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Vanguard b-roll footage - Remix
Released footage of Vanguard (b-roll) Remixed by VG Spheres. http://www.vanguardspheres.com/ Enjoy!
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Vanguard mini-vid from tester
Especially since I have a special treat for ya! A beta 3 player put together their own video and sent it to us and, well, they sure have more skillz than I do Plus, this gives you the opportunity to see the game from a different system and from the viewpoint of a tester (what they want to show you). They put their system specs in the beginning if you are interested.
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I Get High With a Little Help from My Friends (Playing around in BF:BC2)
The Samoan Cowboys (Via Victus) playing around on our server in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 laying down mines and launching each other across the map. Enjoy!
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Vanguard fraps video, set 2 A
Full group in Spider Bluffs, fighting Zoronor of the Web, and then right as we beat him, two caster adds spawn and we take them out. I break the Psionicist's mez on one of them. Not all that difficult a fight, but there's a fair number of reactions (counters, chains, and sympathetics).
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Vanguard : Saga of Heros New Video
New Video for the upcoming MMOG Vanguard saga of hero's
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Vanguard Night/Day
Vanguard mini-vid showing night/day and world (night and day time is speed up) Very nice looking game
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Jarrith Vid, spell casting 1
From Vanguard SOH, small fraps vid from a dev
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Vanguard-unicorn mount video
Short video from Sigil showing uni-corn mounts
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Fly over video
Fly over of the aribic themed conitnent
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Belly Flop
At HA, celebration LTE, belly flop contest. Danny Legget does a back flip...
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69 vw bug problem starting
This has been my little cars bane for the last year. No on can seem to remedy it. I've replaced the starter and towed it 3 times. Any on have any idea?
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JDaddy-'Its My Style'-(Hit Single)
Jdaddy is a self acclaimed rap star whose roots come from being a pimp in Nevada's Las Vegas strip. After moving to SJ, the young PMC decided to discover him and created this rap song along with R&B sensation, Haniquah. The song, now an underground hit, speaks of the thug's (Jdaddy) softer side. The song was sampled from PMC new album and lyrics boast from on the spot spitting.
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Never before seen Bullies recruitment video
I have discovered a never before seen Bullies recruitment video....
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Vanguard fraps video, set 2 B
No sound on this video, but it's a nice demo of why the unibody animation system is nice. This is in the Chrysol Mines in Qalia, where assuming you get the right items and get to the right spots, you can get into a powered suit. First there's a brief segment with a player getting into a suit, and then a line up with people saluting and dancing outside the boss's room, followed by a fight in his room (against the placeholder spawn).
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1hr of work
I am a caller at teenmania. I call for battle cry. This is me at work for one hour...
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Warhammer Online is here! Vendetta is Ready!
Warhammer: Age of Reckoning is finally here! Are you ready? ...Guild Vendetta is! (Note this was taken in Beta and is posted now that the NDA has been lifted) This video shows off RvR from both sides to the music of "Stress" from Justice.
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Little Girl asked about Buillies
A little 3 year old girl is asked what she would do if she met a bullie in 1v1 RVR.
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Staying Alive - Lumio and Kuya try and stay alive in Warhammer
For two rune priests on azazel its hard to stay alive but they always manage some how!
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Order Sucks! - Showcasing the Engi "Suck" Spec in Warhammer
Made by Lumio of Vendetta on the Azazel server to showcase the usefulness of the engi suck ability in warhammer.
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The Fight
Me and Holly discuss who is going to win the inter vs staff basket ball game
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Be Serious For 30 Seconds: Severe Peanut Allergy
Be Serious For 30 Seconds Tom and Donna try to book a restaurant, but Tom has a severe peanut allergy.
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Where are you christmas...
Me as a who singing "where are you christmas"
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Portfolio Navigation Concept
Working on a navigation concept for my portfolio website
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Vanguard Mini-Frpas video
Small clip released from beta 3
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iA - Time left to read article [uxexamples]
on iA's blog, as you scoll it tells you how much longer it will take to finish reading the article
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Tumblr - Log in/sign up
Tumblr wisks you off to another screen with a smooth trasition and sign up simple adding another input. Seamless and simple UX
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First Memories of Hanniel on her Birthday.
In celebration of Hanniel's birthday, Darek, Lisa, and Jonathan ponder their first time meeting her.
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Leave Bullies Alone!
A former Bullies player sent this video to Vendetta after quitting WAR during beta
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95 year old grandma using iPad
This is my 95 year old grandma using an ipad which she uses every day. Remember this when designing your next app! With a few small tweaks or additional options we allow more people to participate in tech!
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