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Nightstalker - The Dog That No-one Wanted +lyrics
As Above So Below 2016 http://nightstalkerband.com/ http://nightstalker.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nightstalkerband/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE https://www.facebook.com/kozmikartifactz/?ref=br_rs Nightstalker is a 70's style Heavy Rock band from Athens, Greece. They have earned a reputation due to their pure Rock ‘n Roll attitude and their constant live activity... Nightstalker Athens, Greece == Year: 2016 Label: Oak Island Records Format: CD (Jewel Case with booklet) Credits:Recorded & Mixed at ‘Matrix Studio Athens’, during Feb-Mar 2016 Produced by Nightstalker – Mixed by Nightstalker & Dimitris Misirlis – Engineered by Dimitris Misirlis Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou & John Christodoulatos at Sweet Spot Artwork Concept Art by Vagelis Petikas (Revolver Design) Line up Argy : Vocals, Andreas Lagios: Bass Tolis Motsios: Guitars Dinos Roulos: Drums ---------------- Forget where you came from Running away from the scene It makes no difference Trapped in your self now You so what you hide to see Here's your pictures My god so, you re so beautiful My god so beatiful, so beautiful to me Tired of the lies been feeding you since you were kid you cant see blue now living a nightmare without even a dream you had (cant figure this out) My god so, you re so beautiful My god so beatiful, so beautiful to me Why cant you see?
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Electric Octopus - This Is Our Culture (Full Album 2016)
This Is Our Culture 2016 http://electricoctopusofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/electricoctopusofficial/?fref=nf ------------------- Electric Octopus - Under A Black Moon (New Full EP 2016) : https://youtu.be/Xo5bwAPOJko ============= Electric Octopus YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnV6PvsMxQV1Vxvtq-gzYw -------- Electric Octopus are a new and exciting musical cabal that'll take your mind on a weird and wonderful adventure. Electric Octopus Belfast, UK ============== 1. Disenchanted Creative Response 00:00 2. Absent Minded Driving 19:23 3. Sundried Equivalence 47:15 *********************************** 1.000.000 views on 21-06-2017
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Nightstalker - We Belong To The Dead
As Above So Below 2016 http://nightstalkerband.com/ http://nightstalker.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nightstalkerband/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE https://www.facebook.com/kozmikartifactz/?ref=br_rs Nightstalker is a 70's style Heavy Rock band from Athens, Greece. They have earned a reputation due to their pure Rock ‘n Roll attitude and their constant live activity... Nightstalker Athens, Greece == Year: 2016 Label: Oak Island Records Format: CD (Jewel Case with booklet) Credits:Recorded & Mixed at ‘Matrix Studio Athens’, during Feb-Mar 2016 Produced by Nightstalker – Mixed by Nightstalker & Dimitris Misirlis – Engineered by Dimitris Misirlis Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou & John Christodoulatos at Sweet Spot Artwork Concept Art by Vagelis Petikas (Revolver Design) Line up Argy : Vocals, Andreas Lagios: Bass Tolis Motsios: Guitars Dinos Roulos: Drums
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Sun Of Man II (Full Album 2014)
II (2014) http://sunofmanband.bandcamp.com/ Psych/Stoner Rock from Australia 1. Out Through The In Door 2. Whispering Jackoff 3. Dancing With My Eyes 4. Womack!
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Dopethrone - 1312 (Full EP 2016) +lyrics
1312 (New EP 2016) http://dopethrone.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/dopethrone.mthell The heaviest D.I.Y. trio from Canada, Dopethrone, was born in 2008 in Hochelaga, Montreal’s trashiest Ghetto. They encompass the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge, and a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffs are thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive. The Demonic vocals are harsh, visceral and animal-like. And the mood is heavy and oppresive. ------------- 1. SHOT DOWN You're made out of lies You creep around Taht ain't gonna fly You've been - shot down It's always the same All over town So sick of your games You've been - Shot Down Shhh Don't make a sound Your life's gone to shit You've been - shot down The fear in your eyes You're cemetery bound Give up or die You've been - shot down 2. DRIFTER Temptations Can't win Meant for failure So grim Demonized No home Fed with lies Heavy load Demonized Don't fit no mold Drifter Demonized So cold Won't compromise Too old Demonized Don't fit no mold 3. SKAG REEK Down - Below Leaving here - Must go The remedy - is dope Your enemy - The only hope Skag Reek Hide Deep Down - Below Needle of death - Reload Reality - can't cope To moderate - hell no Skag Reek Hide Deep Weep Sleep ======== released August 29, 2016 Recorded and mixed by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud At Studio Le Magnétophone in Montréal Produced by JB Joubaud and Dopethrone Music & lyrics (c) Dopethrone / Riff Dealer Records
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Acid King - Coming Down From Outer Space  (New Song 2015)
Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (New Album 2015) https://www.facebook.com/AcidkingSF/t... http://www.acidking.com/ Lori S. - Guitar & Vocals Joey Osbourne - Drums Mark Lamb - Bass
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Electric Octopus - Under A Black Moon (New Full EP 2016)
Under A Black Moon 2016 http://electricoctopusofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/electricoctopusofficial/?fref=nf ------------------- Electric Octopus - The Jam Extracts (Video):https://youtu.be/DykSa5ftGfo ============= Electric Octopus YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnV6PvsMxQV1Vxvtq-gzYw -------- Electric Octopus are a new and exciting musical cabal that'll take your mind on a weird and wonderful adventure. Electric Octopus Belfast, UK ============== 1. Under A Black Moon 00:00 2. Archetype 13:19 3. Drift 27:35 ============ ''After finally getting our own jam space set up for recording, we thought we'd share the current vibe that we are on. It's forever changing with Electric Octopus so we thought we would bring you along for the ride. As usual, none of these tracks are planned or structured, just pure, raw jamming.''
