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13th Doctor Reveal Reaction
Reaction To Doctor 13.
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Man Steals Bag
Date, time and location of theft: 9th October 2016 15:13 Giovanni's Restaurant, The Hayes, Cardiff, Wales, UK This video shows the man who stole my bag and brought it into the Chuch next door to rummage through. This was reported to the police as soon as possible - in fact, within the half hour. Policemen in a car opposite Cardiff Central Library told me there was nothing they could do about it and I had to call 112 to report it, which was free (the number is NOT free). The case was badly investigated, including me being told the man's house would be search only to seemingly being met with confusion a month or 2 later by a member of the police in charge of my case, telling me he never told me the house wuld be search. I have since told him the lady who took my statement did and received no response. The investigation felt very slow overall. It was not fast enough. They arrested this man, who said he brought the bag into the hurch in good faith but released him after they said they can't prove what he's saying is false. Please, if you have any information, let me know. To clarify, I got the bag back, after seeing it in the doorwy of the Church, by pure chance, as I did not know why anyone there would know anything. I assumed the bag would have either been turned in to the restaurant it was in the sitting area of if someone thought it needed to be turned in, by pure common sense or the thief would've run off wth it down the street. My bag was on the floor opened, with my water bottle outside of it (which I have kept, in case the police needed it to take fingerprints, though they never asked for the bag or the bottle, so they could take fingerprints. In fact, taking fingerprints were never mentioned to me at all). Here are the items I found were missing, instantly and over time: A plastic bag containing jewelery: TARDIS necklace, 3 TARDIS ear-rings, dangly silver coloured "disco-ball" ear-rings from H&M, gold coloured prism-type shaped 3D ear-rings, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows necklace Dictaphone Everything from the coin compartment of my purse, including: Doctor Who Experience Souvenir coin from London 2011, £3 - £4 of change and an ear-ring. Samsung phone charger - damaged at the end. The black material had come off a bit, so that the white was showing. Other things I can't find anywhere since the theft: Grey Samsung flip phone Blue & white snowflake gloves There was a "David Hanlon" who said he brought in and when he did, the water bottle was already out of the bag... As you can see from this clip, when the man in this video takes the bag, no water bottle is already out of the bag... These things cost a lot to replace and money I do not have. I bought these things over time. Furthermore, this experience has had an impact on my wellbeing and the way I live, negatively. All I was trying to do was work for a few hours for minimum wage somewhere, so I'd have enough money to pay for my Uni course first term & for food & drink & all the basics, while this theft happened. I brought my things out with me, as the sign is massive and tricky to bring back inside the shop, through the arcade just to have a drink or some food. Also, as it's a 4-hour shift, there is no break, so if I spent some time taking a drink of water or eating, that time could possibly be added to more time I have to work. For example, if I spend 5 minutes to utilise the lavatory, a 12h00 - 16h00 shift could become end at 16h05 instead and on Sundays everything shuts at 17h00, so time is tight to purchase any necessities before going back home. So, if you have any information, please let me know.
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Birds Dancing In The Rain?
What ARE those birds doing?
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Missin You Already (Return To Me) Michael Jackson Tribute
No Copyright Infringement intended. All songs are from Michael Jackson's Thriller album. All images are from google images searches, such as: MJ, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, MacCaulay Culkin, Michael Jackson This Is It, Jackson 5 Cartoon and Michael Jackson Young. Songs include Thriller, Human Nature, Lady In My Life, Billie Jean, PYT (Pretty Young Thing) Wanna Be Starting Something, Beat It, Baby Be Mine and The Girl Is Mine. These are all from Michael Jackson Thriller Album.
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The Doctor Who Effect 2013 Clip 2: A Whostory
Off to Whovian School for a history of Doctor Who. Nyssa was played by Sarah Sutton.
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Doctor Who Series 11 Teaser Reaction Video
Exactly what it says on the tin. Allez Les Bleus! On a gagné! Nous sommes les champions du monde! :D
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Welcome, Jodie! This is my reaction to the series 11 Doctor Who trailer released today at SDCC. Please also check out BBC America's Welcome Jodie video, if you wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVuLL4pZab4 Feel free to check out my reaction video to Jodie being announced as The Doctor: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ar=1&video_id=JJ6-iJQXs_w Enjoy! Keep calm & Doctor Who on!
