irish Bred Pub Opelika as stated in her Facebook account, fell asleep on train tracks. Onlookers who witnessed the train racing towards her, alerted cops to try and have the train to stop before it ran over her. But it was not able to stop instantly. To everybody’s shock Horne was safe when the train drove over her. Cops arrived at the scene to find she passed out drunk on train tracks. When she woke up, she was not aware of her close brush with death. Authorities said the length of the train and her small size most likely prevented her from being harmed. Horne was accused of unruly behavior for causing a disruption, public intoxication, as the train service was interfered with. A chopper was on standby, and an ambulance.
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Man Jailed After Farting In Cops Face
A man who farted in a cops face before branding him a terrorist has been put behind bars. Malcolm Gill, 46, was jailed after confessing to ignoring an order set in place when he was found guilty of the racially-aggravated crime in Feb. When he was handed a community order, it did not take long for Gill to violate the conditions. Shortly after failing to show up for his hearing, a warrant was handed out by Kirklees Magistrate’ Court for his capture. Initially, Gill was on bail in Jan. for 3 shop thefts when he was ordered to report to the police station. Upon getting upset he all of a sudden turned his butt in the direction of the cop and farted twice in his face before saying; “You b*****d, you terrorist!” The hearing as well heard that Gill stole meat from several shops to finance his drug addiction. When handed a twelve-month community order, he failed to appear from two obligatory probation appointments. Gill has been handed an eighteen week jail sentence.
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Loch Ness Monster’s Cousin Discovered – Shocking Story
Researchers announced the finding of the fossil remains of a dolphin-like seagoing reptile on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, which lived approximately 170 million years back and was roughly 14ft long. The creature, referred to as Dearcmhara shawcrossi, is a member of a group named ichthyosaurs, which were among the aquatic reptiles when dinosaurs ruled the world. Ichthyosaurs, a few of which reached gigantic sizes contending all but the biggest of today’s whales, flourished for over 150 million years until vanishing approximately 95 million years back. Dearcmhara, a fairly-sized ichthyosaur, swam in warm, shallow waters during the Jurassic Period, feeding on squids and fish. Its remains are not whole, but a bone’s shape in its front flippers implies it might have been a particularly strong and quick swimmer. A lot of other aquatic reptile fossils have been discovered in Scotland; however, the largest percentage of these have been sold or vanished into private collections. This latest specimen at last breaks the stalemate: it was discovered by a private collector who did a great thing, donated the specimen to a museum and worked with researchers. In 1959, Brian Shawcross, who is an Amateur fossil hunter discovered the fossils on a beach in the northern part of the Isle and donated them in the 90s. The species referred to as Dearcmhara is Scottish Gaelic for “marine lizard.” The genus name tributes Schawcross. The find sheds light on a period of the Jurassic considered an almost black hole in the aquatic reptile fossil record. Scotland is one of the newest places with fossils dating that time. Other fossils show Dearcmhara lived beside members of another branch of aquatic reptiles referred to as plesiosaurs, recognized for paddle-like flippers and long necks. The mysterious Nessie is usually depicted as resembling a plesiosaur.
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Gorgeous Nollywood Actress Ini Edo Has Lost So Much Weight
Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, is seriously enjoying her endorsement deal with a tea company that provide services for those on the plus size who want to slim or shed some weight. The actress, who overtime has explained that she was born chubby, has forgotten her testimony and is now looking all slimmer than usual and gradually losing her curves. Though sometimes she hits the gym to get the right curves in place and maintain a flat stomach but these days the actress looks so different all thanks to the tea she has been consuming which has left her with just her backside.
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SCOAN Prophet TB Joshua & Wife Owners Of Oil Company, Chillon Consultancy Limited In Tortola BVI
Panama Papers Leak: TB Joshua & Wife Owners Oil Company, Chillon Consultancy Limited In Tortola British Virgin Island. A Panamanian law firm has exposed controversial Prophet TB Joshua’s best kept secret.According to an exclusive report received by Premium Times, TB Joshua and his wife, Evelyn are the proud owners of Chillon Consultancy Limited, an offshore oil company set up on the 20th of June 2006. The company uses the address of an agent, Mossack Fonseca, 24 De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town in Tortola.
