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Suasana Hari Raya (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Hi loves! I was supposed to upload this cover the night before Eid but due to poor connection at my kampung, I have no choice but to postpone it so here goes! Hope you liked our average but decent cover of the legendary "Suasana Hari Raya" which for me, is a must for every Eid! I wish you all have such an incredibly blissful Raya with your loved ones.. I'd like to thank Raja Nazrin Shah and Raja Nazmin Shah of SOG for helping me record this last minute cover! Talented aren't they? I think they recorded the whole thing in less than an hour. Also, Elmi, who is kind hearted enough to help us shoot a simple video to complement this cover to completion. There won't be any video if it wasn't for this guy! Thanks friends! To finish, I am certainly loving this uploading pattern I've been having, hopefully it continues to be a habit so we can have a video every week! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to everyone who's watching this video. I apologize for any mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, please know that I always mean well to everyone. May god bless you sweethearts. Love, D.
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Daiyan Trisha - Langit (Official Lyric MV)
Daiyan Trisha - Langit Lyrics: Verse 1 Dari manis senyummu Ku rasa hala cinta menunggu Andai aku dipelukmu Lenyap segala luka Dari segala rindu Yang kutemu hanya diri kamu Takkan ada penggantimu Kau pemilik hatiku Pre-chorus Dengan bicara yang lembutkan aku Kau untukku Chorus Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar masa henti saja untuk kita Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar ada lakaran indah kita Lakaran indah kita Verse 2 Biar lamanya waktu Hatiku akan terus menunggu Takkan jauh kau dariku Ku janji kan setia Semua yang ku ingini Seakan hadirnya dari mimpi Ku hanya mahu kau tahu Kaulah takdir hidupku Pre-chorus Dengan segala yang ada padaku Ku untukmu Chorus Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar masa henti saja untuk kita Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar ada lakaran indah kita Lakaran indah kita Bridge Ku tanpamu Rasa kehilangan, tiada tuju Ku adamu Penuhi seluruh jiwaku Chorus Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar masa henti saja untuk kita Langit takkan cerah tanpa kamu Awan takkan mendung bersamamu Biar ada lakaran indah kita Lakaran indah kita ———————————————————————————— Production Credits: Komposer: Omar K (Replay Music), Ikhwan Fatanna (Nova Music), Daiyan Trisha Lirik: Omar K (Replay Music) , Ikhwan Fatanna (Nova Music), Daiyan Trisha Terbitan & Susunan Muzik: Omar K Keyboards: Omar K Guitars: John Jeevasingham Mixing & Mastering: Audi Mok Lyric video by: Syabil Ng & Asyraff Ramlel Link to all streaming platforms: https://song.link/i/1426723848 ———————————————————————————— To celebrate love. #langitdaiyan Yours truly, Daiyan Trisha.
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Heart to Heart with Fynn Jamal #kitamanusia
Fynn Jamal (@fynnjamal) #KitaManusia
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Daiyan Trisha - Cheat (Original Music Video)
Daiyan Trisha - Cheat ( Original ) | Acoustic Version Lyrics/Song : Daiyan Trisha Audio : SOG Production Video : Clora Studio Lyrics: Verse 1 Baby please come back Come back on my door I'm always here I won't hurt you anymore No I didn't mean to cheat I lost myself completely Come and get your stuff They're waiting for ya It's been a while I'm looking for ya I'm collecting the pieces of me I regret what I did, you see And it goes Chorus Oh uwo uwo oh No I didn't mean to cheat Oh uwo uwo oh I allowed myself to be free Oh uwo uwo oh And its a mistake I need to clean I am broken can't you see Baby please come back to me Verse 2 Tryna fake a smile Being with some other guys No I can't lie You're still the best I am freaking out You're the one I can't live without And it goes Chorus Guitar Solo Chorus 3x Check us out! Daiyan Trisha's FB : https://www.facebook.com/daiyan.trisha Daiyan Trisha's Twitter : @daiyantrisha SOG's FB : https://www.facebook.com/SOGproductionMY SOG's Twitter : @sogproduction Clora Studio's FB : www.facebook.com/clorastudio Clora Studio's Twitter : @clorastudio © 2013 Clora