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Doctor Who Spin-Off Class Trailer Immediate Reaction - Méls
Reaction to Class trailer. Starts about 1 minute in. #GHETTOCLARA Follow me on Twitter: @PINKTROID Insta: riviere_chanson_official
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The Doctor Who Effect Trailer
UPDATE IMPORTANT READ: The Doctor Who Effect has a crowd-funding campaign which expires very soon - in a matter of hours in fact! You can contribute and get all of your family and friends to do so here: Contribute today! :) http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-doctor-who-effect--40/x/964668 The Doctor Who Effect will only materialise with your help. A month late, here it is! So sorry for the quality. This is all Windows Movie Maker. I really hope I can use much better software for the real thing. It will have to be much better quality than this. The Doctor Who Effect will be uploaded on Youtube on Saturday 23rd November 2013. It is about the effect Doctor Who has had on people's lives and attempts to find out what has kept the show running for so long.
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Free Comic Book Day 2015 "HAUL"
Just showing you some cool comics I picked out as part of FCBD 2015... Now I must get back to Uni work! (Hope you enjoy the video!)
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Watch Black Sails - Tom Hopper
Watch Black Sails Season 4. Tom Hopper says so. :)
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New Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Immediate Reaction
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Doctor Who Tag
The Doctor Who Tag at The Doctor Who Experience. Really late upload but finally here. Thanks for watching. Also, Caroline has a YouTube channel. You should check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/CatcherCaroline/videos
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The Cake: Who Dunnit?
The investigation continues into who is responsible for the disappearance of most of the cake.
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The Doctor Who Effect Trailer 2013
Trailer For The Doctor Who Effect, which should be uploaded 23-11-2013 on this Youtube Channel.
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Made In Halls: Series 1: Episode 1: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Wine
The students find out a bit more about Mél's acting life. Meanwhile, the competition's on to win the free bottle of wine waiting at reception.
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Love Me For Me by Cher Lloyd Cover - Mél A (Not Very Good At All/ Work In Progress)
So, I don't usually put me singing on this channel but it's not perfect enough to be on my music channel, plus it's a cover and where possible, I only want original material on my music channel. Furthermore, Vimeo wouldn't let me put it up, so here it is. I will maybe try to put it up on my DailyMotion instead at a later date and if that works, I will then remove this video from here. The rules for commenting are as follows: 1. The Doctor lies/ Don't Wander off! 2. Constructive criticism only, please. :) 7. Never run when you're scared. 27. Never knowingly, never knowingly be serious
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Doctor Who: Series 10: Episode 2: Smile Reaction + Thoughts + The Usual Ramble
Reacting to part of the episode. I only thought of recording the reaction partway through the ep, LOL. Keep calm & keep watching Doctor Who.
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I'm Sorry. I'm So Sorry (The Doctor Who Effect Update)
A VERY long update on The Doctor Who Effect. Skip to the end for a summary.
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London Comic Con MCM Expo Merlin Panel May 2013
A bit of what I could film of the Merlin Panel. Really sorry it's blurry. Tried to fix it. Didn't work.
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Vlogmas/Halfmas Day 1: Christmas Wishlist
Day 1 of Vlogmas/ Halfmas of this year. I'm not doing this every day, hence "Halfmas".
Thank You Chris
Thank You to Chris for donating £25. Doctor Who: Project For 50: gofundme.com/3rtm60
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M&M World
A visit to M&M World. Apologies if the video quality is terrible. When I play it back on my camera, it plays smoothly, but when I put the clips together and played on my computer it kept sort of cutting randomly, then going again. I'm sorry. It's a frustrating camera! Hopefully though, you live in London and will be able to visit M&M World soon if you haven't yet. This video probably doesn't do it justice due to the quality (sorry again), but it's so cool, so if you go there you'll have a much more fun and enjoyable video than when watching this video and if you're hungry, you can buy some M&Ms as well. :) Anywho, hope you enjoy the vid at least a little bit. I'll get a better camera if I ever win the lottery or become rich overnight. :) I just thought it might be good for anyone who hasn't been to M&M World to see how it is inside in case they were wondering. Hope it's still been an OK (at least) watch. Go to M&M World to get the full experience: http://www.mymms.com/Merchandise/locations.aspx?location=london
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Made In Halls: Series 3: Episode 1: One Last Trip
One last trip with the Made In Halls crew. It's off to The DWE, then a bit more fun and some goodbyes.
