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Sing Up 2019
Are you ready to sing?
Safer Internet Day 2019 - Do Your Thing!
Do Your Thing and Stay Safe! Don’t believe everything you see online Only add friends you know in real life Your password is private Online bullying is not ok Use safe search engines Respect each other Tell an adult if you are worried Have a look at age ratings In app purchases can be expensive Never share personal information Gaming is fun but set time limits
'Do More Project' 12th Rocktober
Some helpful advice on how to make your 'Do More Project' rockin'!
Year 2 Homework Help - 5.10.17
Thursday 5th October - This week, it's Science Homework! Have a look at some wonderful examples and advice if you are stuck!
Music midi y6
Children learned the piano riff for stand by me and then wrote a song based on it. Remember only take away on Fridays 😀
Jack Joel 1
Go fest 5
Orion Science Fair Part 2
At the Orion, we had a brilliant science fair on Tuesday the 7 of March and Wednesday the 8th of March.This is part 2.
The Do It Dude LIVE!
Now with Starbeam!
Safer Internet Day 2018 - Do the floss!
Don't share personal information Only add friends you know in real life Tell an adult if you're worried Have a look at your privacy settings Enjoy the internet but be careful Fake news can look real so check the facts Likes are fun but don't get obsessed Only you should know your password Send kind messages Stay safe and do the floss
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy 18th Birthday!
Go fest part 4
6 week learning festival
Simon and Danielle at home 1
Come and find some numbers, and listen to a story.
Singing assembly
Children perform songs to key stage learned in music lessons
Homework Time!
A homework video to motive and encourage Year 1 pupils!
Make a Difference Project - Homework Time!
Find out how you can make a difference!
Word Up!
Go fest opening part 1
Opening performance of our 6 week learning festival.
Introducing... Aladdin Kids. Presented by the Gold Star Federation.
Come and see one of the Disney classics come to life in the I Shine Theatre at The Orion Primary School. Showtimes: Monday 26 February 2018 at 4pm Tuesday 27th February 2018 at 4pm Wednesday 28th February 2018 at 3.45pm Friday 2nd March 2018 at 4pm Tickets will be on sale after school near the school gates for £2 each. Buy now!