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Purple Hill Witch - Purple Hill Witch (Full Album 2014)
Purple Hill Witch 2014 https://www.facebook.com/PurpleHillWi... 1. Queen Of The Hill - 0:00 2. Astral Booze - 07:55 3. The Final Procession - 14:35 4. Karmanjaka - 22:20 5. The Landing - 27:22 6. Aldebaranian - Voyage (Into the Sun) 32:00 7. Purple Hill Witch - 35:34 -------------------- http://www.doom-dealer.com/sites/main.php?nav=1
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King Buffalo - Orion (Full Album 2016)
http://kingbuffalo.bandcamp.com/ http://www.kingbuffalo.com/ http://www.facebook.com/kingbuffaloband http://www.twitter.com/kingbuffaloband http://www.instagram.com/kingbuffaloband https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuDxWBs3n16WVZ4MyqcKCUg KING BUFFALO – Rochester, NY. Psychedelic / Desert / Stoner / Heavy Blues Rock King Buffalo invade your ears with heavy driving riffs and a familiar groove. Psychedelic, blues and stoner overtones combine with thunderous bass and drums, reminiscent of heavy 70’s rock. A wall of sound, a trio of soaring vocals, and an unrelenting pace merge to form their own musical styling. =========== 1. Orion 2. Monolith 3. Sleeps On a Vine 4. Kerosene 5. Down From Sky 6. Goliath 7. Orion Subsiding 8. Drinking From the River Rising -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Black Elephant - Cosmic Blues (Full Album 2018)
Cosmic Blues (2018) https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-blues https://www.facebook.com/blackelephantitaly/ http://www.smallstone.com/ http://www.facebook.com/smallstonerecords =========== 1. Cosmic Soul 00:00 2. Helter Skelter 04:54 3. Chase Me 11:57 4. Walking Dead 13:40 5. Baby Eroina 16:51 6. Cosmic Blues For Solitary Moose 24:21 7. Inno 28:10 * One would be hard-pressed to come up with a better descriptor for Black Elephant’s Cosmic Blues than the title of the album itself. Based in Savona, Italy, the four-piece have conjured ghosts of ‘70s heavy and masterful ‘90s riffmongering to offer a brew both potent and thoroughly modern. Cosmic Blues is their third album behind 2014’s Bifolchi Inside and 2012’s Spaghetti Cowboys (get it?) and marks their debut on Small Stone Records. Comprised of lead vocalist/lead guitarist Alessio Caravelli, rhythm guitarist Massimiliano Giacosa, bassist Marcello Destefanis and drummer Simone Brunzu, Black Elephant make their mark in their home country’s booming heavy rock underground with memorable songs and a sound that’s just as comfortable getting funky on “Chase Me” as it is reimagining Soundgarden as a riff rock outfit à la peak-era Dozer, rolling out huge grooves en route to “Cosmic Blues for Solitary Moose,” loaded with fuzz and scorching solos. Given a brisk, live sound in its production – fitting for a group with hundreds of shows under their collective belt – Cosmic Blues comes across natural and at times maintains the intensity of Black Elephants’ earlier work (closer “Inno” walks by and waves), while simultaneously exploring more spacious realms in the not-a-cover “Helter... more credits released July 20, 2018 Black Elephant is: Alessio Caravelli: lead vocals and lead guitar Massimiliano Giacosa: rhythm guitar Marcello Destefanis: bass guitar Simone Brunzu: drums Recorded and mixed by Giulio Farinelli. Recorded at Green Fog Studio, Genoa, Italy. Mixed by Giulio Farinelli at Everybody On The Shore studio, Milan, Italy . Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering Studio, Milan, Italy. Cover and Design by Robin Gnista. Published by Small Stone Records (ASCAP).
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King Buffalo - Repeater (Full EP 2018)
Repeater (EP 2018) http://kingbuffalo.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/kingbuffaloband/ http://www.kingbuffalo.com/ http://www.twitter.com/kingbuffaloband http://www.instagram.com/kingbuffaloband “King Buffalo is a psychedelic trio in the classic format, whose expansive and thunderous music is a powerful concoction of heavy psych, blues, and stoner rock. Texturally rich and oozing with psychedelic goodness, yet honed and driving in the next blink of an eye. Their efforts coupled with their impressive live show, quickly gained them an international audience.” - Sludgelord King Buffalo Rochester, New York ===================== 1. Repeater 00:00 2. Too Little Too Late 13:40 3. Centurion 18:23 *** Written and recorded by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory in 2017. Produced and Engineered by Sean McVay. Mastered by Bernard Matthews at BMAP INC. Artwork by Mike Turzanski. *** released January 5, 2018
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Nightstalker - Deeper
As Above So Below 2016 http://nightstalkerband.com/ http://nightstalker.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nightstalkerband/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE https://www.facebook.com/kozmikartifactz/?ref=br_rs Nightstalker is a 70's style Heavy Rock band from Athens, Greece. They have earned a reputation due to their pure Rock ‘n Roll attitude and their constant live activity... Nightstalker Athens, Greece == Year: 2016 Label: Oak Island Records Format: CD (Jewel Case with booklet) Credits:Recorded & Mixed at ‘Matrix Studio Athens’, during Feb-Mar 2016 Produced by Nightstalker – Mixed by Nightstalker & Dimitris Misirlis – Engineered by Dimitris Misirlis Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou & John Christodoulatos at Sweet Spot Artwork Concept Art by Vagelis Petikas (Revolver Design) Line up Argy : Vocals, Andreas Lagios: Bass Tolis Motsios: Guitars Dinos Roulos: Drums
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The Necromancers - Servants of the Salem Girl (Full Album 2017)
Servants of the Salem Girl (2017) https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/servants-of-the-salem-girl https://www.facebook.com/thenecromancersband/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJYaEFXZOFFi9ZwHVKxw9_Q http://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/artist/the-necromancers Heavy Occult Rock The Necromancers Poitiers, France ================== 1. Salem Girl Part I 00:00 2. Lucifer's Kin 07:01 3. Black Marble House 15:55 4. Necromancers 21:39 5. Grand Orbiter 25:58 6. Salem Girl Part II 33:02 *** released August 18, 2017
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GOATSNAKE - Elevated Man (New Song 2015)
