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Most disgusting, gross, funny throw up video I've ever seen #4
Lady throws up on everybody. Definitely not a good day out for the family. Lol
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One Idiot Two Swords and One Less finger #3
This guy cuts his finger off. OK, well he didn't cut it off but he could have. Anyway, funny as hell. I love the way the father tells his daughter "Jesus Christ get your mother!" lol Just too funny
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2 Idiots 1 Sword 1 Less Nose #5
Idiots hanging out and doing what idiots do
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Cops shoot guy with a knife 2017 #1
Texas cops shoot a guy that lunges at them with a knife. First shooting in 2017
Views: 50 ShadowMan clips
Police Arresting some guy and a Mexican girl yelling like an idiot #2
Mexican girl yelling like an idiot when her boy gets arrested. "I'm recording you I'm recording you!" Video is terrible and is everywhere.
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