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Powerball Winner Spends $9 Mill To Bail Boyfriend Out Of Jail …Twice
You may remember back in February, we were all excited to learn that Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old, single mother of four, had won the Powerball lottery. Holmes, of North Carolina, decided that she was going to accept her $188 million winnings in one lump sum, meaning she was awarded $127 million. After taxes, she received $88 million. And while Holmes announced that she had plans to pay her tithes and set up college funds for her children, she’s ended up doing something entirely different with her riches. Shortly after she won the money, Holmes posted $3 million bond for her boyfriend Lamarr McDow. McDow was in jail, facing heroin trafficking charges. McDow was implicated after an investigation unearthed more than 8,000 bags of heroin. Scroll down for video But Holmes found herself behind bars too recently. Last month, police came to her home to arrest McDow who had violated conditions of his parole by missing curfew. When officers searched the house, they found McDow had a .45 caliber pistol and there was less than a half an ounce of the drug and paraphernalia in Holmes’ Brunswick County home. She then spent an additional $6 million to get McDow out of prison. He was released with a GPS monitoring device. Two other people in the house were also charged with simple possession. Three children were present at the time of the arrest, McDow said they were his children. According to WWAY, Holmes and McDow are engaged. And they also reported that Holmes took to the news station’s Facebook page to respond to criticism about the story which has been reported, for the most part, on local news outlets “What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though,” This morning, when I first read the story, I was trying to give Holmes the benefit of the doubt. There are plenty of Black men who are arrested for little to nothing. But 8,000 bags of heroin is not nothing, even if less than an ounce of marijuana is. While we can certainly question Holmes’ choices in both men and behavior, we really don’t have any right to tell her what to do with her money. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s for people to count other folks’ money. No matter who that person may be. We are generally too concerned with what other people are doing. She is right in that our perception of her squandering money really doesn’t benefit anyone, particularly since it was never ours to begin with. Sadly, that’s what happens with lottery winners. We seek to learn how these lucky people are spending money we wish we had. And a single, Black mother supporting her alleged drug-dealing boyfriend is local news gold. As it gives the average Joe a chance to turn his nose up at the rich. If Holmes wants to spend up her newfound fortune on a man, in and out of jail, that’s her decision to make. If some of us are honest with ourselves, if we had $3 or $6 or $9 million dollars to give, we’d likely be bailing our loved ones out of jail too. Truth be told, it’s easy to shake our heads and wag our fingers in disgust and disapproval; but we’ve all done crazy, foolish and even expensive things for love.
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Tonto Dikeh – My Ex Boyfriend Was A Cheat And Fake
Tonto Dikeh has found love and is really happy in her current relationship. But her previous relationship was really tough as she explains below: “Catch flights don’t catch feelings? So tell me, what is your reason for being? The purpose of your existence? The same reasons why many of us are here in the first place… I don’t mean to kill the BOSS attitudes, but I work with bosses all the time. The people who prioritized work over relationships aren’t happy with their lives. You have to be able to find a balance, Yes www all have an economic reality, But No, money can’t love you. Be happy at every opportunity, never repress your love for the sake of trying to make enough money” What is enough? Can you feed yourself? Do you have a bed to sleep in at night? Yet you want a bigger bed, forgetting that you could be looking for some1 to share it with. Don’t miss out on a family just for money… Don’t turn into a bitter and cynical person because you were in love once & it didn’t work out.. Yes you invest emotional energy into your partner,but you will always have more energy…. You have a lot of Love to Give. Energy can’t be destroyed so you can’t say it was wasted. Your partner cheated on you… Doesn’t mean all humans are cheats. My ex was a cheat, a prolific internet whore and a FAKE but that didn’t stop me from loving even harder the next time….. You have to be in it to win it. Building breakable barriers will leave you lonely. Loneliness would leave you SAD If you don’t allow people to get close to you then yes you might not hurt, but you will never FEEL. Feelings are just VISITORS, Let them Come and Go. So catch feelings and flights, but don’t forget LOVE, because that is what all humans need. Don’t let modern trends change your mindset in CYNICAL ways… Leaving a life without Love, is not Living at all. LET LOVE REIN.”