Studio. All Right Reserved. (On a less serious note) Hi my loved ones! How do you like this video? I hope it breeds butterflies in your tummies! (Like this one guy felt and told me on Twitter, which makes me really happy) "Cheat" is a song I wrote when I was 16, and I didn't think too much on the choice of words (which explains the simpleness of the story line) because basically I just come to adore the impromptu melody (Chorus catchphrase) that popped into my mind back in early 2010 when I was making myself a cup of hot milo in the kitchen. "Cheat" also has nothing to do with past experience (because I've never... like... cheated you know ok bye), so I hope that answers some of your questions! Why didn't I change the lyrics then? Because I didn't want to change whatever I did with the song in the first place, when I decided to myself that its finished and the song is finished and I'm happy with it, then it would be "myself" at that particular time and period who wrote it. And then I would get to compare and track my improvement. Ever since, I've written loads of songs that can't wait to get out there and just penetrate your ear drums and echo in your mind and melt into your lovely hearts. And I promise you, they will, and there will be more songs to come! Yours truly. x
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"Everyday Barai"
My dramatic most anticipated next single called "Everyday Barai" terimalah..
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Heart to Heart with Daiyan Trisha #kitamanusia
Daiyan Trisha (@daiyantrisha) #KitaManusia
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Daiyan Trisha - Enjoy Your Stay (Original Music Video)
Daiyan Trisha - Enjoy Your Stay | Original Lyrics : Daiyan Trisha Music : Daiyan Trisha Audio : SOG Production Video : Muhammad Iszee | Clora Studio Daiyan Trisha's FB : https://www.facebook.com/daiyan.trisha Daiyan Trisha's Twitter : @daiyantrisha Daiyan Trisha's Soundcloud : https://www.soundcloud.com/daiyantrisha SOG's FB : https://www.facebook.com/SOGproductionMY SOG's Twitter : @wearesog Facebook : www.facebook.com/clorastudio Twitter : @clorastudio © 2013 Clora Studio. All Right Reserved. Download link : https://soundcloud.com/daiyantrisha/enjoy-your-stay-original Lyrics: It's Friday night I know you're excited to see me Im quite excited to see you too Like magic you appear out of the blue And surprisingly i have quite a heart for you Pre-chorus But behind this cheeky little smile that you love A problem i don't know if you can bare Don't say i don't warn you baby Its time you know what you're heading to Chorus I can be quirky, i can be lame I can be playing all those silly games I can be a mess you think you can get through? Ohh I can be a trick and i can be a pain I can be raining on your sunny day I like to fight over a small issue But when i love, i love with all my heart Its been like that from the very start Ooh baby, with all the things that i say I hope you enjoy your stay Hope you enjoy your stay Hope you enjoy your stay Hope you enjoy your stay Putting on my dress for a night to remember Take me in on a table for two You said you like the way i laugh and the way i do my hair Ooh, im falling into you Pre-chorus Chorus Please know who i am and who im not Because i seem to like you a lot Don't say i don't warn you baby Its time you know what you're heading to Chorus __________________________ P/s Hi lovelies! How do you like Enjoy Your Stay? We had so much fun making the video, so I hope it puts you on cloud 9! Special thanks to my buddies Raja Nazrin Shah, Raja Nazmin Shah, Peakay Farhan, Faisal Yusof & of course, Mohammad Iszee! Won't be the same without these dudes! Please subscribe for more songs from me! Love, Yours Truly.
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Asal Kau Bahagia - Armada (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Hi everybody! I decided to put a longer version here on YouTube since everybody on Twitter and Instagram asks for the full version so here you go! Hope you guys like it :) All my love, D
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Daiyan Trisha - Kau Tahu (Official Lyric Video)
Official second studio single by yours truly! Song by Omar K, Mike Chan & Faizal Tahir. Lyrics by Daiyan Trisha. Lyric video by Daiyan Trisha. Released February 2016.