Black Age Blues (New Album 2015) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goatsnake/64892895338 Goatsnake was formed in 1996 after the disbanding of The Obsessed. After The Obsessed's disbanding, the rhythm section consisting of Guy Pinhas (former bassist of the Dutch stonerband Beaver) on bass and Greg Rogers on drums began jamming with guitarist Greg Anderson (Thorr's Hammer, Burning Witch, Sunn O)))). They soon found a vocalist in Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Earthlings?, Desert Sessions). Goatsnake recorded and released two 7" EPs in 1998 and were featured on several metal compilations. They released their debut full-length, 1, in 1999 on Man's Ruin Records/Rise Above Records. Goatsnake toured Europe in support of their debut album and played with bands such as Unida, Fatso Jetson, and Electric Wizard. They returned in 2000 for a U.K. tour with Orange Goblin and Sunn O))), another Anderson project.[1] In 2000 Pinhas left Goatsnake to join Acid King and was replaced by Stuart Dahlquist of Burning Witch. Goatsnake released a split with Burning Witch on Hydra Head Records that same year. They also released the Dog Days EP on Anderson's Southern Lord Records that same year. Later that year they released their second album, Flower of Disease on Man's Ruin Records/Rise Above Records. The band split up in 2001 and Anderson continued with Sunn O))) and played in Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine. In 2004 the band reformed with Anderson and Stahl being joined by bassist Scott Reeder (The Obsessed, Kyuss) and drummer JR (Cave In). They recorded three songs which were released on the Trampled Under Hoof EP along with two previously vinyl-only tracks. This same year also saw the release of the compilation 1 + Dog Days by Southern Lord Records, which combines the first album and the Dog Days EP as well as a track from the Man of Light EP. Albums * Goatsnake Vol. 1 CD (Man's Ruin Records 1999) * Flower of Disease CD (Man's Ruin Records 2000) EPs * IV 7" (Prosthetic Records 1998) * Man of Light 7" (Warpburner Records 1998) * Goatsnake/Burning Witch split CD (Hydra Head Records 2000) * Dog Days CD (Southern Lord Records 2000) * Trampled Under Hoof CD (Southern Lord Records 2004) Compilation/Reissue * 1 + Dog Days CD (Southern Lord Records 2004) Compilation tracks * "Hot Rod" on Rise 13: Magick Rock, Vol. 1 (Rise Above Records 1999) ========== Black Age Blues Track Listing: 1. Another River To Cross 2. Elevated Man 3. Coffee & Whiskey 4. Black Age Blues 5. House Of The Moon 6. Jimi’s Gone 7. Graves 8. Grandpa Jones 9. A Killing Blues
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Frayle - The White Witch (Full EP 2018)
The White Witch (EP 2018) http://frayle.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/frayleband/ https://www.instagram.com/frayle_band/ Heavy, Low, & Witchy. Frayle is a female-fronted doom and witch-rock band from Cleveland OH. They draw their inspiration from bands like Sleep, Portishead, Bjork, Kyuss, & Black Sabbath, Frayle makes music for the night sky. Frayle Cleveland, Ohio =================== 1. Let The Darkness In 00:00 2. The White Witch 04:38 3. Wandering Star 10:03 4. Things That Make Us Bleed 14:01 *** Debut EP from Frayle. *** released April 1, 2018 *** All songs written by Frayle excpet Wandering Star. Wandering Star written by Portishead.
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Hällas - Excerpts From a Future Past (Full Album 2017)
Excerpts From a Future Past (2017) https://thesignrecords.bandcamp.com/album/h-llas-excerpts-from-a-future-past https://www.facebook.com/haellas/ Hällas Sweden *** The Sign Records https://www.facebook.com/thesignrecords/ http://thesignrecords.com ============================== 1. The Astral Seer 00:00 2. Repentance 06:45 3. Nebulon's Tower 12:00 4. The Golden City of Semyra 14:19 5. Star Rider 21:01 6. Shadow of the Templar 27:03 7. Illusion Sky 34:56 *** released October 13, 2017
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Dog Chasing Sun - Slow Burn (Full Album 2018)
Slow Burn (2018) http://dogchasingsun.bandcamp.com/ https://vk.com/public160046507 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiUiv86z6P598xlszRoz_cg https://soundcloud.com/sergey-zladei Psychodelic Southern/Stoner Doom One Man Band Dog Chasing Sun Moscow, Russia =================== 1. Wasteland Law 00:00 2. Great Swamp Lords 05:26 3. Southern Melancholy 12:20 4. First Sun of the New World 17:33 5. A Sun That Never Shine 23:45 6. Selldestruction 30:17 7. Only Stoned Will Survive 37:13 8. Sister 44:14 9. Fading Fire 49:50 *** released January 26, 2018 *** S. Kosin: All Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums Programming A. Khokhlova: Art
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Naxatras - Prophet (III New Album 2018)
PRE-ORDER "III" HERE: https://naxatras.bandcamp.com/album/iii Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/naxatras/ Fully analog recording at Magnetic Fidelity, engineered by Jesus I. Agnew. Artwork by Chris RW. *** Naxatras Thessaloniki, Greece
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Acid King - Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (Full New Album 2015)
Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (New Album 2015) https://www.facebook.com/AcidkingSF/t... http://www.acidking.com/ Lori S. - Guitar & Vocals Joey Osbourne - Drums Mark Lamb - Bass ---------- Tracklist: 0:00 - 3:53 Intro 3:53 - 13:10 Silent Pictures 13:10 - 18:58 Coming Down From Outer Space 18:58 - 25:50 Laser Headlights 25:50 - 34:18 Red River 34:18 - 42:08 Infinite Skies 42:08 - 50:55 Center of Everywhere 50:55 - 53:32 Outro -------------------- 1. Intro 2. Silent Pictures 3. Coming Down From Outer Space 4. Laser Headlights 5. Red River 6. Infinite Skies 7. Center Of Everywhere 8. Outro
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Khemmis - Hunted (Full Album 2016)
Hunted (2016) http://khemmis.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/khemmisdoom/ https://www.facebook.com/20buckspin/ http://www.20buckspin.com/ Doomed rock 'n' roll from Denver, CO. Khemmis Denver, Colorado ================== 1. Above The Water 0:00 2. Candlelight 7:22 3. Three Gates 14:41 4. Beyond The Door 21:18 5. Hunted 30:18 ==================== Khemmis - Hunted (2016) 1. Above The Water 2. Candlelight 3. Three Gates 4. Beyond The Door 5. Hunted Hunted comes just over a year after the release of KHEMMIS’ stunning Absolution debut, which caught the doom world by complete surprise, and set the band up as one of the scene’s favorite new artists. The album slowly but surely steamrolled all that came in contact with its unforgettable heaviness and classic melodicism. Virtually unknown outside Denver upon release, the band gathered acclaim over the ensuing months and by year end had landed in the #9 spot on Decibel Magazine’s annual Top 40 Albums Of The Year, not a small accomplishment for a band on its debut album.