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2face and Annie Idibia loved up for Hello Nigeria Magazine
2face And his African queen Annie Idibia look smitten for Hello Nigeria magazine. The couple dish on their love life and 2face admits he knew he would regret it if he let her go..
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Model Becomes A Nun
As a well-known model, Olalla Oliveros, 36, saw her face on billboards, participated in glamorous photo shoots and starred in films. But Oliveros swapped designer clothes for blue sackcloth and a veil and became a nun after joining the Order of Saint Michael. She arrived at the decision after an earthquake moment during a visit to Portugal at The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. Oliveros said that she found the experience strange at first, but later couldn’t shake the image of herself clad as a nun from her head. That vision caused her to quit her job and become a nun instead, replacing her name with Sister Olalla del Si de Maria. Although she joined the order 4 years ago, Oliveros had only lately spoken regarding the decision. She is not the first model to switch a fast paced life on the catwalk for an isolated existence in monasteries. Once a Colombia top model, Amanda Rosa Perez became a nun in 2005 after getting exhausted with her stressful life.
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Photos From The White Wedding Of Usman Jubrin's Daughter
The immediate past Chief of Naval staff Vice Admiral Usman Jubrin over the weekend gave his daughter, Hadiza out in marriage to Rivers state born Prince Ibiso Agolia Aboko in Abuja. The couple already had their traditional wedding in Kogi state last week.
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Transgender Woman Kept As SEX Slave Escapes
A transgender woman was held as a sex slave for many months and beaten by a Louisiana trio, who appear to have admitted to the abuse with memes on the internet. The woman was found by the town marshal in Natchitoches Parish in Louisiana. Her identity is being kept secret after she was found with a logging chain around her near a Natchitoches highway. Cops said the chain was taken out by firefighters. 37-year-old David Rodriguez Jr., his 39-year-old wife Christina Harper, and their pal 39-year-old Ambre Lomas surrendered to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office. The trio faces many charges, which include battery, human trafficking, false imprisonment and abduction. Christina’s Facebook page has a number of Bit strips animated memes, which seem to show her and Ambre Lomas abusing the woman. One image shows Christina flogging the woman. The woman agreed to move into Christina and Rodriguez’s home about 24 months ago after meeting on a BDSM site. Although Rodriguez allegedly assisted her to move in, she told cops she was forced to offer him her motorcycle and cash. Rodriguez then tattooed the victim and listed her online as a sex slave. The woman told cops she was forced to carry out sex acts, along working on a swimming pool, serving food and beverages and completing yardwork. If she declined, Lomas, Rodriguez and Harper allegedly beat and tattooed her body. They also used a stun gun on her. Authorities disclosed that the woman slept in a three-by-five wooden box. The victim was chained outside for 48 hours after she said she needed to leave. She was allegedly moved to a building and chained inside. She runaway and drove a car of one of the suspects before she approached the assistant town marshal. Cops have said that at one time the bond was consensual; however, they are not aware which acts the woman was forced into. NPSO Chief Investigator said that deputies recovered digital equipment, fifteen guns and a stun gun when searching the home. Two young kids were also taken out of the home and given to child protective services. The woman is in protective custody while Lomas, Rodriguez and Harper are presently held in Natchitoches Parish Detention Center. Lomas and Harper’s profiles on social media feature jokey Bit strips memes with them being cartoon characters and comprise references to death, beatings and whippings. Multiple pictures, several of which were posted by the victim, show the woman as receiver of mistreatment. Harper is portrayed as an actual slave-driver as she flogs the woman in a cartoon while clad as a pharaoh. Another photo shows her stuck in a burning pit as Satan looks on. Other images show Harper and Lomas abusing each other. Lomas page on Facebook also shows an interest in rock and gothic music. She posted pictures of herself with thick eyeliner while clad as a nun when she reportedly went for a concert for gothic metal band Ghost.
