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how to play video in codeigniter
get the code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/how-to-play-video-in-codeigniter.html in the last video we learn how to upload video now we will see how to display or play that video in browser. 1. go to the page where you want to play the video 2. add the html coding. 3. you can change type according to your need 4. give the path of video in source 5. if your are uploading file from db then use the path used in the video 6. for static file simply provide the path like
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display user name and profile picture after login codeigniter
get the code from the following link https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/display-user-name-and-password-after.html today we will learn how to display profile picture and user name on index after login open your header.php or index.php file and find the img tag for your profile pic afterfinding the image tag 1. store the picture from session in a variable 2. provide the path of image in img src as you can see pic is displayed 3. now save the user name from session in a variable the user name is also displyed get the code from the link given in descripton
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add wow slider to your website codeigniter
get the code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/add-wow-slider-to-your-website.html now we will implement slider we created in last video open the file howto in browser which is created in the slide folder 1. the implementation steps are given copy the first links and paste this in header's head tag 2. give the links using base_url() 3. copy the 2nd links and paste this code in the index.php file where you want to show your slider 4. give links the images using base_url() 5. copy the folder created data1 and engine1 in the project folder paste these folders 6. done
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delete image from database php codeigniter
get the code from the below link today we will learn how to delete image from database and folder 1. give the link and id in the view_users delet tag 2. create a function delete in controller users.php 3. get the data of the specific id 4. use unlink function to delete the image from the folder 5. then delete data from database through model 6. create the function delete in model users_model.php redirect function is use to go to another page it takes two things controller name/function name as u can see pic is deleted from the folder and the database
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update picture in the database using php codeigniter
get the code from the given link https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/update-picture-in-database-php.html today we will see how to update picture in data 1. create a page in views folder for updation copy the add page and rename it. 2. give the id for update in the link at the view page 3. create a function update in controller 4. first time when we click on update the form should be displayed so $data will be empty and when we submit the form $data will not be empty any more. 5. we create a func in model 6. now we make changes in the update page 7. three lines are used for picture updation. remaining will be in the nxt video.
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create slider using wow slider
get the slider from http://wowslider.com/wowslider-free-setup.zip today we will learn how to create wow slider for website 1. download wow slider (link given in description) 2. install wow slider 3. download the images for your slide (i have already downloaded some pics) 4. open wow slider 5. click on add images or videos 6. u can select sigle pic or the whole folder or video i have selected the whole folder 7. select the size of the slider and type of animation you want to apply 8. click on publish select the location and publish 9. three files with 2 folders are created in next lec we will see how to add this slider in website.
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view data with picture from database php codeigniter
get the code from the following link https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/04/view-picture-from-database-php.html now we will see how to show the data from database with picture 1. go to controller and make changes in index function fetch the data from database and pass that data to the view_users page 2. go to users_model and create a fnction get 3. go to views/admin and create a page named view_users copy the add users page and rename it 4. create a link in header to view users 5. this is how u can show the image from the database.
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templating part 3 (retaining the styles )
as u can see the styles of original templates are disturb to restore the style open your index.php file of both client and admin side 1. find the css and javascript files css files are in the link tag js files use the script tag 2. in link (href) and script (src) tags add the following lines for admin: ?php echo base_url()?admin_assets/ for client: ?php echo base_url()?client_assets/ copy this link and paste it in every link and script tag but leave the tags that starts with https as it is script files are most probably written at the bottom of the page 3. now refresh your browser window 4. the style is retained. 5. repeat the step 2 for client side also. you are done congratulations if your are successfull in retaining the style. :) :) :)
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creating a form in template php codeigniter
get the code from the following link https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/04/create-form-in-template-php-codigniter.html aoa. today we will see how to add a form in our template lets creat a users form go to views folder copy a page and then paste it. rename the page to add_users.php 1. open the page add_users 2. delete the extra info from the page which is not required 3. we have removed all the info which is not needed 4. now make an html form 5. now create the controller for user page 6. we loaded the view of add_users in the controllers index funtion 7. now create a link to access users in views/admin/include/header 8. change the name of any side bar item with dropdown 9. this is how u can display a form in your template.