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Earth - Primitive And Deadly (Full New Album 2014)
Buy The Album At:http://earthsl.bandcamp.com/album/primitive-and-deadly https://www.facebook.com/thronesanddominions/info?ref=page_internal 00:00 Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon 08:55 There Is a Serpent Coming (feat. Mark Lanegan) 17:02 From the Zodiacal Light (feat. Rabia Shaheen Qazi) 28:31 Even Hell Has Its Heroes 38:17 Rooks Across the Gate Earth is an American musical group based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1990 and led by guitarist Dylan Carlson. Earth's music is mostly instrumental, and can be divided into two distinct stages. Their early work grew out of the Seattle-area grunge scene and is recognized as pioneering the genre of drone doom — an experimental offshoot of doom metal, characterized by droning, minimalist, lengthy, and repetitive structures. Earth's early albums were usually recorded as a duo (Carlson and a bass guitarist), and could be seen as a variation of the experimental doom-influenced metal of The Melvins. Earth currently features a markedly different sound, slow-paced and lengthy, but now with a drummer and featuring strong elements of country music and jazz. Dylan Carlson founded the band in 1990 along with Slim Moon and Greg Babior. Carlson has remained the core of the band's line-up throughout its changes. Current players have included: Adrienne Davies on drums, Lori Goldston on Cello, Karl Blau on bass, Steve Moore on keys and Don McGreevey on bass.
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Bongripper -  Miserable (Full New Album 2014)
Miserable 2014 http://bongripper.bandcamp.com/ http://bongripper.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/BONGRIPPER/283936697383?sk=info Tracklist: 0:00 Endless 17:49 Descent 36:40 Into Ruin ========== 1. Endless 2. Descent 3. Into Ruin
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Lucifer In The Sky With Diamonds - The Shining One (Full Album 2014)
The Shining One 2014 https://litswd.bandcamp.com/album/the-shining-one https://www.facebook.com/luciferskydiamonds/info?ref=page_internal iTunes - http://goo.gl/o4w6ZV Google Play - http://goo.gl/YMI14N Hail Diamonds! - 0:00 Counting Time - 1:17 How To Fix Things - 4:56 Save Your Breath - 7:43 Guillotine - 11:11 Highlow World - 14:49 Lords Of The Damned - 20:33 The Shining One - 26:54
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UFOMAMMUT - Ecate (Full Album 2015)
Ecate (2015) https://www.facebook.com/pages/UFOMAM... https://www.facebook.com/neurotrecord... "Ecate" is the seventh and latest album from Italian power trio, Ufomammut. Ecate is the ancient Greek goddess of the three worlds; The World of Humans, The World of the Gods and The World of the Dead. Throughout the centuries, her powerful figure has transformed in shape and meaning. As were many pagan deities, she came to be viewed as a negative entity associated with witchcraft and black magic by the Christian church. Ufomammut’s “Ecate" is composed of six separate tracks, each one is a representation of one of her many manifestations. This album is surely an evolution in terms of composition and song structure. “Ecate” takes the epic nature of their last Neurot release, “ORO”, and distils it further into something more concise, aggressive, and yet as complex as the goddess, Ecate herself. Here the band continues to climb and further expand upon their previous works by infusing them into "Ecate", giving the past a new form. Just as the goddess presents herself in three different forms, so too the music moves between multiple levels of existence. UFOMAMMUT Italy =============== 1. Somnium 2. Plouton 3. Chaosecret 4. Temple 5. Revelation 6. Daemons
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Stoner Train - Bannermen of Lost Generations (Full Album 2016)
Bannermen of Lost Generations 2016 http://stonertrain.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/stonertrain/?fref=nf http://www.stonertrain.com/ ''Hot slide guitar riffs, rusty harmonica cries, badass demonic drum beats and crazy bear vocals... Just take a bottle of cold beer and jump on!'' Stoner Train город Москва, Russian Federation ------------------- 1. What is the One Thing? (Intro) 0:00 2. Bannermen of Lost Generations 0:28 3.We're Riding Low 3:36 4.Downtown of the Living Dead 7:19 5.Revolution on my Mind 11:56 6.Space Trucker 15:32 7.Heading for Tomorrow 17:50 8.Grey Cloud Session 22:34 9.I Know the End 25:41 ------------- 1. What is the One Thing? (Intro) 2. Bannermen of Lost Generations 3. We're Riding Low 4. Downtown of the Living Dead 5. Revolution on my Mind 6. Space Trucker 7. Heading for Tomorrow 8. Grey Cloud Session 9. I Know the End
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Khemmis - Absolution (Full Album 2015)