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Daiyan Trisha - Brutal (Official Audio)
Daiyan Trisha's new single, Brutal. Lyrics: VERSE 1 On my bed I’ve been tryna sleep for so long In my head baby you’re all I could think of Delicate my heart’s hanging on the line now Don’t communicate Don’t you, don’t communicate no Turn away, I don’t wanna look at my phone A text away is all it takes to get me back on Night and day I’ve been waiting for so long Just to see your face Just to just to see your face PRE-CHORUS And I would wait for a thousand years to see you again To see you again And I would wait for a thousand more to be with you again Be with you again CHORUS (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you VERSE 2 Make me wait I could see you playing along Resuscitate when I see you playing our song On the edge baby don’t you pull me back on I won’t hesitate I won’t I won’t hesitate no Ended it we would never last forever My mistake I didn’t think it’d mess me over It’s a shame I just wanted to feel better In another universe we belong together PRE-CHORUS And I would wait for a thousand years to see you again To see you again And I would wait for a thousand more to be with you again Be with you again CHORUS (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you BRIDGE All my life I’ve been wanting to go back Wanna start another track Gotta find another love for me hey For me hey I didn’t think that I could move on I miss your love I’m sorry that I messed up If you have to go, then you should go We’re gonna have to leave it somewhere nobody knows but me CHORUS (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you (Cos i was, i was, could've been more, could've been more) Cos I was brutal, could've been more gentle like you _______________________________________________________________ BRUTAL by Daiyan Trisha Song: Daiyan Trisha Lyrics: Daiyan Trisha Producer: Audi Mok Co-producer: Daiyan Trisha Available on all streaming platforms iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/brutal/1441933590?i=1441933591 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3qpIKN2hdGSJhgDyffBmkG?si=fOKGytpnTjOPzMyQ6krCSg Joox: https://goo.gl/bbbNhp
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All Of Me - John Legend (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
A collaboration with a talented team, Voxscape. Go subscribe to them here: www.youtube.com/voxscapemy. Love this song, hope ya'll enjoy it! :) Hugs, Daiyan Trisha
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Daiyan Trisha - Boy In My Dream (Official Lyric Video)
Boy In My Dream Singer: Daiyan Trisha Lyrics & Song: Daiyan Trisha Executive Producer: Daiyan Trisha Producer & Arranger: Faisal Yusof Artworks: Faisal Sulaiman (Paranormal) Video: theMalaya Productions
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Daiyan Trisha - Kita Manusia (Official Music Video)
Kita Manusia merupakan single terbaru Daiyan Trisha, seorang penulis lagu, penyanyi dan pelakon. Lagu Kita Manusia bertujuan untuk menambahkan kesedaran terhadap isu kesihatan mental di Malaysia. Daiyan berhasrat agar orang ramai dapat memahami bahawa segala manusia menempuhi fasa kesedihan & kegagalan. Tidak salah untuk berasa sedih. Tapi lepas selesai sedih, tabahkanlah hati dan teruskan kehidupan dan inshaallah dengan bantuan kawan-kawan dan orang yang dikasihi, segala cabaran dapat ditempuhi. Saksikan video kisah-kisah #KitaManusia dari kawan-kawan Daiyan di sini : http://bit.ly/KitaManusiaPlaylist Lagu : Omar K & Daiyan Trisha Lirik : Daiyan Trisha Penerbit : REPLAY Music Executive Producer : Melakaboy Bookings & Enquiry : [email protected] Video Production : [email protected] Music Produced & Distributed by Paranormal Records
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Meghan Trainor - Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Cover by Daiyan Trisha and Ewal)
Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed this cover of Like I'm Gonna Lose You! We had great fun making it. Thank you Ewal for singing this amazing number with me, Faisal and Ucop of HWC Studios for producing the track for us and Iszee of Clora Studio for the video production - grand work as always! Here are the links for you to check out their stuff! Ewal: www.instagram.com/ewalofficial HWC Studios: www.hwcstudios.com Clora Studio: www.vimeo.com/clorastudio Thanks for tuning in! Love you! Daiyan
