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MGR:R - Stains Of Time [Gvgkid Remix + Vocals]
The only reason this was uploaded within so little time was because I discovered gvgkid at the right moment. Once again, I order you to listen to the original. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5oPclclGVY&index=2&list=FL4s4rsbzGurid0-utrn5lSg Stains of Time Written by: Jamie Christopherson Remix by: gvgkid Gameplay and vocals added by: Zak Ras
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[YTP] Metal Gear Trunchbull (Bigger, Longer & Uncut)
Guest starring Gavin Free as Magnus.
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MGR:R - Red Sun [Gvgkid Remix + Vocals]
For the love of God, check out the full original instrumental of this for levels of epicness once thought long extinct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmVoLigjt7s gvgkid: https://www.youtube.com/user/gvgkid All credit for this goes towards: Jamie Christopherson, who composed "Red Sun". Maniac Agenda who provided the vocals. gvgkid for making an instrumental remake of "Red Sun" All I did was mix the remake and an acapella of the original track.
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[YTP] Dan Green Destroys The World
A remastering of my favourite video from my old account.
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Rules of Nature Goes With Everything - MGS4 Raiden Vs Gekko
Surprised no one else had done this yet...
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MGS2:HD Harrier Boss (European Extreme)
So after 11 years I finally develop balls of Snakes magnitude and go Euro on these Euroasia terrorists. Well, okay, I looked up a walkthrough. I'm playing the Tanker-Plant mission, and I swear, this is the first time I've got past Olga. So I'd like to thank and link TheSeraphim17's account since he has helped me get up to the pontoon bridge so far. TheSeraphim17: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSeraphim17
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[YTP Zootopia] - Nick the Dick 2: Vengeance of the Jumbo Cock
Following their somewhat successful (a.k.a. absolute failure) quest for a Jumbo Cock, Nick the Dick and Jude the Dude sought to part ways. Or rather, Nick ditched Jude after a successful manipulation of her sexual insecurities of foxes as revenge for ramming a Jumbo Cock up his ass. Nick must continue his quest alone as Jude attempts to hunt him down. In all seriousness for a moment, this was a challenge I set myself. To see if I could make a narrative driven YouTube Poop that had some length to it... that and I immediately came up with more gags for a Zootopia YTP when I uploaded the first one and saw the deleted scenes. They open up a world of opportunity in Zootopia YTPs. Also, this act as my Valentines gift to everyone who loved the first one. Love you all. Song List; 0:00 Nickelback - Photograph 0:07 The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again 0:27 LazyTown - We Are Number One 1:23 Disturbed - Darkness 1:43 John Barrowman - Arms Of The Angel 2:21 Papa Roach - To Be Loved 2:53 Eminem - Just Lose It 3:22 Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual 4:32 Randy Newman - You've Got A Friend In Me 5:28 Queen - Don't Stop Me Now 6:21 Jonathan Young - We Are Number One (Metal Cover) 6:38 If you don't know what this is called, please tell me why. 7:25 Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up (as sung by Project Fame's The Sleeping Contestant) 8:43 Michael Jackson - Thriller 8:46 Dschinghis Khan - Moskau 10:17 Disturbed - Sound Of Silence 10:57 The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men 11:53 No idea what this is called.
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[YTP] Nick the Dick's Quest for a Jumbo Cock
The Sequel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlPtuepST4U Once upon a time, there was a dumb bunny named Jude the Dude and a trolling addict fox called Nick the Dick. Jude was a police officer with a lust for abuse of her power of authority and Nick sought oversized sex toys to take his antics in dickery to a new level. This is the first chapter of their time together. Song List; 0:07 - Oingo Boingo - Little Girls 0:28 - Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name 0:42 - Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight 0:56 - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Intro Cutscene 0:59 - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme 1:22 - Guile's Theme 1:28 - Yello - Oh Yeah 1:36 - Chitty Bang Bang / Independence Day 1:38 - Static X - Destroyer 1:44 - Wiz Khalefa - See You Again 1:56 - Jason Derulo - In My Head 2:52 - Superbad / The Coup - Pork and Beef 3:29 - Halo: Reach - Epilogue 4:00 - U1 Jewel Style - Midnight Blaze 4:21 - Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crack Dat 4:36 - Macklemore - Thrift Shop 4:57 - Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual 5:36 - Art Garfunkel - Bright Eyes (Incase you're wondering, that's not a random selection). 5:49 - Thomas the Tank Engine - Theme Song
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Jetstream Sam - Taunts (Voice Only)
So I recently hit 50,000 views. Thought I'd do this in celebration. If you're wondering why the Armstrong taunts have spaces inbetween each line and are chopped up, I make these so people can use the dialouge as if it were coming straight from the recording booth. The spaces between each line are for people to have an easier time editing down to the specific line they want to use, and are literally trimmed down to whenever Sam's voice and echo is heard, other wise it would be accompained by Armstrong going, "HRRRRRRGRH!!!" in charge-up attack.
