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MY ROBOT - love 80's toys? watch this! cute robot!
Remember when you were a kid and you had a favourite toy? And how awful it would have been to have lost it? 'My Robot' by Steve Hammal is a cute tale about a determined robot's heroic efforts to return home to his young master after he's accidentally left behind.
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Drinking Guinness - love it or hate it? See what these guys have to say
Guinness - the drink of champions or the devil's saliva? Have a listen to these three lads talking about the black and white stuff from Ireland that is drunk the world over.
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SEBASTIAN'S VOODOO (coolest animation ever!)
Animation about a little voodoo doll who makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. Amazing animation by Joaquin Baldwin.
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FIREFLIES movie trailer
Full film available on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/yctbtb3 Kate Mara stars in this feature film drama by Stephen Lacant. "Fireflies" is the coming of age story of a fifteen-year-old girl who struggles to rescue her grandfather from a nursing home. Taylor, the film's heroine, desperately wants to learn to drive. Jack, Taylor's grandfather, is the only person who will teach her. When the two of them steal the family car and go out on a late-night expedition, they nearly get into an accident. This gives Tony, Taylor's step-father, and Grace, Taylor's mother, the excuse they have been looking for to put an end to Taylor and Jack's friendship. Tony and Grace take Jack to the Golden Age Residence-home to a host of lost characters. For the first time in her life, Taylor is faced with the possibility of losing the one person in the world she truly cares about. She collects her savings and escapes with Tony's car. Still a novice driver, she braves the dark roads of suburban New Jersey in an attempt to break Jack out of the Residence before it is too late.
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This guy is CRAZY - he can't even make a piece of toast
A guy obsessed by precision has his daily routine planned to the exact second. All this is thrown into chaos by a simple faulty toaster. Coming to terms with the lack of control he has over his burnt breakfast, he has to let go and catches the eye of the loveable post lady, in this short film by Steve Hammal.
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TRAILER - 9 Steps to A New Start
trailer for movie about a guy trying to rebuild his life, directed by Neil Wagstaff
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MICK IS SICK.... you're not gonna believe this guy... he's in the SH*T!!
Mick must be the worst taxi driver in the world. Not content with insulting his passengers, he hasn't an ounce of shame - particularly when it comes to his toilet habits. Shockingly funny, this short film by Ben Slotover is achingly gross, but will make you glad you've never stepped into Mick's cab.
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World Record Attempt - eating 10,000 jelly sweets (this is REALLY SICK!!)
Will these guys be able to break the world record by eating 10,000 gelatine 'penny' sweets? The jelly candy favourites from childhood - that sugary gelatine kiss can get ever so sickly....
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Little Deaths trailer
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HIC (This guy can NOT get rid of his HICCUPS.... VERY FUNNY)
Bob has got hiccups. He can't get rid of them, no matter what 'cure' he tries. As he gets more and more desperate to rid himself of the troublesome affliction, his efforts get more and more dangerous. Tom Hollander ('Pirates of The Caribbean') and Ewan Mackintosh (UK's 'The Office') star in this black comedy that was in official selection at Cinequest and Hamptons film festivals.
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SH*T HAPPENS in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Gross!! funny video ends in the sh*t!)
After a fantastic one-night stand with a hot man, a girl makes herself comfortable in his apartment. The perfect moment is spoiled only by a problem with the plumbing of his toilet... this hilarious short film is by French film-maker Thibault Mombellet.
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This crazy guy's left with the POOP - "Left Holding Baby"
A DIY guy is left holding the baby when Mum goes out. Not the most domesticated of men, he hits upon a major problem when the baby shits its nappy (diaper) - only his DIY skills can save the day, in this comedy short film directed by Duncan Thomsen, starring JC Mac.
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Rag Tag - movie trailer - hot gay movie
BUY full movie HERE: http://www.ariztical.com/filmsAZ/rag_tag.html Trailer for movie 'RAG TAG'. Separated as childhood friends, Rag and Tag are reunited years later and fall in love, even though everyone is against it. Directed in the UK and Nigeria by Adaora Nwandu, and winner of festival awards.
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RAG TAG - movie trailer - sexy black gay guys
BUY full movie HERE (Amazon): http://www.ariztical.com/filmsAZ/rag_tag.html Trailer for movie 'RAG TAG'. Separated as childhood friends, Rag and Tag are reunited years later and fall in love, even though everyone is against it. Directed in the UK and Zimbabwe by Adaora Nwandu, and winner of festival awards.
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SLAUGHTERED horror movie trailer... coming soon!
Trailer for forthcoming horror movie SLAUGHTERED - a masked serial killer attacks the young staff at a remote Australian bar. Directed by Kate Glover.
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The Punishment Cupboard short film
When you're very bad.... go to the cupboard... see what joys wait for you inside
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BREATHE - amazing short film about drowning
A young woman is drowning in this haunting, vivid and beautiful short film. As the seconds pass, and her every struggle brings her either closer to a gasp for breathe or a fatal end - which will it be? Directed by Hannah Gal, screened at the Buenos Aires Biennale and London ICA, and winner of three festival awards.
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GHOSTHUNTER - silly short film, for a laugh
Funny short film about a Ghosthunter's unconventional methods for scaring away annoying ghosts. Directed by Steve Hammal.
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If you like THE ARTIST movie, watch this great short film
Like THE ARTIST this black and white film is inspired by the classic movies
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10 week old baby feeds herself. CUTE!
Clever baby, just 10 weeks old, learns how to feed herself with a bottle, VERY CUTE!
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Very Funny - someone keeps stealing baby Jesus from this guy's nativity... who's the thief?!
A guy gets frustrated as the little baby Jesus doll keeps getting stolen from his Nativity scene (his pride and joy) - can he catch the culprit? Who would do such a blasphemous thing?!? You'll be surprised to see who's the thief...!
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A Faerie's Tale
Short Film - a group of women exploring a cave discover something unexpected....
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VAMPS - like Sex & The City meets True Blood!
Three glamorous single girls enjoy a drink at the bar, and discuss the men in the city - but this is no 'Sex and the City', there's a chilling twist, in this black comedy short film by Rachel Lynn Brody and Maria Svoronou.
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PARK (amazing short film... people are dogs!)
Animal instincts take over in this short film, as five people experience their wild sides as the dogs and bitches in this suburban park. Winner of the BBC New Talent Award, and selected for Karlovy Vary film festival, this is the first short film by commercials director Andy Pearson.
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THE FLY (amazing twist in this short horror film!)
Trapped for 17 days, unable to move, and constantly bothered by a fly - a teenage girl lies motionless on a hospital bed - is she in a coma? She has only the fly for company and it only has her. Where did it come from, and why do they have such a connection? There's a twisted revelation in this fly that persistently bothers her, in this imaginative and dark short film by Paul Bamborough.
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