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Rude by Magic! - Daughter Version (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Here's my take on Magic!'s Rude! Love the song and I think it's super cheeky, so forgive me if I didn't do justice on the daughter version! Tehee. The writing that I did mostly corresponds to the lyrics of the original song and the viral dad version: Original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIh2xe4jnpk Dad version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzyQx6AL1MQ I recorded the audio first and the video later, so forgive me for that one wrong word at the almost end! :p Hope you guys like it! Original ones coming soon :) Love ya'll xx, dt Lyrics: Saturday morning, nervously waiting Today is the day He's gonna come and ask from my dad The permission for marriage Knocked on my door with a heart in his hand Daddy gave him an answer And things aren't really going so well (You know what? I gotta do this) Dad, can I have his last name for the rest of my life Say yes, say yes, coz I need to know To know I'll never get your blessings til the day I die Is breaking me, daddy please don't say no You don't have to be so rude Don't you know he's human too I know you're doing what a dad should do And if I marry him anyway Marry that boy, don't make him go away Marry that boy, promise that he's okay Marry that boy, we'll be a family Oooh I don't understand why you're being so angry We're taking it slowly Just wanna assure you he is the man That I wanna marry Daddy please hear my say, We have it all planned out And if things don't go our way We're not gonna give up Chorus Daddy please don't say no Don't ask him to go Coz we'll always find our way....... back so please just say yes?
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Justin Bieber - Sorry (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Hi guys! Hands down to Bieber's new album, I just had to cover a song from it because it's so good. I'm definitely digging his new sound (so does the rest of the world) so way to go Justin! It may sound a little nasal, apparently I was down with a flu at that time, and only realised that after we've done recording. But I think it's decent so here it is! Hope you like my take! Thank you to my good buddies at HWS studios, Faisal and Ucop for being great as always and helped me again for my filming! Video shot on our own, and editing was done by me.. SO its not professional, I know, but we tried and that's what's important hehe. Click these links here to view my last cover that I did with HWC studios and also a link to their own stuff:- Like I'm Gonna Lose You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HGEmDMXwsg HWC Studios: www.hwcstudios.com Again, thanks guys for the time! Let me know what you think! Love, D.
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Secret Love Song - Little Mix (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Little Mix is coming to Malaysia this Saturday for their #getweird tour and guess who get to be the opening act? MEEEEEEEE. I'm super excited to open for the show! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to bring my whole band, so I'm just gonna bring my guitarist and hopefully we'll get to nail it like a band would. LOL. Btw, thanks so much guys for the love on my previous cover of Dangerous Woman! It really means a lot to me! So yeah, hopefully you guys enjoy this one, and don't forget to buy tickets for their show! It's gonna be so bomb! Follow me on my other social medias: Instagram: www.instagram.com/daiyantrisha Twitter: www.twitter.com/daiyantrisha Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialdaiyantrisha Also, a million thanks to the guys at #TheMalayaTV and #ParanormalStudios for helping me make this cover! They're the best! Have a goodalidoo day! *so lame All my love, D
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Daiyan Trisha - Rasai Kebebasan (Official Music Video)
Hi everyone, I've got a big announcement! My music video for #RasaiKebebasan is out today! Yayyyyy! Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation, we were inspired to tell real stories from real people! So check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments! For more on the #RasaiKebebasan project, visit www.feefo.tv/carefree or Carefree Malaysia's Facebook Page! All my love, D.