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GTA Online - Fireman Sam
Meh, haven't done anything in a while...
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GTA Online - Kids Make Mom RAGE!
HCurtisSOTV ('s little brother and his friend I'm assuming). Was playing random free mode, and these two wouldn't either shut up or turn their mic off to talk to just each other. Here's where the ba
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Solidus Snake - All & Unused Voice Files [John Cygan Tribute]
I would've settled for just "I'll let you go out in style", but after John Cygan's passing, I took matters into my own hands, and scoured the Internet to find out how to rip voice files myself and get all of his epic deliveries as Solidus Snake. And I never would've expected to find some never-before-heared unused files within the game myself. If you're wondering why the first half of Harrier voice clips repeat slightly quieter, half of the Harrier audio files have the echo effect, and the others don't but come with a duplicate quieter sound file. My guess is this something to do with the Harrier having scripted attacks and events and the fact it has to "react" to the player with random audio cues.
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MGS2:HD Fatman (European Extreme)
So after 11 years I finally develop balls of Snakes magnitude and go Euro on these Euroasia terrorists. Well, okay, I looked up a walkthrough. I'm playing the Tanker-Plant mission, and I swear, this is the first time I've got past Olga. So I'd like to thank and link TheSeraphim17's account since he has helped me get up to the Harrier fight so far. TheSeraphim17: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSeraphim17 And I do have to give serious credit to the HD Collection programmers for the PS2 Sensitivity Pad replacements during the XBOX 360 controller control conversion. The LS clicking for aiming with the assault rifles does seem to speed up my gameplay. It really helped here when I was pulling off strafting jump-out shots on Fatman's shins during this fight.
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MGSV: Such A Lust For FOB Revenge
Sort of inspired by googleygareth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04Vz1SjQ7lwK0Cw2KX3aPg and my older videos.
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[YTP] Rob the Knob's Obsession with The Sesh
In a world of hyper-horny mammals with no shame and an obsession with the sesh, one fox will fufill his drug-fuelled destiny and begin his transcendence into the new world.
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How Yami Marik does his hair...
You mean I spent £250 worth of hair gel for nothing?!
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MGSV - Attempting To Steal World Number 1's Nuke
As soon as the defender showed up, I knew he'd just fulton the nuke, but I thought, this is the world number 1; CAN I get to where it would've been at least? So yeah, in the ongoing struggle to make MGSV truly canonically lead into Metal Gear 1, I came across the opportunity to steal nukes from the Xbox One's highest ranked player. This is how it went.
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Jack Atlas shouts "THREE!!!" for 10 minutes
32 minutes to render... I'm cursed with that number... Well... at least you have a weapon against your neighbours sleep. ;)
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MGSV: The Unused Nuclear Scream (Voice Only)
Well, the only file found in the PC files that fits the missing cutscene from the 2014 trailer perfectly. Also, if the one of you whose wondering where the rest of the MGS3 LP is, I'm currently undergoing IRL priorities that could seriously work out in my favour, I have the next part ready to upload and the rest but one part captured and recorded, still need to edit and render. Then I need to recommence work on MGS4 from scratch, hopefully this'll tide you over for the next 2-3 weeks.