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7 Yr Old Girl Survives Plane Crash – Unbelievable Story
A girl aged 7 who survived a plane crash that wiped out her family is currently being taken care of by her grandparents, as unbelievable information of how she found help surfaced. Sailor Gutzler used survival expertise passed onto her by her father as she walked three-quarters of a mile with broken bones through dense forest searching for help. At one time , the bold girl, whose parents, older sis and cousin all perished, even lit the branch of a tree from the aircraft’s burning wing so as to guide her through the thick forest. Bleeding badly from her legs and face and crying, she also had to negotiate a twelve foot trench in a creek bed. The youngster finally trekked to Larry Wilkins’ residence and informed him her family had all passed away when their light plane came down. The unbelievable information of her survival came after photos from the scene surfaced for the first time. It was as well disclosed that the little girl is presently being cared for by her grandparents. Reports say the youngster attempted to wake up her family members before leaving the crash site to search for help. The aircraft, piloted by a member of the family, was afterward discovered with 4 remains inside approximately 30 miles east of Paducah city and about ten miles from the airport. Reports say those killed in the crash were her 49-year-old father Marty Gutzler, her 45-year-old mother Kimberly Gutzler, their daughter Piper Gutzler aged 9, and 14-year-old Piper’s cousin, Sierra Walder. The family, from Nashville, Illinois, was returning there after a holiday in Florida. Communication was lost with the Piper PA-34 plane after the pilot reported engine troubles. Authorities confirmed that the pilot sent a distress call just minutes before the crash. Approximately thirty minutes after the aircraft lost contact, Larry alerted cops. The girl was treated in hospital and discharged. The Facebook page of her mother shows her viewing her daughter’s Christmas dance show and taking both girls to see Santa. He mother as well posted a message to pals regarding what a great year the entire family enjoyed. The family’s remains were recovered, and investigators from the (NTSB) National Transportation Safety Board were searching the crash site so as to establish why the aircraft came down. Authorities said the airplane had taken off from Tallahassee Regional Airport in Florida, and was destined for Mount Vernon in Illinois.
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‘‘Jesus Was Married And Had A Son’’ – Geologist
An Israeli geologist claims he has ‘confirmed’ the existence and authenticity of a tomb belonging to Jesus and his son in Jerusalem. After extensive chemical tests, Dr Arye Shimron says he has linked the James Ossuary – a 1st-century chalk box that some believe hold the bones of Jesus’ brother – to the long disputed ‘Jesus Family tomb’ in the city’s East Talpiot neighbourhood.He suggests that Jesus was married, fathered a child and that a physical resurrection did not take place.Dr Shumron told The New York Times: ‘
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Church Prophet Dies While Sleeping With Church Member’s Wife
A prophet with a ‘White Garment’ church in a suburb of Lagos, identified simply as ‘Woli Adesoji’, has reportedly died during se.x with the wife of his close friend and an elder in the church. It was gathered that the ‘Woli’, was actually expelled from another church where he was a prophet after he was caught with a member’s wife and he later opened his own church and seemed to continue in his indulgence. Being the leader of the church, Adesoji had a free reign and slept with any woman he deemed fit, both married and single, especially those who sought for fruits of the womb or husbands.
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Segun Arinze Openly Asks For His Money To Be Refunded Back To Him
Somebody mistakenly pays money into your account, why not return it? It’s not your money, keeping it is tantamount to stealing. Anyway, actor Segun Arinze mistakenly paid money into someone’s account and the guy has so far refused to return the money. Below is what Segun had to say: “I mistakenly paid 50k into the account of one Okoli Chukwunon with account in Access bank. When I realized my mistake I called my bank GT connect to report and I was asked to contact the bank of the beneficiary (Access bank) I went there and spoke with a lady staff Omolola (ogunlana branch) who was kind enough to contact the Nonso guy. He claimed he work with keystone bank mbaise branch. I identified myself and he asked that Access should send him a mail. Which they did. Since then he’s been giving me the run around. Yesterday he shouted at me and hung on me. His name Okoli Chukwunonso. This not so much about the money but the idea of being honest. What is not yours please kindly return. I have heard of various incidences of this kind. People should learn to be honest and banks should find a way of penalizing such unscrupulous acts. Mr Okoli Chukwunonso kindly return my money. You claim to be a banker, so you should know better.”