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Heart to Heart with Alicia Amin #kitamanusia
Alicia Amin (@hangriii) #KitaManusia
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Iftar with Family & Friends
Hi guys! So I held an intimate buka puasa event last night with my family and friends. Everything went super well and I'm so glad they loved everything, from the venue, the food, the decoration and desserts! Here are some informations of the event: Venue & Food: @flatabovefoodsbury Deco & Desserts: @honeycomb.events Song is Good Enough by Death In The Afternoon Filmed on my new Canon G7X! Shot and Edited by yours truly Thanks for making it special for us! We loved it xx So here's the thing, a few people have been asking me to do a kad raya giveaway like I did last time way back in 2012. So I'm gonna do one this year for 5 lucky fellas! How? 1) Like and Comment what you like most about this video, (yes, even the part where my friend called me a dugong LOL im a mermaid please) 2) Write your tweet handle! 3) I'll contact those lucky ones on twitter personally! 4) Don't forget to make it interesting! I'm looking forward to sending you my 2016 kad raya and make you feel my looooove. Hehe. Thanks for watching and good luck! D
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Inspired by True Stories #kitamanusia - Daiyan Trisha & Friends
When I wrote “Kita Manusia”, I was in a dark phase of my life. I felt despair and alone. But then I realised that we’re allowed to feel all sorts of emotions and that we don’t have to have everything figured out. It’s ok to not be okay, as long as we pick ourselves back up. Everyone faces their own personal struggles and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Some are dealing with mental illnesses that come with these struggles. I want you to know that you are not alone & I want to be there for you. Kita semua sama, kita manusia. . Special thanks to these incredible group of people who so gracefully share their stories to make this song even more meaningful: @hangrii @thatborneoguy @muks83 @melissathng @fynnjamal @thevanesh @sashaanichole @aniskhairil . Check out their full stories on my YouTube & Facebook, which will be uploaded on a day to day basis, leading to the final release of the song and music video on 20 October 2017. #KitaManusia #8days ❤ PS : If you know a friend who's depressed or is going through a tough time in life, share my story with them. Let them know that they're not alone and there's always someone listening :-)
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#DaiyanTravels: Sydney, Australia
Hey guys, this is a travel vlog I made from a 5-days trip in beautiful Sydney, Australia. It was amazing. I went there with my bestfriend, Emira and we stayed at Kingsford which is only about 20 minutes away from the city. We managed to visit some of the attractions like the Opera House, the weekly firework show at Darling Harbour, Hyde Park, Botanical Garden, DFO in Strathfield, some beaches namely Coogee and La Perouse, a few universities too -- UNSW, University of Sydney, and a few more places I excitedly documented. The people in Sydney are super friendly I feel like hugging everyone! The food was divine too. It was fun being reunited with old friends, and making new ones, exploring new cities. It's incredibly refreshing! Beside that, I also took the advantage of going abroad to wear clothes from my own online shop, Céleste! My friends and I all wore a piece from Céleste on our second day at Hyde Park. Please take a look if you love what we're wearing here! : www.instagram.com/celeste.my I'd like to personally thank Abang Aziyadi & family, also Munirah, for letting us crash your lovely homes in Kingsford. Nabilah, Amir and Kim Billet for the hangs. :) Video shot and edited by yours truly, credits to Clora Studio's Azhar, Iszee and Lyn, who taught me and let me play with their softwares, thank you hehe! Music: Somebody To You by The Vamps (ft. Demi Lovato) XO
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#DaiyanTravels: England, UK
Hey guys! So I went to the UK (around England, to be more specific) for about 3 weeks from June 10th to the 29th! And one was spent in France. It was absolutely breathtaking and I had one of the best times of my life! If I were to write about how I felt and the experience there, it would come to no end. That's why I've collected these footages so you guys can feel it visually! Among the cities that I managed to explore while in England were London: Where I lost all my senses shopping, Bristol: Where we got to taste a drink that is somewhat similiar to Teh Tarik and it is super good, Leeds: Where we stumbled upon the cutest vintage tea shop and pretended we were in the 80's talking about Audrey Hepburn and politics, Harrogate: Where siting at the park felt like we were in the subject of a canvas paint, and Blackpool: Where we rode the tallest roller coaster in the whole of UK. Those are some of the memories that were stuck in my head like it was yesterday. There were definitely some other special moments... but let's just say they are all so special that I kind of want to keep it for myself. Hehe, Also, I met tons of new friends and they were really great too! I'm saving some footages from France and the last 3 days in London where I went to the most awesome concert ever: Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour (Courtesy of Universal Music Malaysia) for another videos, so fret not! There will be 2 more videos from this trip so I could highlight them equally! Thanks for stopping by! This was shot and edited by yours truly xxx (Ok fine my friends shot some) Music: Love Someone by Jason Mraz. Love, D.