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Remember November
What will you be doing on Friday 23rd November 2012? Will you be celebrating the Doctor Who 49th Anniversary or raising awareness about Anti-Bullying Week? Let me know in the comments below or post video responses. Twiiter: @PINKTROID Zowbux: @Mels
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Halfmas Day 1
On the 1st day of Halfmas, PinkDiamond7777777 gave me a YouTube video for the first time in 4.5 billion years.
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VEDA FOR DAY 2 - Cinema Etiquette
Tips for being an excellent cinema customer.
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Forgiveness (Scariest Video To Upload Ever - Read Description)
Ah! This was scary to upload. This video is not meant to offend anyone or their beliefs. So, this video is about forgiveness from the party/ies in a situation who feel(s) they have been wronged/ are the victim of the situation. Furthermore, it is about the by-watchers of a situation, where possible turning those messages of pure hate into those of constructive content (with still some anger in there, of course. After all, we're talking about a guilty party here having done something wrong, so any anger towards them is natural and should not be omitted from any constructive messages). I probably correct in saying I know not a lot of people will agree with this - perhaps even no-one - but it is a belief of mine that it is perfectly fine to send messages of support to the victim, hoping they are OK while hoping the guilty party, shall we call them, moves forward and becomes a better person. This video was a bit rushed, so perhaps at points, I didn't make sense, so sorry about that. Feel free to ask in the comments if at any point you've been like "What on Earth or Gallifrey is she on about?" As usual, commenting rules are as follows: 1. The Doctor lies/ Don't Wander off! 2. Constructive criticism only, please. :) 7. Never run when you're scared. 27. Never knowingly, never knowingly be serious
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I'm Old
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Whovian Gathering
Share, Rate, Comment, Subscribe Twitter: @PINKTROID and @GlamitzEvents Zowbux: @Mels @GlamitzEvents More info: http://glamitzevents.webs.com/whovian-gathering
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Confused About Make-up
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
So, this happened a few days ago...
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Astronomers, Merlin Fans, make up your minds!... Please
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New Year's Resolutions
Have a fantastic new year! New Year's Resolutions & Projects: http://mels7.wordpress.com/ Crowd Hoot: The Musicals: http://ch-tm.webs.com/ Twitter: @CrowdHootMusicl Who City: http://glamitzevents.webs.com/whocity Twitter: @GlamitzEvents Battle Of The Fandoms: http://glamitzevents.webs.com/battle-of-the-fandoms For The Love Of Camelot!: http://glamitzevents.webs.com/events Musicians' Network: http://musicians-network.webs.com/ Twitter: @PINKTROID Zowbux: @Mels
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Explaining in 27 seconds that Doctor Who returns with Asylum Of The Daleks on Saturday 1st September 2012 at 19h20 on BBC 1 and that Pond Life starts on Monday 27th August 2012 at 12h00 on the BBC Doctor Who Website. :)
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Made In Halls: Series 2: Episode 1: The Great Cake Debate
It's back! Episode 1 of Series 2 of Made In Halls! Mél and the gang!
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Doctor Who Series 10: Episode 6: Extremis Reaction
Reaction video to Doctor Who Series 10: Episode 5: Extremis Reaction Can't find Noodlerella's Con advice video from a few years back, unfortunately but if I do find it, I'll come back & post it here.
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The Doctor Who Effect 2013 Re-Upload
So, you've been waiting and this is late. 12 years. 12 years and 4 psychiatrists!... But it's here now, so enjoy! So, The Doctor Who Effect: Some bad framing, bad angles, shaky camera and blurriness, BUT there IS a story in there. I hope you find it. And if you do... enjoy! Despite what the credits say, this version of The Doctor Who Effect does NOT include An Awful Lot Of Running by Chameleon Circuit. I only put original material in this version of the upload in case of any copyright issues, however I may upload another version at a later date, which includes it. The music that IS in this version of The Doctor Who Effect is: Piano (The Oncoming Storm) by Mélissa Azombo You Ought To Give Up Instrumental by Mélissa Azombo I muted An Awful Lot Of Running by Chameleon Circuit before saving and converting, because deleting caused issues in the annoying software that is Movie Maker, so you shouldn't be able to hear it.
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While editing this video, I figured out that I really need a Mac! Eitherway, here's a video of the (Big Breath) SONIC SCREWDRIVER UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL WORLDWIDE PREMIÈRE! Twitter: @PINKTROID Zowbux: @Mels
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New Scientist Live 2017
Head to New Scientist Live this week-end.
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A video about how weird it is to find oneself in two starkly contrasting scenarios, or how weird it can be, at least.
What An Intriguing Species
Seagulls are a very intriguing species...
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