Absolution 2015 https://www.facebook.com/khemmisdoom?... http://khemmisdoom.com/ Slow, loud, heavy -- this is Khemmis, a four piece metal outfit from Denver, Colorado. In the face of myriad "retro" and "throwback" styles favored by many, Khemmis combines the soul of Black Sabbath and the soaring harmonies of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden with the raw, visceral heaviness of contemporary sludge and doom metal. No regurgitation. No shtick. No trends. Formed in 2012, Khemmis has shared the stage with a number of acclaimed bands, including Eyehategod, Church of Misery, Samothrace, Bongripper, and Power Trip. In December 2014, the band entered Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Primitive Man, Cattle Decapitation). The result is Absolution, a six track, forty-minute journey through transcendent melodies and pure auditory annihilation. Khemmis will embark on their first West Coast tour this August in support of the new album, with more Midwest dates to come later this year. --- Tracklist: 1. Torn Asunder 0:00 2. Ash, Cinder, Smoke 5:31 3. Serpentine 12:24 4. Antediluvian 20:34 5. Burden of Sin 26:36 6. The Bereaved 32:08 ==================== 1. Torn Asunder 2. Ash, Cinder, Smoke 3. Serpentine 4. Antediluvian 5. Burden Of Sin 6. The Bereaved
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Black Moth - Condemned To Hope (Full New Album 2014)
Condemned To Hope (2014) https://www.facebook.com/themothpit/i... ''Following the release of their 2012 Debut, the Moth have had a storming couple of years. Playing festivals such as Leeds, Reading and Download, as well as two european tours and a massive 15 date UK tour. Also stamping their live authority on support slots with Red Fang, Karma to Burn, Turbowolf and Truckfighers to name a few. In 2013 they released the AA single of Savage Dancer and Tree of Woe as part of the prestigious Too Pure Singles Club. Now in 2014 they are preparing to release their second as of yet untitled album. Once again produced by Nick Cave sticks man, Jim Sclavunos and recorded by legendary Leeds engineer Andy Hawkins, its shaping up to be a banger. This will be their first hometown show of the year and the band will be performing some new, never heard before material. '' Tracklist 1. Tumbleweave 2. Set Yourself Alight 3. Looner 4. The Undead King Of Rock'N'Roll 5. The Last Maze 6. White Lies 7. Red Ink 8. Room 13 9. Stinkhorn 10. Slumber With The Worm 11. Condemned To Hope
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Nightstalker - Just A Burn (Full Album 2004)
Just A Burn 2004 http://nightstalker.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nights... Nightstalker Athens, Greece ========= 0:00 All Around (Satanic Drugs From Outer Space) 3:40 Just A Burn 7:51 Don't Blow My High 11:14 Line 15:48 Voodoo U Do 21:18 Iron 23:46 Silver Shark 29:13 Explode 32:17 Staripper 36:39 Give It All 40:39 Shadows ------------- released September 12, 2004 Year: 2004 Label: Mad Prophet/Nasoni Format: CD, LP Credits: Recorded at SCA Studio, 2003-2004 Produced by Nightstalker. Engineered by Aris Christou. Assistant producer Alex K Re Mixed by Nightstalker (2015) at Shakti Studio. Mastered by Sweet Spot Line up Argy : Vocals, Drums Andreas Lagios: Bass Tolis Motsios: Guitars
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It’s Not Night: It’s Space - Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting (Full Album 2016)
Our Birth is but A Sleep and a Forgetting 2016 https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/album... https://www.facebook.com/innis.band/?... http://www.smallstone.com/ ==== Nada Brahma 00:00 The Beard of Macroprosopus 03:26 Across the Luster of the Desert Into the Polychrome Hills 12:18 Starry Wisdom 19:57 Pillars in the Void 28:40 The Black Iron Prison and the Palm Tree Garden 37:29 - 1. Nada Brahma 2. The Beard of Macroprosopus 3. Across the Luster of the Desert Into the Polychrome Hills 4. Starry Wisdom 5. Pillars in the Void 6. The Black Iron Prison and the Palm Tree Garden Guitarist Kevin Halcott and drummer Michael Lutomski founded It’s Not Night: It’s Space early in 2010. Crammed in a small, smoky bedroom, they tapped in and jammed, compelled by chemistry to push forward. By that Fall, Tommy Guerrero had joined on bass and the band dropped two self-releases by 2012. The first EP arrived in October 2011. East of the Sun & West of the Moon featured three epic instrumental pieces that set the tone for what to expect from INN:IS. Positive response came in virtual and physical realities, and the band set about honing their craft, averaging about 50-60 shows a year. Momentum carried them straight into their first LP, 2012’s Bowing Not Knowing to What, self-released with the help of successful crowdfunding raising $5,000 to press CDs and vinyl. It was this album that caught the attention of Small Stone Records. A series of roadblocks and personal setbacks after the first album set the tone for their second album, Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting. In moldy warehouses, grimy basements, and the dusty backrooms of pizza shops, the trio channeled new material and worked tirelessly to craft the songs that would become a definitive offering. It became a full-time task. Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting rings both familiar and fresh. Longtime fans should have no trouble getting down with the heavy grooves and climaxes of these sonic journeys, but the band has pushed into dreamier territories as well. The long wait to share this very personal and powerful album is finally over, and It’s Not Night: It’s Space is ready to get back on the wave and ride it forward.