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Heart to Heart with Anis Adila #kitamanusia
Anis Adila (@aniskhairil) #KitaManusia
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Shallow - Lady Gaga (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
Loved the movie. Wanted to cover this song as soon as I got out of the cinema. Hope you like it. Piano instrumental courtesy of Sing2Piano. Love, D.
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Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande (Cover by Daiyan Trisha)
WHAT DO YOU THINK DO YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO? A gazillion thanks to the guys at Paranormal Studios and ParanormalayaTV for helping me record and shoot this cover. Super fun! Arrangement & Production: John Jeevasingham Guitar: John Jeevasingham (@johnjeeves) Bass: Efry Arwis (@efryarwis) Drum: Ayam (@bayam_ayam) Video shooting and editing: ParanormalayaTV Please click share, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you'd like! xx All my love! D
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Savior - Lights (Cover by Daiyan Trisha and Yasmin Matthews)
Hello dreamers! Yasmin was cray cray. So was I. We had loads of fun that day. Yas came by my house, we jammed a little, laughed a lot, chill and eat and keep each other updated on our current endeavors. :) Also we recorded our little jamming session with only my iphone! Its not everyday you can see both of us together making absolute fools of ourselves, but for heck of it, let's laugh it off together and enjoy it while it lasts! Loves and laughs, Daiyan Trisha. And Yasmin too. And from my imaginary singing pet panda. xoxo
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Daiyan Trisha - Stargazing (Official Music Video)
Stargazing is Daiyan Trisha's first English debut as a recording artiste. Song: Daiyan Trisha Lyrics: Daiyan Trisha Arranged by AG Coco Produced at Kamar Seni Studio Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound Now available on: iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stargazing-single/id1134395036 Spotify, Joox, KKBOX and other music streaming services. Follow Daiyan Trisha on social media: Twitter: www.twitter.com/daiyantrisha Instagram: www.instagram.com/daiyantrisha Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialdaiyantrisha
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Daiyan Trisha - Kerana Kau (Original Acoustic Version)
Hello lovelies, Keeping my promise by uploading an acoustic version of Kerana Kau when the music video reached 100,000 views so here you go! Also I wrote down the lyrics and chords below due to an impossible amount of requests so thank you so much! This song is also the theme song for my telemovie called "Dee" already playing and repeating on Astro Ceria countless times, so if you haven't watch it, please tune in to Astro Ceria Channel 611! And it has also been playing on local radios, you guys can vote for the song on Carta Meletop 40 Era. :) Thank you so much for the incredible support on my Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. You guys have been amazing. Lyrics and Chords: Verse 1: C G F G Di saatku menjadi pilihan Kau menjadikanku yang pertama Di saatku dalam kesedihan Kau menyanyikan lagu irama Pre-chorus: Am F C G Ku mampu tempuhi halangan Tapi tidak akan ku mampu tanpamu Chorus: C G F C Kerana kau berikanku bahagia Bila kau menyatakan cintamu Kerana kau membuatku terlena dalam rindu Aku cinta padamu Verse 2: C G F G Di saatku memikul bebanan Kau memberikanku kekuatan Oh, kehadiranmu hanya satu Sentiasa menemaniku Pre-chorus Chorus Kerana kau berikan ku segalanya Sabar tanpa ada rasa jemu Kerana kau membuatku terlena dalam rindu Aku cinta padamu Aku cinta padamu Bridge - Am F C G Bila bersama Aku merasa Bagai sempurna Chorus Kerana Kau Official Music Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVx8JXNDsvY Carta Meletop Era (vote here!) : http://www.era.fm/Carta/ERA-fm/Carta-ERA-40.aspx#.UveA6fmSxI0 Thanks guys love ya'll. :)
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Daiyan Trisha - Stargazing (Official Live Version)
December 22nd 2014. The day that marks my first showcase, ever, at The Bee, Publika in which also the date I turned 21. That was the best night of my life in 2014. My band and I performed 10 songs + 1 encore song that night, and I can still see the proud look of everyone's faces: My family, my friends and all of you guys who have stood by me since the very beginning. Also my management team, Astro Talent & Management, who has shaped and groomed me so much. As mentioned in the video, my humble gratitude extends to Red's Revenge too, whom without, it would have never crossed my mind to organize a get-together showcase with the ones that I love! We also have amazing sponsors that night that I'd love to thank again and again even after months: Official Presenter/Accessories: @redsrev Videographer/Editor/Credit: @redsrev Decoration : @kayuwoods Printing: @printingonlinemy Wardrobe: @queqollection Photography #LIVEUPDATE: @muhammadiszee / @voxscapemy This is the first time Stargazing is released on social media, so I really hope you guys enjoy it as we're planning a recording! Sorry for the Youtube hiatus, I'll try to make more time. After all, this is where it all started. xx Love, DT.