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Sundowner - I'm Fucking Invincible (Voice Only)
The greatest battlecry of all time. Sightings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iodHR5Y0_CU
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GTA: Online - The Doomsday Heist [Hard & All-In-Order Challenge]
In 2013, a no name crook arrived in Los Santos looking for small time crime with their friend Lamar Davis. By 2017, they were trading illicit cargo and stolen supercars from an executive office in the Maze Bank Tower, which funded the purchase of a bunker under the coastline of North Chumash to Gunrun from, which funded the purchase of a civilian hangar within Fort Zancudo to Smuggle cargo via air. All of this, and to round off the year... officially working for the IAA alongside an old friend. P.S. If you think I'm gonna do a Double Money video of this in the future, forget it. If I were to render this as it is at 1080p and a solid 30 frames, with every single trick I could pull to dedicate all my processing power to rendering, GPU Acceleration via graphics card, high performance, realtime priority, not a single other program open, it would taken 13+ hours to render. Take it down to 720p at 29 frames with all those methods and it becomes 6 hours and 2 minutes and 16 seconds. That's more than long enough.
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[YTP] Captain Cucker Deploys The Music
As big a part sentence mixing plays in YTP's, I can't find anyone whose used the War of Wits as a source yet. And Gideon Emery's delivery in these is fucking perfect for splicing in in my honest opinion. That, and I need some practice with heavy duty sentence-mixing. ------ I will ruin your life, and this is how... First, I'll strategically look for a clearly damaged sucker with a good-looking flexible ass called Janice in a nightclub that I'll covertly enter for free. With a strategic pause to get a small drink and look good, I'll deploy the music, [Cucker deploys the music], which will allow me to invade her personal space, and bait you with truly offensive small talk. "Halo 1, 2 & 3 suck". Which will prompt you to retaliate with salt, exposing your power level, which will not look good for invading her personal space. And that's how I'll get Janice and your car for free and your hope of having sex with Janice. And that's how I'll crush your will to live with psychological warfare ensuring victory. So long, suckers.
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GTA: Online Heists [Hard & Double $] - The Fleeca Job
Join the Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hell_yeah_hype 1:26 Setup - Scope Out 8:47 Setup - Kuruma 13:49 Finale - Driller 19:15 The holiday season at the Crest residence. Double Payout Hard Take = $287,500 60% Split = $143,750 This is the only Heist in which I've had the same partner throughout the entire set-up and finale, the only mistake being a serious game breaking glitch involving the doors of the fleeca bank and the Equip Mask prompt that was successfully circumvented. This is the smoothest experience you could ask for involving a random, and the roughest you hope for involving an EXPERIENCED random.
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Jetstream Sam Applaudes You
You earned this, for one reason or another.
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[Voice Only request, NamxZero] Sundowner - I'm Fucking Invincible (w/Blade Mode)
NamxZero asked for Sundowner's immortal line, but with the effects of time slowing down the "fucking invincible" thanks to blade mode.
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Raiden - DEAD ON! & BULLSEYE! (Voice Only)
If there's any line you want with just the voice, feel free to leave a comment.
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Kojima and Konami react to Metal Gear: Survive Trailer
Starring James May - Hideo Kojima Jeremy Clarkson - Hideki Hayakawa Richard Hammond - Kojima's Inner Circle of dudes.
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GTA: Online Heists [Hard & Double $] - Pacific Standard
Join the Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hell_yeah_hype 2:34 Setup - Vans 8:30 Setup - Signal 15:13 Cutscene 17:06 Setup - Hack 20:17 Setup - Convoy 27:09 Setup - Bikes 31:19 Finale - NOOSE Truck Method 45:18 Creepy, Quiet Weirdos With Talent! Double Payout Hard Take = $2,500,000 Actual Take = $2,481,027 Take Losses = $18,973 40% of Full Take = $1,000,000 Personal Losses = $7,590 Actual Split = $992,410 All Heists [Double $] x [Hard +25% Bonus] = $6,147,500 After Take Losses = $6,128,527 60%, 40%, 40%, 40%, 40% Split's= $2,487,750 After Personal Losses = $2,480,160 ---------------------------------------- If you're wondering what happens to the audio during the finale, well... For those of you who remember my original basic vanilla Pacific Standard Heist video, thanks to my teams incompetence and lack of understanding of the Kuruma Method we lost nearly 50% of the basic take. With this being the final day of the Heist double payouts and with this amount of money on the line, no way was I losing control at the end for a second time. So I engaged in starting a party chat. However, I forgot that Microsoft patched the Xbox One's voice chat output so you can record party chat with Elgato. So I ended up with an almost 100% perfect finale run, except you were able to hear one half of a conversation. So I replaced main dialouge with a previous recording and just muted any chat and replaced the audio with the best Wanted theme.