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upload picture in database php codeigniter
get the code from the following link https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/04/upload-picture-in-database-php.html in last lec we had created a form now we will see how we can submit form data in data base with picture 1. create a new field in your form with type="file" and name="picture" 2. give form action and method 3. in form give an extra attribute enctype=mutltipartformdata 4. create a table in database (id is complusory in every table) 5. go to your controller and create a function upload image the code will be provided in the discription in the fucntion you provide path of the file type of the file size of the file unique name for the file which can be username because user name is unique 6. now make some changes in the function of add 7. create the model 8. make changes in model 9. must load the model before use 10. we did not created the col phone no in database 11. as u can see pic name is appeared in the database 12. now check if the pic is also uploaded in the required folder which is in my case projet2/admin_assets/images/users as u can see pic is automatically uploaded in the folder
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Getting started with codeigniter lec 1
first of all you have to install three things on your pc 1. xampp server 2. adobe dreamweaver 3. sqlyog then you have to download the latest version of codeigniter after that 1. start the xampp control panelan interface will open in front of you 2. start apache and sql 3. after that create your database in sql yog/phpmyadmin 4. open sql yog and make connection and create database you can choose any name you want 5. create a table of simple registration be sure table name or col name does not contain any spaces only underscores are allowed 6. now unzip the codeigniter folder that you have downloaded 7. copy the unzipped folder and paste it into xamp-htdocs 8. rename the folder and choose the name you want 9. go to application-config and open autoload.php, config.php,database.php 10. in autoload we will load some libraries and helper classes which we need later 11. in config.php we set base url which is localhost/folder name which you have choose 12. in database.php we provide the information of the database note. the above steps are only performed once for each project further will be in nxt video
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show data from db in html table lec 4
how to display the data from facebook for every task in codeigniter you need three things a page in views folder a function in controller and a function in model now for displaying data lets do these three tasks 1. create a page in views folder and name it according to your choice create an html table similar to your database table 2. create a function in controller which gets data from the model 3. create the related function in model for getting data from table 4. pass the data to the view page 5. use a loop to display the data in view page table 6. names must be similar to the db table names. 7. create a button for showing users
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how to upload video in database
get the code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/upload-video-in-database.html in this video we will learn how to upload video in codeigniter 1. open your form lets say add_users or any form where you want to add video 2. everything is same as upload image you just need to change few thngs. 3. first of all open your upload_img function in your controller 4. then change the file type and size and save the changes 5. go to your php.ini file which you can find by searching in xampp folder 6. search for upload_max_filesize and change it acording to your need 7. you can find it by pressing ctrl+f 8. now find post_max_size 9. both sizes should be equal 10. now lets upload a new video throug form as you can see video is uploaded in the folder succesfully. thnx for watching.
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update gender from database
get the code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/how-to-update-gender.html now we will see the logic for gender selection in updation the condition we use is if else if gender is male then check the check box other wise leave it unchekcked.
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templating part 1
today we will learn how to use a template: for this first of all u have to download two templates one for admin site and other for client site. search on google bootstrap admin templates for admin and free html dynamic templates for client side 1. create a folder named as client_assets at your project root directory. 2. create a folder named as admin_assets. 3. go to the views folder 4. create two folders named as client and admin 5. now copy the files of your admin side template and save this in admin folder 6. again do this for client side template. copy all files in clients folder. 7. now cut the files and folders other than html and paste them in client_assets for client side and admin assets for admin side.
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update picture in database part 2
get code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/update-picture-in-database-part2.html in the last video we used three fields for pic because there are two possibilities user may update the pic aur wan to keep the old one if user change pic we will replace the previous pic with new one in the folder and unset the old_picture field. now we try to update for updating data u must provide the id in the forms action we provide two orguments to update func one is data which we want to update and the other is id where we want to update. create a function in model for update as you can see name is update now lets see what happend with pic as you can see pic is also updated new pic replaces the old one in the folder automatically
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login using php codeigniter part2
get the code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/view-login.html today we will do login functionality 1. goto login form and give form action 2. give the names to input fields 3. go to admin_login-login 4. go to model login fun 5. go back to controller 6. as you can see we have logged in 7. now make some changes in every controller so tha user cannot directly access your controller 8. go to admin controller 9. set error msg in the login page
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display page in codeigniter lec2
1. today we will learn how to display a page on browser using controller open your browser in address bar write localhost/foldername/index.php/welcome here folder name is your current project folder and welcome is the default controller in php for displaying pages we make functions in controller if you can see the welcome codeigniter page your working is right. as u can see a page exists in views folder which codeigniter is displaying now we will do some changes if you want to display a page you have to create a function in controller to display that page now we will create our page for registration save your files with extension .php you can copy the default controller and make changes in that controller the name of the controller and class must be same the names of the form fields and database table columns must be same
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templating part 2 (displaying sites)
start from where we left 1. create 2 new controllers for admin and client side in controllers folder. 2. open client and admin controller and make the required changes. change class names to admin and client load the view pages of admin and client side (index.php) all files are in client and admin folder thats y first provide folder name then file name. 3. now access client and admin side through browser by typing the url http://localhost/project2/index.php/client (client side) http://localhost/project2/index.php/admin (admin side) project2 is replaced with your folder name 4. convert the html files into php first. :P 5. convert the admin side index.html into index.php 6. you succesfully loaded the both sites.
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codeigniter add data into database lec 3
how to add data into database 1. create a constructor function in controller 2. create a model for database queries copy controller and paste it in model folder rename the file and open change the class name change CI_Controller into CI_Model 3. load the model in controllers constructor 4. give form action and method in form action provide base url then controller name which is register here and then function name add,update or delete 5. create respective function add,update or delete in controller 6. form data is accessed by $this-input-post and store it in a variable 7.now pass this variable to the model 8. chck if data of form is empty or not 9. $this-register_model-add($data) this will pass the data to the model function add 10. now create add function in model 11.$this-db-insert('register',$data) this query accepts two parameters first one is the databse tabel name and 2nd is the form data which we want to add 12. if form data is empty load the form again otherwise add data into table 13. data is inserted succesfully into database.
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form validation
get code https://welearntocode.blogspot.com/2018/05/form-validation-php-codeigniter.html today we will do form validation at the server side 1. open controller's add function and set validation rules. you can see the rules from the user guide 2. you provide three arugements 1st is the name of the form field 2nd is the message u want to display and third is the rule name 3. go to else statement if validation is true add the data into data base otherwise display the error. 4. now go to add_users page and set the form_error and value 5. you can see error msg is displayed similarly you can set the rules for every field in the form
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