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The Black Furs - Doomed Blues (Full Album 2016)
Doomed Blues 2016 http://theblackfurs.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/doomedblues/?fref=nf The Black Furs Argentina ========= 00:00 Warm Stisfaction 2:46 Devil got me on the road 7:30 Voodoo Queen Blues 7:58 Poison deals 11:51 Blues of Lova 19:40 Serpent Baby 24:32 Mors Tempestiva 27:30 Jesus left me die so young 28:51 Electric heat 32:48 I ain´t superstitious 36:28 Kiss of magick 41:24 Dos corazones duros 42:30 Livin´like a dog
Views: 150619 666MrDoom
Purple Hill Witch - Celestial Cemetery (Full Album 2017)
Celestial Cemetery (2017) http://purplehillwitch.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/PurpleHillWitch/ The Church Within Records:http://www.doom-dealer.de/sites/main.php?nav=1 Purple Hill Witch Oslo, Norway ============ 1. Ghouls in Leather 00:00 2. Harbinger of Death 08:14 3. Celestial Cemetery 12:16 4. Around the Universe 17:18 5. Menticide 22:21 6. The First Encounter 26:48 7. Burnt Offering 32:26 *** released November 10, 2017
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Mr.  Bad Luck - Tale of The Mountain Man (Full Album 2016)
Tale of The Mountain Man (2016) http://mrbadluck.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/mrbadluck ''If you love bone-crushing riffs, Rock&Roll and don't mind a little psychedelia to go with it, then this might be for you.'' Mr. Bad Luck Aarhus, Denmark ========================= 1. The Mountain Man 00:00 2. The Wolves are Coming 05:35 3. Run All Night 10:02 4. At Dawn 13:50 5. Broken Bones 18:07 6. Devils On My Trail 22:21 7. Showdown 26:35
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Sun of Man - III (2017)
III (2017) http://sunofmanband.bandcamp.com/ Psych/Space Rock Sun of Man Australia ================ 1. Oh My Sushi! 00:00 - 12:28 ----- released September 11, 2017
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Green Lung - Free the Witch (Full EP 2018)
Free the Witch (EP 2018) http://greenlung.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/greenlungband/ http://instagram.com/greenlungband ✞ SOUTH LONDON STONER DOOM ✞ GREEN LUNG London, UK =================== 1. Lady Lucifer 00:00 2. Free the Witch 05:18 3. Living Fossil 11:13 4. Older than the Hills 16:50 *** released February 19, 2018 *** Recorded at Bear Bites Horse Studio, November 2017 Engineered and mixed by Wayne Adams (http://bearbiteshorse.com/) Organ on 'Free the Witch' and additional backing vocals by Joe Murgatroyd (http://joemurgatroyd.com/) Cover photograph by Ellen Rogers (http://ellenjanerogers.com/) Cover design by Tom Templar
Views: 26216 666MrDoom
Planet Of Zeus - Loyal to the Pack (Full Album 2016)
Loyal to the Pack 2016 http://planetofzeus.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/planetofzeus http://www.planetofzeus.gr/ http://ihaveadrum.bandcamp.com/ Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece. = = = = = = = = = = 1.Loyal to the pack, 00:00 2.Devil calls my name, 04:59 3.Them nights, 08:07 4.Little deceiver, 12:29 5.Your love makes me wanna hurt myself, 16:16 6.Retreat, 20:44 7.Sea bastards, 26:09 8.White shroud , 30:53 9.Scum alive, 36:19 10.Indian red, 39:35 11.Athens, 45:22 ========== At a time in which individualism seems to be the ultimate solution for some, Planet of Zeus come back with their highly anticipated fourth album, “Loyal to the pack”, an ode to the benefits of teamwork. Being well known for their never ending signature heavy riffs, gritty vocals and dancing grooves, the band decided to “shuffle their deck of cards” and embark on a new musical direction, encompassing melody, clean, but heartrending vocals and a newly found sense of dynamics. This mixture seems to establish a signature sound for Planet of Zeus, a sound that takes the listener on a journey throughout the history of heavy music. From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Mastodon, the Allman Brothers Band to Queens of the stone age and AC/DC to Clutch. credits releases May 13, 2016
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Trawler - The Strong Man & the Sea (Full Album 2017)
The Strong Man & the Sea (2017) http://trawlerband.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/trawlerband/ Trawler songs will appreciate true fans of the genre and absolutely everyone. Totaly crystal and cold notes of the North in fat sauce of southern metal. Trawler Arkhangelsk, Russia ------------------------------------ 1. Run 00:00 2. Passion 03:55 3. Waves 07:36 4. Level O'k 11:20 5. Matter of Choice 15:05 6. Never Give Up 18:51 7. Michael 22:21 8. Go To Hell 26:28 9. Little Girl 31:18 *** released August 26, 2017
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The Necromancers - Of Blood and Wine (Full Album 2018)
Of Blood and Wine (2018) https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/music https://www.facebook.com/thenecromancersband/ https://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/ http://www.ripple-music.com/ ''French foursome The Necromancers have unleashed their sophomore album, "Of Blood and Wine" on Ripple Music. An excellent follow-up to their debut album "Servants of the Salem Girl." Further exploring their sound whilst losing none of the heft from before. Official release of 10/5/2018 on Vinyl, CD and Digital.'' ================== 1 Join the Dead Ones 00:00 2 Erzebeth 5:34 3 Of Blood and Wine 17:53 4 Secular Lord 20:28 5 Lust 26:02 6 The Gathering 35:54 *** released October 5 , 2018
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Stoned Jesus - The Seeds, vol​ ​II (Full Album 2016)
The Seeds, vol​ ​II (2016) http://facebook.com/stonedjesusband http://stonedjesus.bigcartel.com/ http://instagram.com/stonedjesusband http://twitter.com/StonedJesusBand https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-harvest/id967478663 Stoned Jesus Ukraine ============= A collection of rehearsal jams, serving as a fundraising tool for our 4th full-length album. If you're willing to donate over 100 euro - be prepared to find your name in the booklet! ========= 1. 201 2. 202 3. 203 4. Starshine Harvest ============ released June 3, 2016 Viktor Kondratov - drums, recording Sergii Sliusar - bass Igor Sydorenko - guitar "Starshine Harvest" recorded April 15, 2010 on a Kharkiv live show w/ StJ MKI line-up: Igor - guitar Nick Kobold - bass Alex EphirZ - drums "Starshine Harvest" also contains experts from rehearsal's work-in-progress on the track