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Heart to Heart with Sasha NIchole #kitamanusia
Sasha Nichole (@sashaanichole) #KitaManusia
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Heart to Heart with Hafreez Aminuddin #kitamanusia
Hafreez Aminuddin (@thatborneoguy) #KitaManusia
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#ConfessionTime: Starting New
It's a pretty simple video. I made a decision to let go of my debut album because I didn't wanna renew the contract with my previous label. Not because it was bad, but because I needed to take a break. :) It was a tough time in my life and the decisions I made greatly affect my days, but like I said in the video, I just wanted to let you guys know that whatever decisions you make, as long as you make it with the best intentions for your self or those around you, it's going to be ALRIGHT. And it is OKAY to start new. I got your back. :) Sponsors: Tapestry and Fairy Lights: @tinklewave Makeup: @urbandecaycosmetics iPhone Case: otterbox.com Much love, D
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Heart to Heart with Mukhlis Idris #kitamanusia
Dr. Mukhlis Idris (@muks83) #KitaManusia
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Heart to Heart with Melissa Th'ng #kitamanusia
Melissa Th'ng (@melissathng) #KitaManusia
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Daiyan Trisha - Good (Original)
It's pretty impromptu, but this is a song called "Good" that I wrote last month - on behalf of a friend, whose heart became numb because of a friendship-relationship that she had with a guy. Yknow, sort of friends, but sort of more than that. She's one of my best friends, and this song is for her. I'm hoping you'd be able to tell what happened through the lyrics, and I'm hoping that this song would be relatable to some of you as well. Because this is what I love most about song-writing, it's like story telling, be it of yours or of other people. You share the story with everyone and hoping maybe they'd feel the same :) Lyrics: Verse 1 Look at all these wishes that you made came true Look at all these thoughts I have they're all for you Look at all these CD's you burnt, you burnt me too I thought we'd be for long, oh I'm such a fool Pre-chorus And I know, I know, I know, you're not sorry But you know, you know, you know, incase you're wondering Chorus My family's good My friends are good And everything's good Well I hope you're good You know me so well I know you can tell Everytime I see you I feel another piece broken And all of the things I should've said they haunted me for a while Of all of the things that I regret is going the extra mile My family's good My friend's are good And everything's good Well I hope you're good Though I'm not good Verse 2 Remember when we used to hang out everyday Days turn to months before you turn away Remember when I told you about my life And you just left me there with no goodbye Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge Oh, I hate you Oh, I really do But I still care for you I still care for you Do you still care, do you still care For me too Chorus My family's good My friend's are good And everything's good Well I hope you're good Cos I am good ___________________________________________________________ So yeah that's it! It's quite lengthy I know, but it fits the mood and the whole idea of the song so why not right :) Hope you guys like it! Thanks for all the love you've given me.. I'm so lucky to have your support. All my love, D
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Heart to Heart with Thevanesh Rao #kitamanusia
Thevanesh Rao (@thevanesh) #KitaManusia
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