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Big Boss - You're Fired (Voice Only)
Whilst trying to grind the ever living fuck out of my main profile in Peace Walker in prep for the Peace Walker Let's Play ending, Mother Base got overstaffed. And I only had this happen once before, and knew David Hayter saying you're fired on its own without music played here. This happened.
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Halo 4 In 5 Seconds
Double Cry.
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My Thoughts on Halo: The Master Chief Collection
God dammit 343i, the ONE achievement I was hoping to NOT to be in this collection. But giving Chips Dubbo the glory of not one, not two, but THREE achievements, is too awesome.
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MGS2:HD - Solidus Snake E-Extreme
DON'T ASK ABOUT THE INSANE CLIPPING ISSUES IN THE AUDIO. I THINK IT'S JUST THIS SECTION DUE TO THE INSANE BASS LINE THE GREGSON-WILLIAMS PUT IN. At last. After 12 years, I finally fully appreciate the time, effort and message of Metal Gear Solid 2. With 308 continues, nearly all of which were because I spent just over 3 hours non-stop on this boss since I wanted to do it without exploits. No joke.
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My Edge Will Go On - Darknessthecurse
All thanks to a horrendously programmed hoverboard. Darkness' channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCig-6ZTjigUQBIi3O4XSdlw
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[YTP] - Michael's parents alter their reproductive fluids (Collab Entry)
For SerialK86's 10 Seconds of Rosen Collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSUuLXE3Jx8
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Happy 2018
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GTA: Online - Smugglers Run [Part 1/2]
Having been previously decimated by a striketeam in Ruiner 2000's, only for Merryweather Security to temporarily lose their contract to operate on US soil, the US Armed Forces at Fort Zancudo resorted to selling ownership of their on-site hangars. What they didn't expect was one such buyer to be the very same person who caused their financial issues in the first place... 0:31 Hangar Introduction 5:00 Setup 7:42 Seabreeze (Halo 3 OST - Three Gates) 9:24 Tula (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy OST - Bye Bye Blimps/Tomb Raider OST - Encounter (Torso Version)) 13:36 Molotok (Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone) 18:03 Bolingbroke Prison Stealth Mission
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[TEST] nickthedicksquestfor60FPS
Left Video - 25fps MP4 converted from MKV PAL 25fps DVD rip done by me. (Footnote: the exact same file used in Nick the Dick 2: Vengeance of the Jumbo Cock). Right Video - 60fps MP4 created in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 using left side's MP4 file after the following enhancements; - "Optical Flow" "Frame Interpolation" on the clip within the timeline. - Increasing the "Sharpness" by 30 - Increasing "Vibrance" by 20 - Rendered at 60fps with "Optical Flow" "Frame Interpolation" Actual Video; Rendered at 60fps in Sony Vegas with no frame resampling.
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GTA: Online - Train & Fire Truck Madness (w/Kuddled)
Me and Kuddled were trying to survive a 5 star wanted level in nothing but a fire truck for as long as possible, until he got the ingenious idea of robbing a store WITH 5 stars, then epic bailout from a head-on collision with a train.
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Disturbed - Who (Lust For Revenge Mix)
I've heard a few brief "WHO?!" overdubs of a few songs, (Sins of the Father in particular), but never a full song.
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GTA Online - Black Guy vs. White Boy Rampage
Ruga2SHIN3 (Is it weird I actually liked this guy?) This guy started talking smack about his girlfriend how she "works all day comes home and smokes inside". I decided to travel halfway across LS to dispense some gentlemanly manners. The video starts off about 2 minutes after I first encountered him, since I didn't realize the potential of video material that I was creating at the time.
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