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Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney After Trying To Break Into Home
A woman who attempted to break into a house through the chimney became stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters. They then used dish soap to help extract the soot-covered burglar. Reports say the Californian woman, identified as 30-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, attempted to enter the Los Angeles-neighborhood home of a man who said he met her on the Internet, and that when she became stuck she began screaming for help. Firefighters who arrived at the scene found her roughly seven-feet down the chimney, which they dismantled down to the roof line. Nunez-Figueroa was afterward detained for unlawful entry and giving false details to a cop that involved her not telling the truth about her identity, said Captain Don Aguilar, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. A house occupant, who gave his name only as Lawrence, informed local television station KCBS that he had met the woman on the web and that she had attempted to enter his home previously. The captain said he couldn’t say why Nunez-Figueroa was attempting to enter the house.
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Graphic Pictures  UNIPORT Student Shot Dead As Colleagues Protest Increase In Fees & Levies By
A student of the University of Port Harcourt was yesterday killed during a protest within the school premises yesterday morning. The deceased is seen riddled with bullet holes in his torso. Earlier yesterday, angry students shut down the school as early as 5am – protesting against an increase in fees and other levies. Hundreds of students blocked all entry and exit points within the institution, leaving the management and other students stranded.
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Man Covers Whole Body With Tattoos – Worst Tattoo Ever
Keith Gordon certainly sticks out in a crowd. For sure, that occurs when your face and entire body is covered in tattoos. 58-year-old Gordon, an office administrator in London made the decision 5 years ago to get as much of his body inked as possible. Gordon has been subjected to so much staring in public that he is focused on advocating other misfits. The saga began in his youth days, when he first got many tattoos; however, he spent over $25,000 to have them taken out so he could look for a job in a respectable company. Four years ago, Keith made the decision to tattoo himself again. He blamed his addiction on obsessive-compulsive disorder that he was diagnosed with thirteen years ago. His wife, 43-year-old Lisa, says she married him for love thirteen years ago; however, confesses she never thought the term for better or worse applied to excessive tattoos on the face. In spite of his wife’s protest, Gordon intends to have more tattoos, which include a huge tattoo, which covers his entire back. He confesses his appearance makes him an attraction in serious office environment so he is hoping his crazy look will get him cast in movie and television roles.
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Baby Has Life Threatening Operation To Change Her Alien Shaped Head
A baby whose head swelled thrice its actual size is smiling for the first time since being born after surgery to decrease her head’s circumference from 37 to 23inches was done. 3-year-old Roona Begum was taken to hospital in New Delhi in India, on 2013, after suffering a severe type of hydrocephalus, water on her brain. Surgeons performed a series of surgeries to decrease Roona’s head size, but she was allowed to go home, her parents warned she had minimal chance of survival. Doctors were surprised to find that not only is Roona alive, she is beginning to laugh and smile. The medics said Roona wouldn’t live, but she has survived, said her 23-year-old mother Fatima Khatun. Despite the condition which causes her not to walk due to the weight of her head, she can interact with her parents, crawl, sleep and eat with much more comfort at home in Tripura in western India. Facing an enormous hospital bill, Roona’s parents were overwhelmed when photos showing her troubles attracted global compassion and lead the hospital to treat her rare condition at no cost. In May and June last year, the child went through some rounds of surgery with medics draining surplus fluid from her head and also significantly minimizing the size of her skull. Roona spent 105 days at the hospital before being sent home in August and then came back in December for additional reconstruction on her malformed skull. Dr Sandeep Vaishya, a Neurosurgeon, who examined Roona again has been astonished by the scope of her recovery; however, says has still a long road in front of her. Her progress has been excellent that Dr Sandeep now wants to go on with yet another procedure to decrease the size of her head. But her worried father 21-year-old Abdul Rahman, who has seen Roona brought back from the brink a number of times, is concerned about the dangers.
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