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Real Story Behind North Carolina Beauty Supply Incident A woman was caught on video shoplifting from a store. When she was confronted by an employee, she shoved and punched the employee in the face in an effort to escape the store. The employee then used force to try to prevent her from leaving the store until the police arrived. After the man lets go of the woman, she took the chance to flee out the back door. The video below shows the entire incident. The first 3 minutes of the video show her shoplifting and the rest includes the struggle that initiated from the woman hitting him first on the face. The Charlotte Police Department investigated the entire incident and cleared the employee of any wrongdoing. In fact, a report was filed against the woman charging her for robbery and simple assault. Currently, there are protests being held against this store because a former video of this incident only shows the employee using force to detain the woman from leaving the store. Apparently, it is acceptable for a thief to steal and assault an employee, but when the employee has no choice but to use force to detain the thief, he gets crucified for his actions.
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