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Jesus on Dope - A journey with Jesus on Dope (Full Album 2016)
A journey with Jesus on Dope (2016) https://lsdr.bandcamp.com/album/a-journey-with-jesus-on-dope https://www.facebook.com/jesusondope/?ref=page_internal http://www.jesusondope.com/ ''A psychedelic background, lysergic ingredients and synesthesia are the components of the spiritual sound of Jesus on Dope. Creators of chaotic and cadenced scenes. Past and future flow between groove and psychedelia, space textures and amazing riffs, here and now. An emotional and sound rollercoaster.'' ================================= Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs Merch:https://www.facebook.com/lsdrrecords Distro:https://www.discogs.com/es/seller/LSDRDISTRO/profile ================================= 1. Ghost Host (Live Version) 00:00 2. Escape From The Void 03:52 3. Subtle Delirium 08:34 4. Sexplotion (feat Jenna Haze) 12:23 5. Dick Diggler 17:53 6. Twisted Stranger 22:44 7. Diabolik 30:56 8. Lofi Lullaby (Live, 2011) 35:14 9. Bloody Lonely Picnic (Live, 2010) 39:06
Views: 25073 666MrDoom
Howling Black Soul - Howling Black Soul (Full Album 2014)
Howling Black Soul 2014 http://howlingblacksoul.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HowlingBlackSoul/?ref=page_internal http://www.howlingblacksoul.com/ https://twitter.com/hbstheband https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZREx_VieSSBihWOxpj8Rmw ''Howling Black Soul initially sprang from a shared obsession for bands such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and other late 60’s/early 70’s music and the dark art of the blues specialists. They felt that this type of music was not being produced any more so decided to do something about it. Their sound is steeped in blues and maintains that retro groove of the late 60s/early 70s; however, they have managed to put their own spin on this classic genre and remain current offering something new. '' Howling Black Soul Southend On Sea, UK =================== 1. Soul to lay 00:00 2. Full of Desire 03:24 3. Myself 07:18 4. Darlin' You 10:34 5. See the Light 15:19 6. Shoot You Down 18:32 7. Brand New Soul 22:34 8. Another Dawn 26:00 9. Roll Out Your Head 28:52
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Hairless Monk - Journey to the Mushroom Planet (Full EP 2017)
Journey to the Mushroom Planet (EP 2017) http://hairlessmonkmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HairlessMonk/?ref=page_internal Instrumental Prog Rock/Metal Hairless Monk Cedar Rapids, Iowa ======================== 1. Theme of the Mushroom 00:00 2. Stowaway 04:46 3. City in the Sea 16:08 4. Basidium 17:43 5. Ancient World 24:05 --- Instrumental prog rock EP written and recorded by Jacob Willenborg from Cedar Rapids, IA at the House of Dub. Copyright 2017 - Hairless Monk -- released April 18, 2017
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Mississippi Bones - 2600 AD: And Other Astonishing Tales (Full Album 2016)
2600 AD: And Other Astonishing Tales (2016) http://mississippibones.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/mississippibones https://twitter.com/Mississippi_Bnz Mississippi Bones formed in the flat lands of Hardin County, Ohio in 2010 as a 2 man studio project, thanks to some free studio time, with no other motives than to lay down some rock and no intentions of a future. In the last 4 years the rock has not stopped. They have moved from a 2 to a 6 man (5 men 1 lady) band, but the goal remains the same...laying down fat slabs o'rock. Mississippi Bones Ada, Ohio ----------------- 1. Bakshi To The Future 2. Butcher of the 9 Lunar Mansions 3. Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist) 4. Sleep Atlas At Last 5. Robot Kaiju Hullabaloo 6. 2600 AD - Jared Vs The Space Invaders 7. The Eulogy of Captain Sam Quint 8. Cult of the Behemoth 9. Greener Pastures (I Hear Chernobyl Is Nice This Time of Year) 10. Metaphor Is Just A Word 11. The Fly In Your Ointment 12. Thank You For Listening ---------------
Views: 37514 666MrDoom
Shotgun Sawyer - 8 Bangers (Full EP 2017)
8 Bangers (Split EP w/BandMaster Ruckus 2017) http://shotgunsawyer.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ShotgunSawyer/?ref=page_internal http://shotgunsawyer.com/ Shotgun Sawyer is a loud, three piece blues-rock band from Auburn California ========================= ''A split EP we did with our friends in BandMaster Ruckus. Head over to their page (http://bandmasterruckus.bandcamp.com/) to get their 4 songs, or go to the SNAFU Family page ( https://snafufamily.bandcamp.com/), and buy all 8 together! ========================= 1. Hombre 00:00 2. Get Out 04:05 3. Fight or Die 08:27 4. Shallow Grave 12:58
Views: 7916 666MrDoom
Villagers of Ioannina City - Riza   (Full Album 2014)
Riza 2014 (Full Album) https://www.facebook.com/vic.epirus/info?ref=page_internal V.I.C (Villagers of Ioannina City) is an experimental psychedelic/rock band from Ioannina City (Greece). They play a kind of post rock with a big dose of greek-folk traditional music from Epirus. The region’s musical tradition is characterized by polyphony and the use of clarinet. The band’s sound fuses traditional music into modern psychedelic forms, creating a unique sound They formed in 2007 and since then they had played in a numerous of shows all over the country in many different venues and festivals. They have recorded one promo cd in 2010 and in April 2014 they have released their first full length album titled "Riza". Villagers of Ioannina City http://vicband.bandcamp.com/ =============== 01. Kalesma 00:00 02. Echoes 01:29 03. Nova 05:12 04. Jiannim 12:05 05. Tabourla (feat.Ioanninas Nobody) 19:51 06. Krasi 25:28 07. Ti kako 32:16 08. Perdikomata 41:47 09. Chalasia (feat.G.Mitsis) 50:34 10. Skaros 57:34 11. St. Triad 01:00:29 12. Riza 01:11:23 =============== 1. Kalesma 2. Echoes 3. Nova 4. Jiannim 5. Tabourla (feat. Ioanninas Nobody) 6. Krasi 7. Ti kako 8. Perdikomata 9. Chalasia (feat. G. Mitsis) 10. Skaros 11. St. Triad 12. Riza
Views: 71580 666MrDoom
Tanith - CITADEL (Debut 2-Track EP 2017)
CITADEL (EP 2017) http://tanithnyc.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TanithNYC/ TANITH is a four piece band based in Brooklyn NY including members from Brooklyn and Newcastle, England. With two lead singers and twin guitars we play old school heavy rock influenced by the sounds and imagery of 1970s icons such as BOC, Wishbone Ash and Uriah Heep. Tanith New York =============== 1. Citadel 00:00 2. Eleven Years 05:44 *** Debut 7". Vinyl available soon. *** released November 24, 2017 Recorded onto 2" tape and mixed to 1/2" tape by Hugh Pool at Excello Recording Analog mastering by Scott Hull at Masterdisk
Views: 4976 666MrDoom
The Road Miles - Ballads for the Wasteland (Full Album 2017)
Ballads for the Wasteland (2017) http://theroadmiles.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/theroadmiles/ http://theroadmiles.com/ https://soundcloud.com/the-road-miles http://google.com/+Theroadmilesband The Road Miles are a southern gothic band based in Athens, GR. Their fuzzy sound combines rock’n’roll energy with dark aesthetic under the influence of psychedelic blues. They drag their guitars through reverb sounds and fuzz pedals while filtering the vocals with low-fi microphones, telling stories from a world full of heat, dust and red suns reflected on the steel hood of a deserted sedan. The Road Miles Athens, Greece ================= 1. Where I Was Born, There I Will End 00:00 2. The Last Western Myth 07:22 3. 600 Miles 12:17 4. Filthy Air 16:24 5. Ballad for the Wasteland 21:47 6. The Third Man 24:03 7. Wolves 27:58 *** "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed. The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death." It is not by mere chance that master author Stephen King chose this exact description to open his most celebrated work to date, The Dark Tower saga. Great storytelling had always been affiliated with the strong presence of an iconic place, an instantly recognizable and memorable landscape. The maddening mountains of H.P. Lovecraft, the soul-stirring ocean of Herman Melville, or in this case, the archetypal desert. Hallucinogenic, forbidding, unending. In their sophomore album, The Road Miles adopt an almost cinematic approach to their sound, transferring the auditor straight to the heart of that very desert. Here, every twist and turn of a desert travelogue can be experienced through music: the wearing route, the mortal hazards, the otherworldly delusions. Skillfully maneuvering from electrifying blues to nostalgic americana and explosive heavy psych to wistful spoken word, the band perfectly captures the feeling of being adrift in such vast wastelands, in a psychedelic loop of fantasy and death. However, The Dark Tower influence functions as a mere sparking, a beacon of inspiration. Because in Ballads for the Wasteland The Road Miles unveil their own distinctive narrative. A thrilling narrative, developed through seven heartfelt, esoteric mantras. A narrative of hollow outbursts and deafening silences. A narrative built with the same raw materials as every western myth: a gun, the dust and the open horizon. *** released October 23, 2017 Produced, engineered and mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Artracks Studios Mastering by Yannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studios Artwork/Layout by George Gkousetis http://www.goographix.com/semitonelabs Recorded during the summer of 2016 at Artracks Recording Studios in Athens, Greece *** An Archaeopian Beat Cat. Number: BEAT 002 © 2017 Archaeopia all rights reserved https://www.facebook.com/archaeopia/ https://archaeopia.bandcamp.com/ http://archaeopia.com/ https://www.instagram.com/archaeopia/ https://twitter.com/archaeopia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5lYgdwyktMNpz1hawHsnQ
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Bone Man - II (Full Album 2013)
http://bonemankiel.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bonemankiel/?fref=nf Bone Man is a three piece heavy tuned psych band, founded in northern Germany in late 2007. Since then they have been touring all around europe and released these records: First Demo Album: Late 2009 Split with Ninive: Beginning 2010 Evil Eye Single Single: 2010 Split with Elope: Late 2010 Shapeshifter EP: 2011 II: 2013 Plastic Wasteland: 2014 SPAHESHIFTER: 03.09.2015 ===================== 1. Dead Weight 2. Closer To The Sun 3. All Eyes On Me 4. Stuck In The Mire 5. A New Breed 6. Out Of Phase 7. Wood Song 8. Hollow Promise
Views: 19936 666MrDoom
Five Horse Johnson - Jake Leg Boogie (Full Album 2017)
Jake Leg Boogie (2017) https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/album/jake-leg-boogie https://www.facebook.com/Five-Horse-Johnson-official-band-page-148445998544953/ http://www.smallstone.com/ Five Horse Johnson Toledo, Oh ========================== 1. Jake Leg Boogie 00:00 2. Magic Man 02:39 3. Cryin’ Shame -06:55 4. Ropes and Chains 11:27 5. Hard Times -15:06 6. Smoke Show -19:14 7. Little Lonely 23:31 8. Overload 28:23 9. Daddy Was a Gun 32:20 10. Last Song 36:56
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Brunt - Brunt (Full Album 2014)
Brunt 2014 http://brunt.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bruntmusic http://www.youtube.com/bruntmusic http://www.brunt.it/ "You'll definitely feel the full force of this new Guernsey trio. The absence of a vocalist draws plenty of attention to their hypnotic experimental music which ebbs and flows like a strong swamp tide.The music is lead by classic stoner rock riffs, dripping with thick overdrive to create a sludgy fuzzy bluesy sound backed by the solid doom drums/bass grooves of the Mariess brothers." - Vale earth Brunt Guernsey ================= 1. St Felix of Nola 08:43 2. The Tale of the Hideous Tricorn 3. Rabbit Of Cannabong 4. A Concise Cosmic History Of The Swob Monster Pt1 (The Birth Of Fuzz) 5. Raw Goat
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Mammuten - Electric Vengeance (Full EP 2017)
Electric Vengeance (EP 2017) http://mammutenband.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mammutenband/ https://soundcloud.com/mammutenband/tracks Mammuten Thessaloniki, Greece ======================= 1. The Bane of Man 00:00 2. Riding the Waves of the Universe 08:31 3. Manudd 17:09 4. Ring of Fire 22:53
Views: 8933 666MrDoom

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